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✺ Active lifestyle 🏋🏻‍♀️🌱 ✺ Dreamer☽ ✺ Future Holistic Health Coach 📚 ✺ Creating + Spreading Consciousness✨ ✺ Seeking an Adventure ➵ ⎈

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The world exists only in your eyes. You can make it as big, small, bright or as dark as you want. Your world is YOUR world. It’s yours to experience as you please, remember that 🦋
Which one takes you longer to answer: 💭 What’s 3 things you love about yourself? Or Whats things you dislike about yourself? . Generally, we’re so quick to point out the flaws and the wrongs. Things have become so twisted. People become bothered when they hear someone complimenting themselves, yet they’re totally okay hearing someone tear themselves down! When you love someone you stay flaunting them. you keep in mind all the details you love about them. So do that with yourself too! Build yourself up, it’s not a crime 💛 . P.s “I love my mindset, I love my optimism, I love the courage I have to go for what I want” *if that made you feel some type of way, realize it’s okay, we’ve been conditioned to feel uncomfortable about stuff like this. I’ll be the first to admit I still feel a bit uncomfortable about this all, but I want to change that so I’m going for it! If you want to change that too, leave a comment with your answer or DM it to me, I got you 😌
Nature is so smart, it put medicine in food 🌿 I resort to pills as my last resource or unless really necessary, instead I heal my body with nutrients, Whole Foods, and natural remedies/medications.  Next time you catch the cold, intake all the nutrients you can all day, especially juicing... works magic ! There is one side effect though, your skin will be glowing 😉
Extremely grateful for every day that passes by because I get to do what I love ✨ Sometimes it’s 12 hours of work a day yet none of it feels like work when it’s coming from a place in your heart. I hope all of you who are chasing your dreams continue to be brave and never give up! Put in the work, the effort, the sacrifices; the universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart 💫 #happyfriday my friends 💛
🎃 HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🎃 Once or twice a week I like to incorporate resistance band exercises to my training to target certain muscles from a whole different angle 🔥 Aim for 15-20 reps each exercise to ensure you’re tearing down muscle fibers- this enhances the growth process! TIPS: 🔘 Keep your core tight at all times 🔘 Make sure to do slow and controlled movements 🔘 Squeeze those glutes as much as you can 🔘 Hold the squeeze up top on the last 5 reps for each exercise to get maximum activation of the muscle . *video is speed up & reps cut short to fit in 1 video 🎵 Don Omar- Dile 💃🏽
It isn’t about eating less, it’s about eating right 💚 Eating healthy isn’t necessarily the hard part... what’s hard is reprogramming our brain & behavior to form new habits! That’s where the challenge is at. But ONE healthy meal at a time, even if it’s one a week, will take you further than just imagining of that one day you’ll eventually start. Take one baby step today & be proud of that as you would be if you had ate healthy all day 🙌🏼
You know that little voice inside your head? Not the loud one that keeps you small... the other one, the one that whispers to you that everything is going to be okay. Are you listening to it? Or is your mind consumed by the external noise, the noise that distracts you from the truth; from your own power. Take time to quite the noise. Listen. Just breathe. Flow. Take time to be deeply grateful 💛 All we will ever have is now... . 🐶 Furbaby joined me in today’s morning flow! 🎵 Carla Morrison- Disfruto
Day 5/21 ☑️ After injuring my back deadlifting, I’ve had a fear to go heavy on the weights. It’s been over 1 year staying away but today i decided to make this my challenge. I pushed as far as I could and it felt so good to FAIL at my max because I realized I could do so much more than I thought... honestly I was scared lol after the first try I wanted to just walk away accept I couldn’t but I knew not giving it my best effort would mean true failure so I tried again and again. Use failure as inspiration, learn from it. It’s okay if you don’t always get something right the first time you try, that doesn’t mean you failed. It simply means it’s a new bar for you to reach. Failing is not trying at all! *Second video was my PR 🏋🏻‍♀️
Currently on day 4 of my 21 day challenge. For 21 days I decided to push to new limits both mentally and physically. I got tired of being in the same place, doing the minimum and accepting that as good enough. It’s really frustrating knowing you can do and give so much more, yet cutting yourself short just because it’s comfortable to do so! It’s painful to grow, but it’s also painful to stay stuck somewhere you no longer fit... choose your kind of pain wisely my friends.
‼️ FULL BODY HITT WORKOUT ‼️ No matter if your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, or athlete performance, HITT can help you nail it! If you’re bored of doing regular cardio or if you simply want a challenge give this one a try: 1️⃣ 6-8 reps 2️⃣ 15 reps  3️⃣ 15 reps  4️⃣ 15 reps  5️⃣ 20 reps  6️⃣ 20 reps alternating 🔥 Set a timer for 20 minutes and do as many rounds as you can (all 6 reps= 1 round). Minimize your rest periods in between sets and aim for no rest periods during each exercise. Give it all you got each for those 20 minutes 💦🔥 Song- Work ASAP Ferg 🎶
The way out is in 💫
Everyone has to start at the bottom but most don’t ever start because they don’t want to be seeing starting from zero. Don’t let others opinions or judgement erase away your vision. The sooner you start the sooner you’ll be away from the starting line 👣 Happy Friday friends 💛
Grab a chair and a resistance band for this circuit 🙌🏼 Can be done anywhere ! Guarantee that the burn on this one is like no other with these:  1️⃣ 15-20 reps 2️⃣ 15 reps 3️⃣ 15-20 reps  4️⃣ 12-15 reps 5️⃣ 12 reps each hand  6️⃣ 12-15 reps ✖️3-5 rounds  Song: MIA- Bad Bunny ft Drake 🎶
The only thing that will take you to the next level is to keep doing more. Even on those days where you feel like giving up, find a way, even if it’s a tiny one, to keep planting little seeds so that one day they may grow into big beautiful trees. It’s all a matter of time... But It’s all on you; nobody else will do it for you.  Leggings from @workouts_by_katya 💜
Here’s a little warm up/ glute activation using a resistance band to fire things up a little more 🍑 When it starts to burn don’t stop, that’s when the real gains take place 🔥 Happy Monday! Don’t forget to move & sweat it out today 💦
Do what you can with the world and with those seconds in where you feel like you have it right underneath you 🦋
Dear Erika, (a letter to myself, 10.12.18)  Life isn’t all about routine. There’s more to it. More than work, gym, school, planning, and overthinking that you always have to be doing something. It’s okay to rest. To take breaks. Even to break the rules! It’s okay to pause things for a while. Please Stop thinking you have to limit yourself to one thing only. Simply because you love health and fitness does not mean it isn’t okay to also love creating art and seeking it as you go. It’s okay to want to do many things, and it’s perfectly okay if no one understands. Its okay to be scared out of your mind. It’s okay to be confused. It’s okay not to know why you feel called to more than one thing. It’s also okay to have no idea what you’re doing sometimes. Keep following your intuition, your heart. Trust, it’s all part of the plan. It all has a place and a meaning, so let it all be. It’s leading you exactly where your feet need to be. Keep taking leaps, a net will always be there to catch you. Quite down the noise. Play by YOUR own rules. One day, not to far away from today you’ll look back to this from that place that at this moment isn’t clear but that you yearn to be at with all your being, and it’ll all have made sense then 💛  Lots of love,  Your future self (p.s. I’m waiting for you, keep going just as you are. We’ll meet soon) 🦋
Honestly, I don’t know exactly where I’m headed but I do know where I’m going 💫 taking it one day at a time but giving it all I got. Trying to have fun while I’m on this ride... I’d be failing otherwise! Happy #humpday my friends 💛