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Cars, guitars, beer. Riveting stuff, I know. Untappd: FeatWalker

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Haven’t posted one of #bae in a while. I had to take advantage of this amazing weather and finally wash the car after months of neglect.
@gueuzetilquin Oude Quetsche Tilquin à l’ancienne and Oude Mûre Tilquin à l’ancienne. Found these bottles at Filet & Vine in Montgomery, Alabama. And y’all thought we weren’t classy... I’ve had these before, but you can’t have too much of this stuff, so I’m looking forward to more. Incroyable!
S is for SL _______________________________  Mercedes-Benz 300SL, to be specific. 300SL Roadster to be even more specific. The hardtop 300SL, with it’s trademark gullwing doors, is the more iconic of the two variants, but the droptop version was more prevalent at car week—not a bad choice in Monterey weather. The roadster still grabs your attention with those unmistakable vents and fenders. It doesn’t get much more classy than this. I included this cars descendent, the SLR McLaren Roadster, at the end as an added bonus (bonus wedgie-picking guy in the silver SLR pic...).
R is for Rennsport _______________________________  Rennsport is German for “racing” or “motorsport” and the meaning behind the “RS” designation that you find on some Porsches. When you just feel like your Porsche needs a little something else, you get an RS. If Porsche is my first love, an RS Porsche is my first love after a few years of her progressing in life, hitting the gym, and basically becoming better than me in every way imaginable. Any memory of me will just fade into obscurity like a GT3RS fading into the distance after it blows the doors off my FRS.  1. Carrera RSR 2-3. Carrera RS 4. 997.2 GT3RS 5. GMG Racing 997.2 GT3RS 6. 997.2 GT2RS 7-8. 991 GT3RS
Diving into football season like... _______________________________ ...the artwork on this can of @alefarmbrewing Saturated. IPA. 7% ABV. I had to support my @auburnfootball Tigers by drinking a nice, juicy, orange IPA. I was convinced to throw this in the fridge after a review from @hopmaestro, and I’m glad I did. So good. It has that perfect blend of hop bitterness and fruitiness. I’ve noticed a lot of the great beers that I’ve had here in Europe have come out of Denmark; I may have to take a trip there. Thanks to @mikkellerwebshop for allowing me to get my hoppy fix (and for the great glassware).
The arrival of game day has me looking back on my old Auburn University photos. This view of Samford Tower through the toilet paper-laden trees of Toomer’s Corner was a familiar sight during my senior year at AU. That was the year the Tigers went undefeated and secured their second national championship title. It looked like it snowed on College Street after the Tigers secured the win over the Oregon Ducks, and that is a sight I’ll never forget. I hope the AU Family will be greeted with similar sights this year as the new season begins. On to vict’ry! War Eagle!
Q is for Aston Martin _______________________________  You may find my caption quite perplexing, leaving you with a quizzical expression on your face while quietly scratching your head in a quest for answers. Well, I hope this explanation will quell your questioning mind: Q is Aston Martin’s bespoke branch, named after the head of the MI6’s Q Branch, the quirky quartermaster, Q. Q creates gadgets for James Bond, the man who, despite quenching his thirst by quaffing martinis, manages to remain the quintessential spy, providing quality work in service of the Queen. Q by Aston Martin aims to create the vehicle of your dreams by taking all your whims into consideration, no matter how seemingly quixotic. Okay...in all honesty, I knew Q was going to be a stretch, and this seemed to be a good solution. Who doesn’t love Aston Martin? Those that don’t should be quickly quarantined.  001. DB5 002. Vantage 003-004. DB4 005. V12 Vantage 006-007. DB11
@firestonewalker Helldorado Blonde Barley Wine Ale (2017). Barleywine. 12.8% ABV! Again, I don’t know why it’s easier for me to find these Firestone Walker beers on the other side of the world, but I’m not complaining. Thanks, @bomtocraftbeer. The 12.8% ABV has you bracing yourself, but this barleywine is actually pretty smooth. You taste those familiar barrel-aged cues right away and get some nice sweeter notes too. Now I need an excuse to crack open the Parabola...
_ All that we are, all that we need They’re different things
P is Porsche _______________________________  There is no substitute for “P” in the Car Week Alphabet.  See what I did there? Porsche is my first love, and each day that goes by without a 911 in my life is even more of a tragedy. You might be asking, “Where are all the RSs?” Patience.  1. 356 2. 930 Turbo 3. 993 Speedster 4. 1967 911S 5. 997.2 GT3 6. Singer 911 7. 356 Speedster 8. 911 Targa 9. Cayman GT4 10. 918 Spyder Weissach Package
@lervigbeer Supersonic. DIPA. 8.5% ABV. As advertised, there were some seriously-tropical flavors in the can. Juicy, citrusy, hoppy, delicious.
O is for Other/Oddballs/Oddities _______________________________  Here’s to the unique, the quirky, the misfits.  1. Morgan Threewheeler 2. Studebaker Bullet 3. Tesla Roadster 4. Ariel Atom 5. Citroën 2CV 6. Noble M12 GTO-3R 7. Nissan Figaro 8. Infiniti Protype 9 9. Spyker C8 Spyder 10. Volkswagen 21-window Bus (VW Bus owners are always so pleased when they catch you snapping a photo of their car)
N is for NSX _______________________________  The new NSX is a pretty cool car and everything, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the original. The original was small, light, naturally aspirated, RWD; the new one is a Japanese R8. NA1/NA2 for life.  1. NA1 NSX 2. NSX 3. NSX GT3
@theveilbrewing Paul from Cloudwater. Double Dry-Hopped Cheeky Triple IPA. 11% ABV! The face on the can is the face I made when I drank this beer—grew a beard and everything. Just look at that color! This made up for having to miss national ipa day and international beer day. ❤️
When you’re a fanboy, and you’ve got that dying-alone money. 😍 It took a little over 4 months, but the @prsguitars Silver Sky is finally here!
M is for McLaren _______________________________  Everyone had a bedroom poster car; mine was the mighty McLaren F1. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to see one in the flesh, but I definitely saw many other McLarens at car week, including the F1’s successor—the P1.  1. 650S 2. 675LT 3. MP4-12C 4. @hyperfastcars #triboost Hyper 1200 5. @goldrushrally MP4-12C 6. 570S 7. 720S 8. P1 GTR (if a guy in a P1 GTR isn’t too good for a blinker, neither are you) 9. P1
There aren’t many things more American than a post-yard-work beer, especially when that beer is the all-American, high-octane, 20%-ABV liquid freedom known as @dogfishhead 120 Minute IPA. I’ve been cracking one of these open every year since I bought a four pack back in 2016, and it never disappoints. Hoppy beers aren’t as prevalent 4,700 miles from home, so I’m glad I was able to take these bottles with me. Happy birthday, America; this one’s for you.
L is for Lamborghini _______________________________  I’ve been slacking. Again. With the next Car Week right around the corner, I thought I should probably stop slacking. Ah. @lamborghini. There was definitely no shortage of these at Car Week. Flashy colors, crazy doors, loud exhaust...you know the type. Chances are, if you almost witnessed vehicular manslaughter at Monterey, the would-be perpetrator was behind the wheel of a Lamborghini.  1-2. Gallardo Super Trofeo 3. Huracán 4. Aventador SV 5. Aventador Roadster 6. Another Aventador SV 7. Reventón (1 of 20) 8. Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole