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LET THE OFFICE GAMES BEGIN!  Toilet Paper Skid Shot. We love it! —— DETAILS AT www.gearforlife.com #officegames #toys #officefun #officenerd #officesupplies #coworkersbelike #coworkers #coworkersrock @brilliantinventions #fun #games #holidayfun #parties
OEX Phoxx: Ultralight Tent for Solo Backpackers on a Budget High quality stuff usually comes with a steep price tag, but if you know where to look you can usually find some good deals on nice stuff, without breaking the bank. An example of this might be tents; for most, you’ll be looking at dropping $150+ for something basic yet reliable. For something ultralight, expect to spend even more than that. But again, there are alternatives to high prices – like the OEX Phoxx. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @oexoutdoors @backpacker_wilderness @backpackingculture @backpackermag @backpackinggirls_ @hiking.of.the.day @camping.adventures @camping @campingcollective @campinghiking @campingvibes @outdoorsurvivalgear #tents #tentcamping @outdoorsurvivalgear @hikingtheglobe #outdoors
The 30-Day Duro Lantern Claims To Last An Entire Month Finding a lantern that’ll last more than a night or two can be difficult (though it’s definitely getting easier as time goes on). But a lantern that lasts an entire month? Yeah, that’s practically unheard of – but apparently not impossible. The 30-Day Duro Lantern from UST (that stands for Ultimate Survival Gear) boasts a whopping 30 days of runtime when used on Low Power, ensuring that you can go an entire month in the backcountry without needing to recharge. And yes, this is no spurious claim; it’s been tested and documented. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @ust_survival @ultimate_survival_gear @ultimatesurvivaltips @preppersandsurvivalguide @preppersandsurvivalists @prepper_bugoutbags @backpacker_wilderness @doomsday_prepper #prepper #preppers #prepperskills #preppergear #emergencies #lanterns #camping #campinggear #gear #safety
PURE GENIUS!! How did they do this?? —— Have $1300 to Spend on A Folding Smartphone? Samsung and Apple might still dominate the smartphone world, but we’ve been seeing some good independent options popping up on the scene in recent years; the OnePlus 6T comes to mind. If, however, you’re not a fan of how big phones are getting, and desire something a little more conducive to fitting in your pocket, look at the FlexPai Developer Model, the world’s first folding smartphone. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @brilliantinventions @smartphonephotographyforall @smartphone_photography5 @smartphone_photography_101 @smartphoneographer @technologyreview @technology.hub @engineeringtech @nowthisfuture @nowthisnews #smartphone #smartphonephotography #smartphone_photos #smartphone_photos #technology #technologynews #technologyrocks #inventions #coolgear #amazing #wow #flexpai
Gear For Life stands up for our veterans. Thank you for serving. Thank you to your families for the sacrifices they make also. Gear for Life supports the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs. 10% of all sales from Land Run Brands (@fenixstore CR123Batteries.com and @gearforlife.com) @mightyoakswarriorprograms @deptvetaffairs @veteranswalkandtalk @military.surprises @veterans_expeditions @veteransreliefgroup @veteransoffgrid #veterans #veteransday #veteransupport #veteransuicideawareness #veteranstatus #patriots
“THE PATRIOT” - IMPRESSIVE! The same Fenix PD35 TAC that you know and love - now, for a limited time, with a cerakoted paint-job! This premium PD35 TAC is still the same 1000 lumen tactical flashlight that has been one of the best tactical flashlights on the market. Powered by either a single 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery or 2 non-rechargeable, this tactical flashlight will certainly meet the requirements for your tactical operations or even just a simple everyday carry flashlight. It measures out to be less than 5.51 inches but still with a max lumen output of 1000 which is very impressive for this small but powerful flashlight. The 1000 lumen can throw the beam up to 656 feet. What really makes this Fenix PD35 TAC unique is the two different general modes it contains. The Outdoor Mode and the Tactical Mode. In the Outdoor Mode, the Fenix PD35 TAC operates as a simple, standard flashlight with 6 different output modes. On the other hand, with the Tactical Mode, you are given the true efficiency and functionality. The Fenix PD35 TAC is truly perfect for professional use, outdoor use, law enforcement and even just everyday use. @fenixstore #veteransday #tacticalflashlights #tactical #tacticalgear #flashlight #flashlights @edc.company @edchanddumps  @edccoffeeco @edc_gear_freak @edc_specialties @edc_showcase @edcnerd #everydaycarry #everydayphoto #edcgear #thepatriot
