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To put Bentley's upcoming 100th birthday into perspective, consider the world in 1919. World War One had ended less than a year before. Sound hadn't yet come to the movies. The population of the United States was but 104.5 million. (Now it's over 327,000,000.) And the first-ever Bentley got rolling. To celebrate, the company's adorning all 2019 Bentleys with a “Centenary Specification” package. Buyers will get uniquely developed Centenary Gold badge highlights on their car. Inspiration for some of the birthday designs were taken by the exquisite metalwork found on vintage Bentleys — such as EXP 2 of 1919 and the 1929 "Birkin’ Blower.”
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When Shaquille O’Neal launched his first-ever Shaq’s Fun House earlier this year, he lured performers from Steve Aoki to Diplo; the event culminated with the NBA Hall of Famer giving the Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski a viral piggy-back ride. @shaq’s Fun House is set to take over Sun Trust Park on Friday, February 1 - Super Bowl weekend - bringing an atmosphere that’s equal parts carnival, circus and music festival, with big names from hip-hop (Migos, Lil Jon, T-Pain) and EDM (Tiësto, Diplo). Attractions will include a pop-up diner (thanks to Waffle House), acrobatics (Cirque du Soleil) and a bottle-service club (Hakkasan). The extravaganza marks the latest step in Shaq's evolution from basketball player to DJ. The event will rely on a model that’s a bit different from that of the typical music extravaganza, selling just 2,000 tickets to the general public starting at $249.99 and another 1,000 VIP tickets beginning at $999.99.
if you want to get to any of Mongolia’s sparse, pristine scenery, you’ll have to make a stop in the Soviet-era capital, Ulaanbaatar. Amidst the capital’s smokestacks, gnarly traffic, and countless karaoke bars, an emerging, curious city is spurring a new era for Mongolia. And fortunately, a stunning Shangri-La property is at the center of it all. Mongolia was heavily influenced by Moscow for decades up until its democratic transition in the early 1990s. Factories still bubble with steam and soot at the city’s edges, and the skyscraper facades are mostly grey or muted brown. But now half of Mongolia’s three million people live in the capital, and little flares of international influence and modernization have started to slip into the urban center, most notably with the Shangri-La Hotel, one of the city’s only 5-star properties.
NMOTO founder Alex Niznik began developing the Nostalgia Project to capture that same innovation and breathe new life into a vintage design. Harnessing the power of modern engineering and design software and working with a small crew, NMOTO has created a modern interpretation of the 1934 BMW R7. NMOTO Nostalgia is based on a current BMW R Nine T, a bike that can legitimately claim DNA that reaches to the earliest BMW opposed twin bikes, like the original R7, an unbroken evolutionary chain. Bear in mind that current BMW two-cylinder bikes are a mainstay of U.S. police and highway patrol thanks to their smooth power, excellent handling, and all-day comfort. The R Nine T’s 1170cc two-cylinder produces 86 lb-ft of torque, enough to push Nostalgia to 140 mph.
Direct-to-consumer beauty brand @glossier boasts a highly devoted customer following. If last year’s 300% growth isn’t enough to convince you, just look at its 1.6M Instagram followers or the long lines of customers waiting outside one of Glossier’s stores or pop-up shops. Everything from Glossier’s products to their marketing was essentially co-created with the customer. Even new products are developed from feedback in social comments and engaging customers in a discussion about their beauty needs. Glossier’s SVP of Marketing, Ali Weiss, built out Glossier’s marketing team and strategy by understanding the customer and taking calculated risks to give Glossier the edge. Click the link in our bio to read about her unconventional approach to marketing, which focuses on customer engagement more than bottom-line results.
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Boeing won’t sell many VIP versions of the 777X, the company’s largest and longest-range twin-engine plane, but the few they will sell will be fabulous. The fuel-efficient long-haul airliner, which will have two variants that can seat between 350 and 425 passengers, offers a stunning canvas when configured for personal or corporate use. Boeing Business Jets’ list price for the BBJ 777-8 is $442.8 million and the BBJ 777-9 is $453.6 million. (The airliner versions list for $360.5 million and $388.7 million, respectively.) And those prices don’t include the interiors, which are added by separate completion companies. That could run another $90 million to $175 million and range from opulent lounges, gaming and cinema areas, to a Turkish-style steam bath.
@poshmark was created seven years ago by CEO Manish Chandra and his cofounders, as a way for women to make money off-loading extra items from their closets—an eBay for used clothing. Now with 40 million users, Poshmark is becoming more than that, and is selling new clothes too, complete with its own wholesale market and homegrown fashion entrepreneurs who are selling their own clothing lines. The social selling company has raised $160 million in venture financing at a recent valuation of $625 million, and the company’s anticipated 70% revenue growth over 2017 (which matches its growth from 2016 to 2017) earned it a spot on Forbes’ Next Billion-Dollar Startups list. Click the link in our bio to read about Chandra’s journey leading up to the $625 million retail empire.
Ten years ago, none of the best hotels in Madrid would make a top four list in other major cities like London, Paris, Rome or Geneva. But the most recent edition of the Michelin Guide lists 30 hotels in its top category, many of them just opened in the last few years, like the VP Plaza España Design in Madrid. Check the link in our bio for three of the new hotels in Spain that are outstanding in their modernity, comfort and design, easily competing with the best new smaller hotels in Europe.
Independent and incarcerated, Ralo, an Atlanta trap rapper dropped a mixtape from prison. The 23-year-old rapper behind the Famerica record label ended up in federal custody this past April, charged with two counts of marijuana possession with intent to sell. Months of incarceration have kept him from live gigs, club appearance fees and recording features — so he uses his royalty deposits to fund his defense and maintain existing obligations. Read more about his story and why being an independent artist is more lucrative, especially in his situation — link in our bio.
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