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Could Stimulate•Arouse•Anger•Trigger•Spark•Inspire•Enliven•Influence•Stir•Move•Ignite•Trigger•Awaken ... @fatbellybella on twitter

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@bethiphopawards  2018 cypher.  And that’s My Shout out to Young Dang @therealdangdang !!! Dallas stand Up. And A Big Tripple D shout and  Much love to  @Yellabeezy214 D town got you baby🖤❤️ keep swimming. #thatsonmebaby #bethiphopawards2018
Wednsday. My jab needs work. (Nig just said my crib look like the Dali Lama House If he was a sneaker head ..)
Butchie Knife Betty  aka Miz Knife :::::::::::::::::::::::::🎧(Bionic Chords / 1 Time Mirage by Knife Knights ) @shabazzpalaces
non commital contours @nachojewels for Badu
First kiss lasted like foreverrrr.
If young Viola don’t trust you.. Imma shoot you.  Saans People from the Bush - South Africa  by way of Mauli. Been goin dead off in yo ass for 91 summers.
🖤...to attract a butterfly.
Thank you SOUTH AFRICA . We just connected like a mother.. land. The ancestors came out the drums tonight, didn’t they? We danced the stars out. Grateful . Always with you. - Badu
Ish a Beautiful Brother... art by @maikoiyo #blackconstellation
Concierge Key