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Highest quality Latest technology Modern eyewear Optometrist: Shenaz Noorbhai Asmal 140 Wicks street, Verulam

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World Optometry Week  Choosing an eye care provider is an important health care decision. After all, you will be trusting your eye doctor to safeguard your precious sense of sight and help you maintain a lifetime of good vision.  The first step in your decision is to understand that there are two types of eye doctors: optometrists and ophthalmologists. And there is a third "O" among eye care providers: the optician.  Source : https://www.allaboutvision.com/eye-doctor/choose.htm
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May it be a code for all to live by #humanrights
EYE DOCTORS NEAR ME  Home Sunglasses Polarized | En Español  Polarized Sunglasses  By Erinn Morgan  Like This Page? Please Share!   Polarized sunglasses have been popular for years with boaters and fishermen who need to reduce reflected glare from the water surrounding them. But now that many others who spend time outdoors have discovered the benefits of polarized lenses, interest in these types of sunglasses has soared.  Besides boaters, outdoor enthusiasts who benefit the most from polarized sunglasses include skiers, bikers, golfers and joggers since all of these activities require the elimination of glare for optimum safety and performance.  Polarized sunglasses can be helpful for driving, too, because they reduce glare-causing reflections from flat surfaces, such as the hood of the car or the road's surface.  Some light-sensitive people, including post-cataract surgery patients and those continually exposed to bright light through windows, may also choose to wear polarized sunglasses indoors.
Nobody should be seeing the world unclearly.  Contact us to make your appointment.
TED BAKER FINELY FRAMED  Almost light as a feather, the Ted Baker Finely Framed collection uses high density cellulose acetate, which is 30% lighter than regular cellulose acetate. Weighing only a few grams, they are incredibly comfortable, maintaining the rich colors often found in the Ted Baker brand
Stockists of Tom Ford eyewear.
This cute and colourful  Cube spectacles adds a pop of color for a relaxed and younger look.  Call us today  to book an appointment.
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Our Vogue range captured by the talented @elanaschilz  #glasses #specacles #prescriptionglasses #optometrist #southafrica #verulam
People who wear prescription glasses know 😂
Stockists of @vogueeyewear  We stock both spectacles and sunglasses. Wide variety in-store.  You may order via DM or come in to our store.  #eyedealoptical #eyecare #glasses #vogue #durban #verulam #southafrica
We hope that your eyes are being protected. "Cover up" with a good pair of polarised sunglasses!  Your sight is a blessing, take care of it.
Reposted from @fussiest_foodie -  So my daughter is in grade 2 now. This picture is a google image.  She wears spectacles for quite a few years! Thanks to @eyedeal_optical  When many others from family and friends to other optometrists told me that nothing was wrong with my child, @eyedeal_optical told me to trust my gut. She referred me to a specialist as well as did her own test of my daughter and we found that she suffered from a serious case of astigmatism. Not only was it making her tilt her head, it made it difficult for her to see straight, read or even look at us whilst we were talking to her.  If it wasn’t for @eyedeal_optical pushing me and advising me every step of the way, my child would still be suffering as many qualified optometrists told me that she has perfect vision.  @eyedeal_optical made me believe that a mother’s intuition is never wrong, and for that I’m always grateful and she’s always in my prayers.  @eyedeal_optical is based in Verulam and I make the drive there every so often, Bec I believe in having my kids eyes checked yearly or when I notice any issues.  @eyedeal_optical is so good with kids, and efficient. They have the latest equipment and accept medical aids.  It’s really worth the drive and the time.  Thank you @eyedeal_optical for changing my baby’s life.  @eyedeal_optical  #affiliate #durban
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