BRILLANT!  CasusGrill Is A BioDegradable Instant Grill When we’re camping or backpacking, we’re usually looking for ways to cut down on weight, and the camping stove you choose is usually one of the first pieces you look at for shedding weight. The lighter, the better. When you’re not out on the trail, however, there’s a little bit more room for cool gear, and a cool grill is practically a requirement. After all, nothing makes a night around the campfire or at the beach better than some delicious grilled food, right? If you agree, you should look at the CasusGrill – the world’s first completely disposable and biodegradable grill. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @thegrommet @brilliantinventions @camping @camping__weekend @campingwithpets @campingwithdogs @camping @campinghiking @campingvibes @camping.adventures @outdoorindustry @outdoorchanneltv @deersociety @deermeatfordinner @hunting.whitetails @hikingtheglobe @preppersandsurvivalguide @preppersandsurvivalists #campstove #campinggear #camping #campinghacks
NOW THIS IS COOL! Lume Combines A Portable Burr Grinder With A Camp Light Every true coffee aficionado knows that burr grinders are practically a necessity when it comes to making good coffee. Cheap blade grinders simply don’t grind with the kind of precision and consistency that burr grinders do, and how finely they grind the coffee is determine solely by the length of time you let it run. A burr grinder, on the other hand, can be adjusted to get a precise, quality grind every time – the kind needed for perfect coffee drinks. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @lumecoffeegrinder @brilliantinventions @camping @campingcollective @campingworld @coffee.funnies @coffeeshopsoftheworld @coffee @coffee_mastery @coffee.life.love @starbucks @campingwithpets @camping__weekend @baristadaily @outdoorsy @outsidemagazine @outdoorindustry #coffee #coffeehouse #coffeeholic #coffeebeans #campinghacks #campingfood #flashlights @fenixstore #coffeetime☕
Is The Canada Goose Forester Jacket Worth The Price? Yeah, we were just knocking on Canada Goose a little while ago…these things are so expensive. But hey, if you can afford them, there are few other options like a good Canada Goose jacket. And while you maybe drawn to their classic parkas, we’re actually huge fans of their Forester Jacket. READ MORae AT www.gearforlife.com @canadagoose @mens_gear_and_style @mensgiftstore @menshealthmag @mensjournal @mensfashions @mensfashionpost @menswearsfashion @menshealthmag @mensstylepro @alaskandaily @wyomingmagazine @montanawild #coldweather #coldweatheroutfit @coloradoactivities #fashion #outdoorwear
It’s Wood-Splitting Tome! ——- The Leveraxe Ultra Makes Splitting Wood A Lot Easier Chopping wood might be a chore, but it’s also a very productive and, dare we say, relaxing pastime. There is something meditative about such a repetitive and taxing motion, one that people have been doing for millennia, and it’s certainly easy to pass the better part of a morning or afternoon chopping log after wood. It’s also a fantastic workout. And while we’re certainly fans of more traditional axes, we’re pretty intrigued by the Vipukirves Leveraxe Ultra, deemed a “smart axe” for making wood splitting a heck of a lot easier. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @leveraxe_official @outdoor @outdoorsurvivalgear @outdoorretailer @outdoorsy @outdoorvoices @campinghiking @adventure @adventure.lover.s @adventurenthusiasts @campinghiking @campingcollective @hikingtheglobe @mensgiftstore @outsidemagazine #outdoors #woodcutting #axe #splittingwood #fireplace #fireplaces
Best Bike Light on the Market! With the early darkness, light your commute time with the new Fenix BC25R Rechargeable LED Bike Light. Read about the new facula line technology at www.gearforlife.com @fenixstore @brilliantinventions @cyclingaddictnet @globalcyclingnetwork @cyclingtips @cyclinghub__ @_cyclingsnob @cycling.for.cycling @cyclingimages @cycling_queens #cycling #bicycles #commuting @trekbikes @iamspecialized_road @performancebikes #roadcycling #bicycles
LL Bean’s Mountain Classic Parka is Actually Affordable Parkas are the most classic of winter jackets, and few others can really hold a candle to their combination of sheer warmth, coverage and rugged style. The problem with most good parkas, however, is that they are simply way too expensive. Look at a Canada Goose parka, for example, which often costs close to $1000. Not LL Bean’s, thankfully; the Mountain Classic Down Parka costs a mere $169 – a total steal for a full-length parka packed with 650-fill down. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @llbean @llbeansignature @bootmobile @llbean_italy #llbean #mensfashion #coldweather #coldweatheroutfit @coloradoactivities @thealaskalife @alaskanps @alaskandaily #alaska #mensjackets @mens_gear_and_style @menshealthmag @mensjournal @outsidemagazine @adventurenthusiasts @natgeo #arctic #downjackets #down
