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The Beat Fleet a.k.a TBF still goes strong. This is my first time shooting band who were on stage.Good thing about it is being free to move without crowd and feeling that bass.This is what I want to do and of course doing videos📽️ and illustrations.💻There is also few creative things I would do but a bit later.Would love to know which one of these 4 photos is your favourite🤔, so comment below👇👇👇
I really like beer.🍺Not in the way to get drunk, but to taste always something new. Like in @billiardclub where there are many beers to choose from.What is your favourite beer if you have one🍻, would like to know? 👇
Yesterday was a great night.I was shooting TBF for the first time.For the first time to be on the other side of the railing.The bass vibrations were 🤯.Thanks @filip_brala for helping me 😄✌️.I will post those shots in the following days.Meanwhile,what is your favourite holiday,so comment below.👇
First time I was up there was actually this summer.Kinda weird,but the view is awsome.Can't wait to go up there again with camera to shoot.😎Do you have a sight in your city you haven't visited but you should?🤷‍♂️Tag a friend to remind them to go with👇
Zadar is in full Christmas spirit.Few weeks and Christmas is here.Can not not wait for the feast,to eat turkey and mlinci that is.What is your favorite dish during Christmas?Would love to know.😄🙌 Hrvatska, Zadar, 04.12.2018.
My type of jeep for safari,forsure,it even has that camo. 🦁🐯🦓🐅🐆Tank of a car.What would you drive around desert?🤙Tag a travel buddy you would explore Sahara desert.✌️
While I was editing this christmas photos and siping tea,there was 1 thing I missed. That is christmas song by Bing Crosby called White Christmas.🎶Old school song,but fullfiled christmas vibe,he has such an soothing and warm voice.Can not wait to decorate my home on Christmas Eve.Im wondering do you decorate before Christmas Eve or on that day so comment below and let me know.🤔Tag your friend who listens Christmas songs way before they should.😅
Golden hour is possible in this night.😅 Advent's all over Croatia are about to start or already started in some cities.I can not wait to go on winter breaks in Zagreb to see how advent is.I was wondering what is your favorite drink during Advent;hot chocolate,mulled wine or sth cool. Comment below and tag your friend to share what they like.✌️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Christmas vibes,Advent in Zadar,sarma in a bun and good people around me.😅✌️ Surround yourselves with positive people.
The other night, sky looked pretty rad🌌
Sunset without sun is still remarkable🌅
To tourists attraction,to us just a state of mind a.k.a flegma🧠🚤
Somehow caught serious between laughing and trying to stay put,cuz its still a bit akward for me😅
While I was waiting for the bus.🌇
One for summer rides to beach and back home🛵😎
Just appreciate these tones,look at gradient🌅🌅🌅
At the right moment I froze 2 persons into one.🌅
No birds were harmed in making of this picture👻