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They needed to eat and I needed to workout.  YES.....NEEDED!  For energy on a busy day, for patience with kids up early, for happy endorphins to show kindness, for strength to carry me.  You might look at fitness as an "if I have time thing" but I promise when it becomes an "I will make time thing" it's so much more rewarding.  In my Accountability Group we focus on this mindset. For most of us (me included) it takes work.  But together we encourage each other.  My next group will start November 25th! Think you'll need it after an indulgent Thanksgiving? Then give me a 🦃 gobble gobble below for the details.
As promised (swipe for more) -Bloat be gone -6lb down -2 inches from waist and thighs  But that's NOT what I'm celebrating -Toddler breakdown and I DIDN'T stress eat -Grocery shopping and nothing extra bought -Toddler hysteria and first thought WASN'T I need a treat -Much better sleep since I've completed the cleanse -New recipe ideas to incorporate into meals moving forward  And it wasn't all easy -Serious headache Day 1 -Day 2 tired, sooo tired -Scheduling meals on busy days was a bit complicated  Overall this was a great jumpstart into my new program, next group, and revamped MINDSET.  This is the perfect opportunity to begin your fitness journey or detox after the holidays.  You can add it on to ANY bundle pack from my current sale!
Does this even need words? 🍁😍🍂👭🍃
I went full mobile office this morning!  Between drop off and pick up I not only hit up 2 grocery stores, 2 craft stores, 1 kids clothing store, and the mall Starbucks....but I also checked into my accountability group, messaged with a challenger, got someone new enrolled to my free group, and set up some sale information.  Then witnessed a lady perform the most horrendous parking lot maneuver trying to get out of a spot during and literally THROUGH the school pick up line. I actually got out to stop her and then moved my car so we didn't have to deal with her scraping my bumper.  So yeah, coaching is totally flexible!  Mom life, adulting, and coach work all rolled into one ☝️.
I know now that Halloween is over, Black Friday is coming (80% of you gloss over Thanksgiving), and Christmas is a little over one month away...you're just concerned about 1 thing. 🎉🛍SALES🛍🎉 So stop your scroll and hear me out!  There's no newspaper ad for this because it's NOT just a one day deal.  Literally ALL MONTH I've got $20 savings for you to start your health and fitness journey.  The manual that you lose in the chaos of wrapping paper, it's all online.  And the excitement upon opening won't run out because I'm here for daily accountability and motivation through it with you.  So before you blow all your money on everything else that's trying to catch your eye this year...why don't you take a bit of it for yourself.  Tell you're husband you got it covered (cuz you do anyways). ☄➡️and those EXTRA savings⬅️☄ Yep, even more is coming in my pre-black Friday sale! Be the first to know when you join the BURN OFF THE BIRD free group I'm hosting now.  Recipes and workouts to get ready for Thanksgiving.  Now its you're turn, gimme a 💱💲 to join
The girls found my 101 Dalmations book that my parents got me when I was little for my birthday.  They really enjoyed the story so we had to find the movie.  They're loving it! 😍  What a special moment!
I signed up for a free account when I started, thinking "I'm not gonna stick to this at home stuff." Then I figured there was SO MUCH to choose from I'd pay for 3 months to make sure it was legit.  For a little bit more I got to check out this shake which would help with my energy and nutrition ado I stretched that out as loooong as I could.  Then I realized I was getting RESULTS so I went ALL IN.  Why do I tell you this?  Because I was uncertain when starting too!  I only knew the gym and running. Neither of which played nicely with the schedule of a working mom with a newborn and 2 year old.  It just MADE SENSE to check things out and the proof was simply in doing it. When I didn't want to show up, when I wanted to sleep in, when we traveled or it was a holiday, when I had other things to do.  Here I am 3 years later.  These accountability groups, the friendships, the ability to better myself, and earn an income...those are what keep me here.  It's not a quick fix, it's a lifestyle.  A lifestyle I'm commited to for the ups and downs.  That's why I'm growing a business to SHARE this opportunity with others around me. If this resonates with you, we need to talk, to let you see how this can be a game changer.
⚡Secret sauce to my mornings⚡  When I started my fitness journey I woke up at 4am exhausted pushing play because I knew establishing this routine would benefit me in the long run.  Sometimes it was earlier if the baby was up for a feeding. Evening was not an option because I knew every excuse would compound by then.  Fast forward 3 years later and I wake up early, def not 4am anymore, because I WANT TO.  I have felt the energy and stress relief it gives new to go through my days.  I look forward to my morning routine.  Yes, even in the weekend.  I wanna feel great then, too!  And I found this miracle worker.  Want help creating a morning routine?
The results are in!  6lb and 2 inches in 3 days.  Wish I would have measured this morning before birthday party deliciousness got to me.  Yep, I never say no to a slice of homemade cake #sorrynotsorry.  I'll recap it all Monday because I learned a lot I want to share if you want to jumpstart your fitness journey or get back on track after holiday madness (the food not family 😉😂). If you want more info directly PM me.
First time making unicorn cupcakes, too!  Totally underestimated the effort for those guys but they turned out super cute last weekend.  I've only got a cake scheduled for next weekend but otherwise I'm open.  So let me know what you need.  Swipe to see closer up pics of each and detail shots in my stories.
