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Mark Story


📸ON ASSIGNMENT 2Tim3:16-17📸All photos are mine. Portrait & Event Photos @markstoryphotos @markstorysports Advocate for LIFE @walkforfreedomdc

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When you’re working an  event and @ahanksphoto shows up, you know it’s going to be an exciting night.
“We’re the Pences, and we’re #prolife” @vp Vice President Pence speaking at the @marchforlife Rose Dinner. #uniquefromdayone - 📸 @markstoryphotos
The #prolife Movement as far as the eye can see marching up Constitution Ave.  #uniquefromdayone #prolife @marchforlife
@joyvilla leading the @marchforlife alongside of the Princeton University #prolife club president.  #uniquefromdayone #marchforlife.
"Without mothers, fathers, and children, the soul of our country dies." @lilaroseofficial @liveactionorg - @marchforlife Youth Rally. #whywemarch #uniquefromdayone #prolife
Say Cheese is sure to put a smile on your face with it’s delicious homemade soups and it’s tasty grilled cheese sandwiches. #saycheesedc - 📸 @markstoryphotos
It’s amazing how the snow quiets the noise of a city.  Helps me to remember how blessed I am. - 📸 @markstoryphotos
Thank You to all my friends at Say Cheese in #georgetowndc for choosing some of my photos for their gallery wall.
Let’s just enjoy the SNOW a bit longer.  That smile looks good on you #dc.
The Korean War Memorial blanketed in snow from #winterstormgia. @thenationalmall
Plenty of Snow for DC’s annual #snowballfight at the Washington Monument.  #winterstormgia
Thank You @dcfirefighters
Keep playing your tune.  You never know who is listening and who your helping. 📸 @markstoryphotos
Expect to see new things when you let your eyes be drawn deeper into each moment. - 📸 @markstoryphotos
Today, is #humantraffickingawarenessday. “We must never underestimate the power of awareness. This week, we shared facts and stats of what #humantrafficking looks like. Now? We want you to spread the word.” Download @a21’s awareness kit through the link in their bio and tell everyone you know. There's no better time to raise your voice. Use the hashtag #a21 so we can follow along! #canyouseeme  #endhumantrafficking #slavery  #endslavery  #humantraffickingawareness
It is our #creative inheritance to #create in partnership with God, free from the world's ideals and expectations of perfection" @2911_thetreasury - 📸 @markstoryphotos
If the trombones are out you know it’s going to be good.  The Spread Love Band was keeping everyone on beat down at the Capital One Arena in Chinatown DC. www.SPREADLOVEBAND.com - Support your local DC #creatives #202creates @202creates
About 100 snaps later... Laughing every time I  put myself in front of my own camera.  Learning how important it is to know what it feels like to be the model.