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Portland OR Foster Kittens


My daughter @daisycatphotography & I foster w/CatAdoptionTeam, Sherwood OR 181 fosters 2011-present Current fosters: Mama Julia + Mocha

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More of sweet Honeybun, the Iowa farm cat♡
My great neice's hamster Tootsie.
Kitty cookies at my favorite Pella bakery...yum♡
Hope these guys stay off the highway.
Mr. Honeybun is a stray cat that adopted my parents on their Iowa farm. He was definitely someone’s pet...so friendly & he’s been neutered. 🐝 🐱
After a sad day of passing off Julia & Mocha to another foster mom, and a few hours cleaning the kitten room...what a happy surprise to find the at my door! Thank you SO much Christina, Snow & Bomba @onekillercat This gift is so timely, as I had just sent the last of my RC food off with Julia. I will be all set for my next group when I get back from my trip. Tell Snow & Bomba that the spring toys they snuck in the box are kitten favorites. ♡ You guys are awesome!
One last play session before they head to their new foster home. I’m heading out of town, but will update you on #thebaristakittens when I can.
Mocha 🐻 #thebaristakittens
This sweet boy is with a foster friend @fosterkittensrus (new to IG...follow her & maybe she’ll post some pics😂) His name is Gregory Small & will be available @catadoptpdx 10/10/18. He was a wonderful friend to her younger foster kitten Pixel, who is already pre-adopted. Who doesn’t need a handsome house panther?!! #adoptdontshop #catadoptpdx #catadoptionteam #adoptblackcats #pdxcats #portlandcats
This little chunk-a-lunk weighed 370g (13.2 oz) tonight at 14 days old!🙀 So happy to find out my friend Susan will be taking them tomorrow. No IG, but she does post on FB so I’ll have updates for you.👍 #thebaristakittens
The adorableness that is Mocha😍😘 (I must spam you since they are leaving me tomorrow for another foster home.) #thebaristakittens
Happy two week birthday Mocha!💖 He is sounding so much better today.🙏 #thebaristakittens
Mocha tries to eat my finger. Lucky for me he has no teeth.😂 #thebaristakittens
No words...💕😍😘 • #thebaristakittens
Mocha & Julia💕 11.7oz & 8.5 lbs. 13 days old & 11 months old • #thebaristakittens
Good morning from Julia & Mocha ☀️👋 #thebaristakittens
Thanks for all your kind words. Julia & Mocha are doing well. He has been nursing a lot.👍 #thebaristakittens
🌈 RIP sweet Caramel. You were with us a short time, but you were loved. Thank you Shelby @fosterkittenlove  for taking her to the ER vet today. They believe she has the same congenital problem as her sister Chai. A necropsy will be done tomorrow to see if they can determine what is going on. Julia & Mocha are doing well at my house. Latte & Matcha are comfortable in the incubator at Shelby’s. Caramel joins her sisters Espresso & Chai over the 🌈😢🙏💕Please #spayandneuter #thebaristakittens