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if you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe ~ Carl Sagan.

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We’ve been jamming at @moviemountain for the last six months, building sets, puppets, props and a miniature space ship for a proof of concept for an animated feature film.  The working title for the project is, “Wake Me Up When We Get There.” Think of it as a road trip story that just so happens to be set in space staring two robots with human consciousness (their human analogs are in stasis in the ships cryogenic chambers) on a journey through the galaxy, seeing the sights,  staying one step in front of the man, experimenting with local pharmaceuticals, and visiting fellow outkasts all in time to make it to a remote quadrant of space in time to watch two black holes collide.  It’s certainly the biggest project I’ve ever taken on and it’s been so wild seeing it come together.  Today, we start filming the first sequences of the proof of concept. Once we’re finished, @samosier is going to help us shop the project and turn it into an animated feature film.  Swipe all the way to the right to watch a tour of the set.  So many amazing people are working on this project and I couldn’t be more excited about it @moviemountain @memmonz @robb_gardner @samosier @circa1964 @jspake @timothytickle @aaronplevine @lex.lore @theshelbyfoundation @tim__yates @theunclepaw @levittoid
Fall in the Gorge
WE’ll GET HIM WHEN COMES BACK IN!!! #hesnotcomingback #firsttimeforweverthing #noticethepoolscumsocks
A year ago, @moviemountain wrapped up work on POOL SCUM, a stop motion ode to the terrible, yet amazing sub genre of 80s retellings of Romeo and Juliet set to action sport, films like Rad and Thrashin’ @joshbrolin. A year after finishing POOL SCUM and two years after breaking ground on the studio we’re in the middle of our next project.  Everything we learned from the last few years, we are putting into a proof of concept for a stop motion science fiction feature film set on a space ship.  There will be robots, space travel, and aliens.  For the time being,  here's Episodes 1-3 of POOL SCUM.
Here’s a little trip down memory lane to four years ago when we were racing the seasons to finish the tree houses before the Pacific Northwest winter kicked in.  @sirjosephdirt had been here since May and countless friends had came through from all over to lend a hand and pound some nails.  Tucker and I had built small things but never anything of close to the scale of two tree houses, three bridges etc.  We learned on the fly.  We jokingly referenced, “fuck it, we’ll do it live,” implying that we’ll solve problems as they come up.  It worked, and I still live in the tree house in these photos.  Time sure does fly.  I’m doing a sale the book I made about the process with photos, sketches, musings and other BS in my web store.  Use the code FALL18 to get %20 off (link in profile). If any one has the opportunity to build something with their own hands, I’d recommend in a heart beat.  The result will surprise you and the memories will last forever 🔨🌲 🧤 #thecindercone
The @moviemountain is hard at work building sets, props, models and puppets for our next project, a proof of concept for an animated science fiction feature.  Here’s one of the props that’s @tim__yates whipped up, a fully functioning,  1/6 scale vaporizing argon pipe designed to work in zero g, including on space walks through an optional airlock attachment 🚀☠️🌌
Camping out last night with my brother on the Columbia River before he moves to Berlin, Germany today with his better half today to start a new chapter of their lives.  Tim and I have been going to this beach together for the last 25 years, and I’m sure we’ll be back again someday.  Good luck in Berlin @timothytickle @my___pet ❤️❤️
Here’s a look at how we made POOL SCUM in the @moviemountain  studio.  The whole process took around seven months from conceiving the idea to putting the final touches on the short film. Right now, we’re hard at work building sets, puppets and models for a proof of concept for an animated feature,  #🚀🛸👽🤖. It’s a much bigger project than anything we’ve worked on in the past, but the process is similar to how we built the world for POOL SCUM, just scaled up and in space. @moviemountain
SUMMER YOU WILL BE MISSED @kevin_kowalski @tweestopher.  PS THE CAMPER IS JUST FINE @jay
Here's the opening shot of the "God, I need a girlfriend," the short we made with @stefanjanoski.  @memmonz laid out the shot on the @moviemountain motion control machine and then composited in a miniature fly as a separate element.  Once the shot is preprogramed, the camera takes an exposure, and then the motion control machine moves a very small amount and then takes another exposure.  A long the way, Matt had to remove parts of the set to allow the camera to fit in the small space (the set is around 4 feet by 2 feet and a foot tall). Rinse and repeat this process for about a week and around 600 times and you have a completed shot.  If you haven't already watch the whole thing in the link in my profile!
The dog days of summer always gets nostalgic.  7 years ago this week, I left NYC to travel and focus on photography. Since then I’ve had a wild ride.  Here’s some my my favorite moments from the dog days of summer over the last 7 years.  IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE.  1) September 2011, 2 months into living in my Syncro, looking for waves on the Lost Coast with @specialopz. 2) August 2012, Cruising around Kamchatka, in an old Russian helo with @thetorpedopeople, @tearevor, @danedamus. 3) September 2013, My last few months spent living on the road in my Tacoma Camper in the Los Padres National Forest. 4) August 2014, CINDER CONE BUILD INSANITY 5) August 2015, making the MICRO MACHINE with @jay and @earthtolane. 6) September 2016, Racing the weather to building the studio at @moviemountain. 7) August 2017, Shooting our first project POOL SCUM in the studio.