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Fazeera Natasha


22, exploring life, On a journey to self discovery

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Last night was my first time attending a stand up live comedy and it was so good. Laughed from the start to the end that our mouth became dry that we desperately need a drink after that. Makcik jokes never gets old. Such a great experience!! It was @fakkahfuzz first solo show and it sold out!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ #makcikmegazord
Most importantly, thanks to my parents for supporting me thru all the struggles. Im so blessed for their understanding coz at times when I tell my mum its tough, she will always say 'It's okay, whatever it is, I know you've done ur best' awwwwwwwww ❀❀❀❀
Was so happy when my TP babies came down to see me! Thank you guys and these are photos of friends that I made thruout my uni years. Wished i had a photo together with Eunice and Emilia though :( #graduation #murdochgrads #murdochuniversity #grad2018 #20102018
One of the most memorable nights of my life! Uni was quite a challenge for me, especially in the last trimester. But damn, I made it through all of it! I did it!!!! So blessed, alhamdulillah!! I always tell myself "Cannot also must can" and that crap helped alot man ❀ hahahaha hais. I guess its official to start adulting .  And it has always been a dream to throw that mortarboard man! πŸ’πŸ½‍♀️ YAAAS #graduation #murdochgrads #murdochuniversity #grad2018 #20102018
Met them in first trimester and now we're adulting together. How awsummm 😍 #blessed #labellas  Actually i post this just to print one at a booth lmao
Wedding tingzzz on a Saturday. Gosh that was tiring hehehe
Just when I wanted the whole exam stress phase to end, this current phase isnt that much of a difference, but I have to say its better. I guess I should go with the flow la huhh 😌  PS: This photo was like a year ago and it was 9mins before my class starts, but I was like nope gotta get my photo and made it just in time πŸ˜‰
Fun night with the fam ❀😘
Hahahahaha i look high in the first photo omg hahahaha but been awhile since i went to a waterpark and it was awsummmmmm and we tried to do synchronise swimming in the 2nd last photo 😜 thanks babies for the great day 😍 #adventurecove
Of course I have to have this in my feed hehehe. 😍😍😍 #throwback
Was fun having photoshoots yesterday over at Gardens By The Bay. It was my first visit and I really needed a break from reality. Looking forward to more hehe. But before that, lets clear this one and last assignment and work hard for finals! Dreadful but I know time gonna fly ❀πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ#feelslikeforever #neverending #cannotalsomustcan #betterdaysarecoming #selfmotivation
"Kakak Fazeera, later can you share with me the Banana Split?" Hahahhaha! The one yang terlebih excited whenever it comes to blowing candles.
Blessed for the mini celebration over the weekend with my family. I feel like birthdays are now not as exciting as the younger days because it is legit almost time for adulthood which i am totally not ready for. The future scares me sometimes and I'll have to remind myself from time to time that worrying about it wont change anything. That is beyond my control. What i can do is focus on the now, Let go and let God. . On the bright side, officially 22 now and my cravings from Ramadan are finally satisfed!!! Seafood overload! Well, we all know the best part of it - the cake! Hahahaha at least for me.  And thank you for all the wishes today, i appreciate it soooo much! ❀ #22ndbirthday #2ndjuly
❀❀❀ #eid2018
From my FB:  Hey lovelies, how are your morning so far? Hope they are good!  Anyway, this has been a while and I just felt like sharing something abt myself πŸ€—  Ok so, I did my hair yesterday. To be honest, I have been longing to chop my hair off because i always have a love-hate relationship with my hair. It is very big in volume and I find it soo ugly. So for the past few years since p6, i have been rebonding on and off. Then i dyed my hair on and off too.. All these made my hair super dry and frizzy. When i stopped rebonding, it just seems bigger. And this whole thing is tiring. The only way to 'control' the volume is by rebonding, but the maintenance is soo troublesome and it damages my hair even more. If you realised, ive always bun my hair and its because of this.  So until when right? Eventually, i told myself the cycle will repeat, so theres no point. Sooo i have decided to live with it and embrace this thingy that seemed as a flaw in my eyes. I always feel my hair looked like Princess Merida's hahahaha  I chopped my hair and permed it just to make the volume nicer. Quite happy with the outcome but still gotta get used to this. And yes, this was one of the things under my Goals and Dreams list. ❀ it looks healthier and its full black now yayy!! Just a reminder for us, Always remember to First Love Yourself 😍  #isuccess #freedomlifestyle #fazeeranatasha #notyourordinarygenys #firstloveyourself #selfvalidation
πŸ’• My First Baking Class Experience πŸ’•  Ok firstly, it has been about a week already and I wanted to share but was waiting for the group photo hehe.  The class was held by SistersCookies Baking Academy by Chef Suriani Samad. It was a One day program where I learned how to make Tapak Kuda and Cake Rolls.  Chef Suriani used to work in Corporate and decided to stop. Thats when she took up baking as a hobby and sells them.  It was going really well for her but she needed something more. Thats when she met Mentor Suria Sparks who pushed her to where she is now. Amazing right? When Chef Suriani delivers her message, she resembles her mentor. I can feel it! Amazing cloning and duplication. Best thing is we have the same Mentor and I am truly grateful for that! ❀  Ok so, It started with theory and then straight to practical. Andddd it was so awesome because there were so much information to absorb. . . Eg. Reasons why we use certain ingredients for cakes, why some of them have to be of certain temperatures, techniques on how to get the right consistency and many many more!! From basic tips to entreprenuerial tips... yes... Plus point: Her team of chefs are so knowledgeable and patient in guiding us. There are no such thing as a stupid qn. They are just so warm and welcoming. . . Some of you may know i loooooveeee cakes and I have been wanting to bake one. And i am so grateful to finally attend one. And i want to attend more of her classes!!! I am looking forward to the day where I bake a birthday cake ❀❀ . . Anyway, if anyone of you wanna learn baking, you can check them out! 😘😘😘 #isuccess #freedomlifestyle #fazeeranatasha #notyourordinarygenys #baking #passion
I am not very good with goodbyes but thank you so much for all the fun times. Didn't expect that I could do retail but I did, and definitely learned a lot.  It was way fun than I expected and all thanks to this family. We are so united and thats one thing I love here. Wont forget how guests can be unreasonable and we just laugh about it behind hahaha.  Yesterday was quite emotional especially when yall keep saying dont go hahahaha. Well.. this will happen sooner or later. I feel so loved, thanks guys! ❀ See you All soon! β€πŸ’•β€πŸ’• . Cr: @euniz_k, you can engage her for any of your photoshoots πŸ˜‰ . #fazeeranatasha #welcometostudiostore