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This is where I’m at today 🙌🏼 〰️ Christmas music is in full swing while I’m driving, and I no longer turn it down when someone pulls up right next to me (like I did out of courtesy last week). No shame! 〰️ Who’s with me!? ☕️🎄
6 Weeks = 43 Sleeps 〰️ That’s what my Christmas app informed me of first thing this morning. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t feel like a lot of time! 〰️ Since the seasons don’t shift that much in socal, sometimes it’s easy to forget the time of year. 〰️ We’ve been dreaming of buying houses up in Newport Beach like this AMAZING one from @graystonecustombuilders, and decorating our rental all weekend. 〰️ Let me know what holiday categories you are most interested in, trees, gifts, baking, decor - or all of the above? We can’t wait to share our gift guide with you! 🎄
The votes are in! 〰️ Half of you want to see Christmas in early November, and even though  it feels like this right now in San Diego, that isn’t stopping us from all things Holiday! 〰️ I’m already seeing so many posts of decorated trees, so we’ve decided it’s almost time to share what we have going on over here. 〰️ What day do you put your tree up? 🎄
Fresh vibes for this Friday 🙌🏼 〰️ We woke up to texts from our friends + family filled with pictures of snow covering everything the eye could see, back in the Midwest. 〰️ Feeling EXTRA grateful today for chasing the dream, doing what we love, and the high of 83 today in San Diego. TGIF 💙 〰️ Also getting inspired like always with this beautiful kitchen from @villastyling. I definitely need these chairs!
Who has one of these? 〰️ And can we get an invite 🙌🏼 Louise over at @villastyling can turn any space into design gold. I don’t know about you, but this is the coolest pool house we’ve seen. 〰️ Some warm vibes for anyone in cold weather today ☀️
The only acceptable Friday blues. 〰️ Woke up to “Freedom” jamming on my phone this morning, and it feels appropriate. Ready to jump into this weekend! 〰️ Chevron tiled dreamy walls + aqua vanities + gold accents brought to you via the lovely @coastalhamptonstyle feed. 💙
Are you a sunrise or sunset person? 〰️ This winter sky is everything. And it’s the perfect moment right after the sun sets, everyone gets up to leave and it’s just you + sea. Feeling so grateful this morning to have the luxury of living right here. #theluxecoast 〰️ When’s the last time you sat and watched one?
What’s your HONEST opinion... 〰️ When is it too early to start posting all of the amazing Christmas content we have for you? The second temps start to drop I’m all about the holidays + cozy fireplaces + baking. Of course in San Diego it’s still 70-something, but it’s cold at night - so it counts! 〰️ Let me know when you want to see our holiday goods in the comments below 🎄 〰️ Beautiful fireplace by @nicoledavisinteriors
If you blink you’ll miss it. 〰️ A tiny beach town that we love, filled with character and the best stretch of beaches. Gotta love Cardiff-by-the-Sea. 〰️ We are planning a drive up the coast, and want to hear your fav CA beaches. Tell me your absolutely best spots in the comments! 🏝
DOUBLE TAP if you’ve ever had so much you dreamed of + wanted to accomplish that you get overwhelmed by the thought of it? 〰️ Let all the overwhelm go this weekend and set some goals for yourself. Even if you’re not ready, do it anyway. 〰️ I’ll be planning + creating for this next season, and dreaming of places to add to my travel list. 〰️ Beautiful photo from @annawithlove
It’s a challenge to truly capture how a place can make you feel. But this girl 👉🏼 @katieonthecoast, nailed it. 〰️ There is something about the Florida Keys that make you want to stay forever. It’s the salty air, the warm breeze, and the feeling of paradise. 〰️ We want to know, have you been to the keys? 🌴
There’s no better feeling than waking up on a Thursday that turns out to actually be a Friday 🙌🏼 〰️ Does that happen to anyone else? The days all blur for me with so many projects going on that the struggle is real! 〰️ But it’s all worth it, keep going + keep hustling, and cheers to all of the incredible creators + makers + goal diggers that I’ve been so grateful to connect with here. Tag someone below that has inspired you to go your own way 👇🏼 〰️ TGIF, now go own it!
✌🏼 + 💙 + VW’s
Coastal vibes for this morning 🌴 〰️ What we love about @threebirdsrenovations is their intention to have every single aspect of the home designed from the inside, and out. It’s just as beautiful peeking in the windows. Gotta love a great design! 〰️ Happy Monday ✨
A little hint of inspiration ✨ 〰️ I fell in love with this beautiful design from @blackbanddesign with the ocean vibes served up from @ktmerryprintshop. 〰️ We fully intend on capturing this coastal vibe while we are hard at work creating a new office space. So many decisions! 〰️ Are you mid-remodel right now? Leave me a comment below, let me know your challenges!
Imagine the things we’d miss if our perspective never changed ✨ 〰️ It could be the season change, but the dark mornings + nights have me wanting to live more simply, get outside and travel more. Maybe it’s the Midwest girl inside panicked that  nine months of winter is on its way, but a few minutes in the sand and “there’s no place like home” calms it right down. 〰️ Anyone else strongly affected by the season shift?
The most important thing I’ve learned ✨ 〰️ This one’s for all the workaholic over achievers up in here ✌🏼(You know who you are 😆) 〰️ Take a break. An actual detox-one-full-day-away break. If you leave work to come home and... work, I’m talking to you. 〰️ I haven’t done this for months, and yesterday I finally put some quality time into going out and having fun with no inner dialogue of how much “work” I have to do after. It was the best decision. We all need to unplug, and take a FULL day to just enjoy life. The results? Monday morning feeling so productive and ready to achieve big things! 〰️ Who’s with me?! 🙋🏼‍♀️
Get Grounded 💙 〰️ We all need time to fill up our well; call it self care, “me” time, alone time, whichever you choose but it must be done to clear your mind + reconnect. 〰️ Walking barefoot outside can have incredibly positive effects, or just standing with your feet planted in the Earth. 〰️ I’m always barefoot (when I can be) so I’m doing something right! Try spending a little time outside today, it will serve you well. 〰️ 📷 @travelandleisure, Greek Island Skiathos