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Ellen Rose


BROOKLYN⚡️Designer & Artist SVA Products of Design grad student

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Got to be a part of @josephsmachines yesterday ✨💄✨ it made me so so beautiful. 📷 by @lintabean
Hope you have a great weekend looking cool and making fresh content for social media!
🌀 getting the wiggles out
DESIGNERS ARE TOOLKITS (NOT TOOLS, re: douchebags) ✨We are here to serve the world as facilitators; conduits of the creative process and real innovation 👋🏻 @svapod
I made an app [prototype] that’s a platform for journalists to be creative and connect with one another. I’d love your feedback, especially if you’re a journalist! 👋🏻 @kimbode @melissafares ✨✨✨
I hate irony
CARDINAL navigation gloves for life in the fast lane🖤Over the past two months, teammates @eviecheung @waegemann @yangying_ye and I developed a product inspired by and geared towards female motorcycle riders. We are incredibly grateful for the help we got from @atlasonstudio @svapod @bekathwia @alexjensen.me and others. Also wildly inspired by @babesrideout @themissfires and countless other riders who offered their opinions and advise. And thank to @brooklynshoespace for the suede and leather materials!
Of course we didn’t just design a pair of smart gloves✨ we designed its entire ecosystem: Cardinal brand, packaging, swag, a collaboration with NARS, and an entire brand guideline & production / distribution plan. 🖤 teammates @waegemann @yangying_ye @eviecheung
Grad students don’t have the budget to hire models, so we model our own products 🖤🖤🖤 @waegemann @eviecheung (images of @yangying_ye coming soon 🙃)
Fuck yeah I did #vote
Throwback, all the way back: me, my dad, and his Casio 💖 #tbt
✨ ♠️ ✨QUEEN OF SPADES✨♠️✨ (working)
I made stickers of my logo, and I’m enjoying putting them on everything ✨🙃✨
✨💎✨ did you hear they’re making a Titanic II, and the ship will recreate the voyage from Southampton to New York? I wish them a smooth journey and definitely no icebergs
Good New York parties begin in the subway 🖤
Sometimes projects make weird turns, and you find yourself designing Baroque motorcycle armor @eviecheung @yangying_ye @waegemann @svapod
From now until graduation in May, I’ll be concentrating on my Master’s thesis, which investigates how to use design to provoke creativity. I created a blog to capture a my research, writing, and designs. Check it out in my website. I just published a post about the brain mechanisms behind creativity, and I’m going to spoil part of the surprise: YOU ARE ALL CREATIVE ✨
Haha nice try. I rewrote this 8 times before posting ✨ This is an important lesson in design and in life. I’m trying to ingrain it in my brain. Wish me luck.