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➿ Your palest friend 〰️ bookings @sophievball 🕶 #GemmaStylesxKenmarkEyewear

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This has made me genuinely fretful over what will happen to my eyebrows in another ten years #10yearchallenge
I keep looking back at old pictures, in that reflective, new year, kind of way - and finding ones that I never liked at the time. A running theme, they weren’t “good” enough. Photos aren’t all about their social-media-worthiness but that was kind of the point for these particular ones, and I didn’t post them because one dent in my face looked weird or you could actually see my thigh or blah blah, blah, BLAH. Isn’t it horrible to listen to written down? But that’s what we do in our heads constantly. Anyway, I keep seeing people talking about reclaiming the joy of Instagram and not being so concerned about the perfection of every image... and for me that’s basically being less critical of myself, so I’m having a go. Here’s to trying! Put up your unposted pics you bunch of BABES 🥰 PS I miss my sliders... layered socks inside slippers aren’t enough for my icy toes photos: @aimeekriskros
Hat hair happy 🍂♥️
Am I hygge yet
New year, same me... less limescale.
Here’s looking at you, 2019
This is not a Christmas tree you’re welcome for the break 🌳
Having an internal discussion over what I put into a caption since I’ve had a little break from Instagram. Makes me feel like I need to explain myself (I don’t, do I?) but I guess all I want to say is - hello - how are you - you are allowed to prioritise your own mental health in your social media usage (whether that means using it to connect or using it less) 💕💕💕 photo @alex_cameron
Just some huns havin’ some funs 🎈 @annetwist @michalmlynowski
⬛️⬜️⬛️ pics @alex_cameron
Mystical creatures turn 30 too ♥️
If you ever wondered why I love sunglasses so much, it’s because without them, my eyes look like this!