🤜sleep in, workout, entertain kid🤛  Got it all done this morning.  And set up my FREE group for ya!  Why aren't you in there yet? 😉 Recipes, workouts, gratefullness!  PS: Round 2 kicks off at 1030est and this ones all set for you to join me and the team online with Shaun T.  Come check things out with us! ✌Want in?✌
I'll leave you with last night's dinner because I burnt tonight's while heating up and cutting pizza for the kids. Yes, torturing myself with pizza smell while on my 3 Day Cleanse.  But it was my last night and honestly I feel amazing!  I'll share all about it this weekend when I'm officially done (do you know the amazing work your body does while you sleep?!) but it's safe to say I have a lot of emotional and physical takeaways.  For now I'm excited to SMASH a workout with my virtual team tomorrow morning,  1030 est. I'll be going all in with 15+ other ladies who are joining in.  You can join us you know?! We've got pregnant moms, new moms, busy moms, working moms, you NAME IT.  All just trying to make it work and leaning on one another.  There's always room to add more to our crew!  If you wanna check it out,  literally no strings attached free to you, let me know ASAP. I'll get you the link to join.  Hope to see your smiling faces tomorrow!  How about a 💪🏻 if you're in!
WHO WANTS TO GO HEAR THIS CHICK SPEAK?  You've probably jumped on the @msrachelhollis bandwagon already, rightfully so, and this opportunity will be amazing.  While her best seller 'Girl, Wash your face" is what she's known for, I got more excited hearing her speak on her podcast words of affirmation and empowerment.  So when I found out she'll be the featured speaker at my annual conference (which is driving distance from me) I was super excited. I'm sure she'll be mic dropping all over and INSPIRING us to go build our biz and make a change.  Better yet?  YOU CAN JOIN ME!  Whether you love her....or the book...if her podcasts inspire you....or you want a girls trip away. This opportunity is for you!  It'll surely be an experience you never forget.  So, I've got one question.  You coming along?
What kind of excuses stopped you this morning? -kids up during the night -middle of a move -up late working -home reno -it's the holiday -travelling -too cold to drive to the gym -busy morning -stressed out -no $ for the gym -literally told not to  I have been through them all. I have a solution through them all.  I combat them all WITH my community & commitment.  No, it's NOT freaking easy. I'm sorry if you expected it to be.  I'm sorry people tell you it is.  I'm sorry you see quick fixes.  But I can tell you it'll all be worth it.  That there are ways to build healthy habits.  That I'll be with you through it all.  If you're ready to cut the crap (the excuses and good) and take control of your health, ⬇️ gimme a 👭 below ⬇️.
I started my 3 day plant based cleanse because I was feeling a little extra pudgy post Halloween Snickers madness.  But then Facebook is a good reminder of how far I've come.  The face is always a giveaway for me on this journey.  My oldest was newly 1, I hadn't been to a gym since I had hit 40wks pregnant, most our meals were boxed, and we were trying to just make it all work out.  And a little side note I weigh MORE now, on the right, but I look less.  Muscle building and toning will do that to ya!  So while that -3lb on the scale this morning after 1 day was nice, I know there's a lot more to it than the number.
Who's ready for the big day?  You know the one where we stuff ourselves silly then top it off with even more goodies (aka pie). Don't get me wrong, I'm CERTAINLY going to enjoy a giant slice of my favorite pie!  And you can (and should) too! With these healthy recipes paired with a 30 minute workout you'll be ready for the day of thankfulness.  So join me and a couple friends next week to prepared for the holiday.  And bonus, with the biggest deal going on already leading into the biggest sale day of the year, you're gonna want to check things out.  So recap: ✔Great recipes ✔Effective workouts ✔Grateful practices ✔Even more sales  If any of those sound good to you, then tell me your favorite PIE below to be added!  Mines in the comments 👌😉
But seriously, how would you typically blow $140 dollars?⁣ ⁣ ⬇️⬇️⬇️⁣ ⁣ Date night?  Getting your hair and nails done?  A month of fancy coffees?  Birthday presents for your kid? Week of groceries? ⁣ ⁣ What about starting a fitness journey and getting a month of superfood meals?  Or starting a business to change your life and others around you?⁣ ⁣ ⬆️⬆️⬆️⁣ ⁣ Consider stretching that $140 further and making it an INVESTMENT to future income opportunities.  And this is seriously the sweetest DEAL yet.⁣ ⁣ If you're not ready to jump in just yet, then learn more in my teams sneak peek going on now.  We're sharing in there today for you to learn more.⁣ ⁣ ⬇️⬇️⬇️⁣ ⁣ So tell me...you gonna say nah again or just check it out for once?
To the girl working the 9 to 5 (or the 6a-6p), to the girl wanting to be the Pinterest mom to make up for not being there, to the girl wishing she could say yes to play dates, to the girl that wanted to show up for the kids' school.  I SEE YOU. I AM YOU.  Making that change was DANG HARD WORK and showing up EVERY DAY to better my situation is the only way it works. But I'm blessed to work with women who have the COURAGE to make that change and do the hard things.  YOU CAN TOO.  But you've got to SAY yes, raise that hand, draw a line in the sand, and let me KNOW you're willing to push for more.  I'll ask you until you tell me to bug off, but we can't get you anywhere without that first step from you my friend.  K? So just give me something 😉👍🤷‍♀️💪🏻⬇️