Nomad Base Station Hub: Charge Multiple Phones. Wirelessly. Nomad makes high-tech, stylish accessories and electronics for a variety of purposes, all designed to make your everyday life on the go easier. Tools built for the adventure and for the Modern Nomad, as they call it. We already love their USB charging hub, which allowed you to turn your desktop into one of those wireless contact charging hubs you find at Starbucks or the airport. We’re even bigger fans of the Base Station Hub, which does the same – but for multiple phones. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @nomadgoods @technology.hub @technologyreview @technology @brilliantinventions #phonechargers #phones #iphone #androidphone @iphone_x_lovers @iphone.arena @iphone.planet_ @apple @android @androidphonecases #technologynews
Who Says The Desktop is Dead? The New Apple Mac Mini Most people who buy a Mac go for the MacBook, but those of us with more technically-demanding lines of work require something a bit more heavy-duty. Mac has us covered for that, too, with the most recent edition of the Mac Mini – it’s first rendition since 2014 – available November 7. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @apple #macmini #applecomputers #apple #graphics #gaming #gamingcomputers @nowthisfuture #technology #computers #macmini
We Aren’t Joking!  Any Harry Potter Fans Out There? —— Jelly Belly Harry Potter Chocolate Wand. Includes a list of magic spells.  Great gift for that Potter Fan in your office!  READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @harrypotterfilm @harrypottercast @harry.potter.memes @harrypotter @harrypottermeme.s @harrypotteruniversal @harrypotterfilmseries @hphogwartsmystery @harrypotterfacts @harrypotter.hub #harrypotter #harrypotterfan #harrypotterforever #harrypotterbooks #harrypotterfunny #harrypotterfandom #harrypotterfacts @mensgiftstore
Are Digital Bike Pumps The Way Of The Future? Bike pumps are essential tools, and ubiquitous. But with many of the cheaper ones out there, you can’t even tell if they are working half the time and getting your bike tires pumped up exactly the way you need them can be difficult, especially when you have to use finicky gauges to check tire pressure. Nicer pumps, thankfully, avoid this problem, and these days, we’re seeing the digital bike pump pick up steam. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @serfas_inc @cyclingaddictnet @globalcyclingnetwork @_cyclingsnob @bicycle.club @bicycletouringpro @bicycle_nomad @trekbikes @iamspecialized_road @performancebikes #mountainbikes #cycling #bicycling @bicyclemagazine @electricbicyclemagazine #electricbikes #bicycles #cycling
😳OnePlus 6T: The Latest Smartphone on the Block Keeps Upgrading —- There’s really no lack of options out there for good smartphones, with the vast majority of us falling into one of two camps: team iPhone or team Android (though the Google Pixel is now picking up steam, too). That doesn’t stop some much smaller-time brands from getting in on the smartphone action, however, and in some cases even improving on the everyday designs. For proof, see the OnePlus 6t. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @oneplus @oneplus_6t #smartphones @nowthisfuture @nowthisnews @brilliantinventions #technologynews #technology #phonesforsale #phonephotos #phonephotography #phonephotographer
Best Tactical Pen for 2019: Fenix T5 Tactical Pen Tactical Pens often seem more gimmick or luxury than useful tool, but properly done, they can be essential tools for a variety of important tasks. They can trace their origin back to the Kubotan, originally designed in the 1970’s, and have evolved into EDC multi-tools designed for both everyday function and self-defense. They function as stabbing or jabbing tools when you are attacked, but also can also be used for breaking glass and other objects in life-or-death or tactical situations. This is all on top of their ability to write just like any other pen. A good pick for one? The Fenix T5. READ MORE AT www.gearforlife.com @fenixstore @tacticaleverydaycarry @tacticalsht @tacticalgear @tacticalyogagirl @blade.addict @tacticaleverydaycarry @tacticalminded @everydaycarry @tacticaleverydaycarry @edcpocketdump @edccoffeeco @edc_specialties #selfdefense #selfdefenseforwomen #tacticalpen #safety @travel.through.the.world @travelandleisure @travelandcampcollective @natgeotravel