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Could Stimulate•Arouse•Anger•Trigger•Spark•Inspire•Enliven•Influence•Stir•Move•Ignite•Trigger•Awaken ... @fatbellybella on twitter

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The physics of love . - eb captured by @deesoderstrom 2/23 @thebombfactorydallas #abrakahdabra
Custom @Chrishabana for Badu
2/21/19 Badu Pop Up Store ! TODAY ONLY !  @blackmarketusa 6-10pm
Today Only !!! Badu World pop up store.  Black Market USA @blackmarketusa 6-10pm
I like this . This dialogue is so very important right now. So it’s also important that I make it a point to say that this was NOT an attempt to “ all lives matter “ the original message which champions STRONG WOMEN for enduring such traumatic abuse throughout the history of TIME... The original message is Very very dear to me because I was born a human as a woman in a society that thinks less of me than what I am...Simply Human. But since I don’t consider myself just “woman”, i can see something... And I did not want to miss the opportunity to share my vision of the possibility of an EQUAL WORLD. A world that can not correct itself and its views without THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FROM A WOMAN. A MOTHER, Who is just as much HUMAN as the next Man. No more . No less. And truly understanding THIS Balance is what makes one qualified for the job as LEADER... the natural ability to see ALL of her/his children and feel ALL of their pain.  ALL OF US CAN HEAL TOGETHER. It’s a Process. We have to start somewhere. If this offends anyone (and I’m sure it might ), I don’t mind taking the weight. I can see clearly from where I stand. ❤️ It’s Law.
All . Not some. The first post was PRETTIER. And it’s Most def harder for Girls cause of the patriarchal set up of this school we call earth... but my son watching me too. And having to define ourselves as GIRL or BOY is the first problem. We are HUMANS . ALL OF US. EQUALLY. Fair Treatment should have no gender preference. I see clearly from where I sit.
Shine. Courtesy of @goddessvibratesog by way of @hadiiyabarbel
♥️Home School Post ❤️ Peace to homeschooling parents and students. Sending BIG love to you from us. Good job. Home school. They deserve it. And to those of you who have been there and know when to get additional help and are following your hearts while paying attention to the needs of your little ones ...praises to you as well. It’s not an easy task. All my children have been thru Badu school. They know the drill.  The whole family gotta get involved. When Big bro comes home from college (Botany major) he teaches botany and psychology. When daddy is home @jayelectronica he teaches world / planetary history and geography. When big sis (9th grade ) is done with her work she teaches art and French. I’ll handle the Physics, Math, Lit, Sociology, Health science , Astronomy, Astrology, Meditation, Religion, Economics, Art appreciation, Film making, Quantum Science, Molecular Physics... etc... But our main focus is human compassion or Matters of the heart. 💗We are guiding Mars to see the world through her own lens. She will understand that she must experience the consequences of her own choices and judgements. It is not necessary that she becomes a mini erica or mini jay. After all, we are still becoming. Lots of love . ( thank you to all my friends that lend a hand from their areas of expertise !! i appreciate you ) -eb
Laugh, BREATHE and Eat to Live Fam. 🙏🏽I’d like to share What 25 years of plant based diet has taught me.  These are the Only 5 doctors I’ve  ever needed. (Plus ...I use money for lotion😉) 1. DR. Nutrients (greens, water, plant based foods =more oxygen for the body. )  2. DR. Exercise (20 min a day . Walk, push up, arm rotation .. whatever  just move =keeps the machine oiled.) 3. Dr. Sun (directly On the skin- vitD= feeds the body the nutrients needed to properly perform promotes mental wellness)  4. Dr. Sleep (proper amount per night in correct lighting - at proper time = helps to keep the circadian rhythm in tact by producing melatonin.) 5. Dr. Spirit- Focused Meditation with correct breathing = Talk to the HIGHER SOURCE of your understanding. Become centered. Condition the mind for expansion. By yourself.  Be Well. LOVE TRUE. -EB  #whatmenwant  Courtesy of @baduworld.archives
My favorite subject is Math. The name of the game is LIGHTWorks . Dilla