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🌿Traveling Eventer 🌿 ___________ Currently Showing; ~”On a Baby Bird’s Wing” Birdy ~”Daydream” Dutch ~"Montgomery” Montè ──

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I’ve been doing so much cross country along my days here and it’s been so fun! I’m leaving tomorrow sadly but I may have a huge announcement.
Had so much fun doing some cross country on the beach with Dreamy! A bit of background, he was originally a killpen horse that was “rescued”. But that person just continued the abuse until the South Hoof Rescue ranch was able to take him in! He can’t use a bit anymore due to the trauma but he’s really responsive anyway!
So I decided to go on a bit of a vacation for the week before I have to go to a few shows! I’m staying at South Hoof Rescue ranch and it’s so  beautiful! I met this wonderful gelding named Dreamy. He’s the sweetest guy 😍
Montè looking at me like I’m crazy after I almost fell over a pole 😂 He’s such a sweetheart when I mess up.
Getting ready for #hoovesforhopephotoshow ! I had so much fun at Valedale lake with all their beautiful jumps! 🤗
Even in the colder weather I love wearing this polo! I also got it with a matching pad and wraps 😚
I finally got my Christmas decorations up on Dutch’s stall! He already has a few candy canes for the season! 🎁
Mares are such a pill! My friend asked me to school her lovely Hanoverian mare who has some trouble with leads and it was so fun. It was also my first time riding in a bit less bridle! 🥰
Nothing like the cool breeze and beautiful smells of flowers to brighten your day. Dutch is such a sweetheart while we get ready for the Hooves for Hope event coming up on the 17th!
Ahh!!! The first snow came falling down today and it was amazing. I was out on the cross country trail and I felt some snowflakes melting into my jacket and tack. I’ve always loved the first snowfall here in Jorvik. 🌬❄️
Get a grey they said, it’ll be fun they said. Lowkey crying because of of Montè’s stains.
So I decided to clip Dutch today! It’s definitely not perfect and I’m going to fix a few things but I’m happy about the turnout for my first time. 💘
(IGNORE: I need sc so just mosey on from this I’ll archive it after the results come out.)
I tried out a few new tack items today and I loved them! I got a new wither pad and girth. They worked perfectly and I had a really great ride!
I’m really sorry for not having very interesting posts lately but I’m having a lot of issues with my sso and other things irl.  _________  I will be posting on my story the details 💕
Had a nice early morning hack on Baby a while ago and it was so relaxing. She’s such a great trail pony and those forests were so beautiful!  _______  #starstable #starstableonline #sso #horse #horses #ssoedit #starstableedit #starstableonly #art #game #stable #edit #girl #ssoonly #pony #jorvik #horsegame #star #nightstar #ponies #starstableclub #online #ssohorses #speededit #smile #mistfall #starstablephotography #comment #like
As well as Montè being amazing in the ring, he’s an absolute sweetheart on the ground and I just love spending time with him. 😊
Did some really fun bridle-less work with Baby today and it was super fun! I love getting to do this with them!