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Dan Ader


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My weird cat
I got my first negative comment on YouTube lol. Made me laugh. I do buy my own tools but if anyone wants to get me anything I will take a power hammer­čśÄ
Forge welding! Trying something new
Customer asked me to make a railroad spike knife for her husband for Valentines. Finished just in time!
Beginnings of a karambit
Billy is looking good after his shed
My trench knife knife is done! Fun knife to make
Taught the first half of my railroad spike forging  class. His spike knife is looking good!
New knife is sharp! A little shaving test
Just finished up this small knife Steel- 1095 Handle- African Kiaat
Trying out some kiaat African wood for a handle
Trench knife bottle chop
Just got my belts from #combatabrasives can't wait to test them out
Cleaned up the knife after heat treat
Heat treating my smaller knife
Heat treating my trench knife