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time capsule of the objects put in between the dtp lab door to keep it from closing

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Well here we are. Just you and I. Caught up in this downward spiral we call life. Spiraling out of control. Descending the spiral staircase into the mouth of the monster. Its big teeth have already caused so many casualties (fingergate2018 never forget 🙏🏼), and it has yet to be defeated. Will this particular doorstopper be able to finish the job? Or will it be crushed as easily as the snail’s shell it so intricately resembles? Maybe the answer lies inside of us, it is intertwined with our dna, in a deep slumber, aspiraling to greater things, waiting until we run out of things to compare it to. 🧬🌪🐌
Did you ever feel stuck? That in between place, where we so often find ourselves not being able to move Or at least not feeling like we’re moving in any direction at all can be difficult or hard sometimes. But remember you are strong and no load, no weight and no situation as difficult as it might seem right now, can keep you from your true purpose. Keeping the door of the dtp lab open at all times.
Digitalization. Our world is rapidly becoming electrified, digitalized and automated through smart products that seem to be replacing analog and mechanical systems. Finding language for that change in culture is the key to success. The way we design products influences the generations coming after us. Be mindful of your responsibilities #deepthoughts #fakultaetdesign #productdesign
This has been one of my mantras- focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains #objectdesign #mantra #quotes
New beginnings, new chapters of life, new dtpdoorstoppers. They‘re the best man! So let‘s welcome this beautiful, perfectly executed and frankly deeply inspiring little doorstopper into this world. It is still young, it hasn‘t yet experienced the harsh reality of life. And although a similar model has been seen around the market, it still has that innocent young glow. The contrast is us, dirty and tired of our work. So why not follow the glow of the dtpdoorstopper into a better reality? Nah ok it‘s an odd smelling room with a bunch of computers and some perfectly-fine-working printers. But still. Welcome to something new. Or with the words of a wise old philosopher: Let‘s get this party started 🤙🏻#outwiththeold #inwiththenew #yungglow #beauty
We all know this feeling. You‘ve been thinking about something, trying to come up with the next life-altering idea, but you just don’t seem to be able to think of something. It’s like there’s a knot in your brain. But you gotta take this knot, and start to loosen it. Because once you’ve untangled the knot, you’ll realize, that the knot may just have been a metaphor for the mysteries of your genius mind. So go out there, untie your knot and go get ‘em tiger! You could start by coming up with an ingenious doorstopper in the form of a ... well ... another knot i guess. #nolimits #tangledup #motivationaldoorstopper
What is reality? What am I doing here? Sometimes life can feel like a blur! Confusing or even disturbing, the unknown mystery of life itself makes us wonder. Is there really an answer for every question we have, or is the question itself the beginning of discovering the beauty of the unknown. Sometimes things seem unclear and there are lots of questions that will never be answered, but be sure and trust, that there will always be something that dutifully does the job of keeping the door from closing. #thoughts #wednesdaywisdom
The best things in life come in the shape of a roll. Egg rolls. A delicious treat from Asia. Bread rolls. A reliable constant in an ever changing bakers assortment. Bank rolls. The currency we all seek to own, but that actually owns us. But most important of all: the paper roll. In this certain case, it offers one of its great talents and sacrifices its distinctive shape for the most vital job of keeping the door to the dtp lab open. Oh paper roll, we will always remember you as the roll you once were, and honor your new shape: kind of dirty, squished paper lump. #onaroll #heroic #sacrifice #inspiring
Today, we’re on a journey of self discovery. Let‘s ask ourselves: why do we exist? Is less really more? And what in the world are these black plastic thingys called??? Another mystery, another big question that life puts in front of you without a warning. But then, everything suddenly makes sense. You exist for one, and only one purpose: To stop the door. Your name is dtp-doorstopper! So don‘t believe those idiots who are going to try to tell you that you‘re supposed to hold magazines together or something stupid like that. #selfdiscovery #meditation #bigquestions #findingyourself
Paper towels. Recycling taken to another level. Not only are they made out of 100 % recycled non bleached material but the way they gently keep the door open without harming the delicate closing mechanism is unprecedented. This piece reminds us daily to be kind and gentle to our fellow companions like the paper towels are to the door to the dtp lab #designthinking #gooddesignforabadworld #worldchangers
Tape is a naturally occurring resource that some people just can‘t get enough of. Some even go so far to create doorstoppers out of it. This piece really offers a glimpse into the brain of a revolutionary. Its ergonomic shape is amazingly easy and makes you think of the famous motto ‚form follows function’. #bauhaus #designrevolution #tapegate #uxdesign
The trashcan doorstopper is a timeless classic. Although it‘s not as practical as other doorstoppers may be, it offers no illusions as to what’s waiting behind the door. By having to step over it, students take a look into the abyss and reflect on their life and the decisions that have lead them to finding themselves in this situation. #lifephilosophy #designthinking #timelessclassic
The students here really care about Recycling 🌎 Paperbags don’t necessarily have to be thrown away but can also be reused as formidable doorstoppers #savetheplanet #innovation #productdesign #designthinking