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Shii designs


👑CEO of ~Shii Designs 👑CEO of ~Design'Unique Logos 👑CEO of ~PinkFox Print ***Contact Me first*** 💖🖤💖💖🖤💖🖤💖💖🖤💖 Shii different

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💋She really is
Sincerely, 💋Shii
💖🖤iSupport hardwork
💋Hey hey friends!!! Next week I'll have more shirts for anyone that missed the last one....*If you or anyone you know is in need of clothing, please let me know via email or DM you can choose💖🖤. All info WILL BE kept confidential! Our business is our business👌. Sizes will be S, M, L and XL. Shipping is on me...&If you would like to contact me before they come in to inform me, feel free💖🖤. 💋Lets one another, help one another.
Sincerely, 💋Me
💋Memo...Every action doesn't need a reaction💋
💋My account has yet to be fixed. I still can't "FOLLOW nor FOLLOW BACK certain pages😭 But patience is a virtue💖🖤 so this too shall pass. Just keeping you all posted....Sincerely,  Me friends💋
💋IG isn't allowing me to follow everyone that I want😭 I have sent an email so hopefully it gets fixed soon. Regardless, you all have a friend in 💋Shii
💋SupportU 'Spoiled Brat' collection Coming Soon! 🎞🎬
💋Shii's excited!...I mean it's June 7th lol but I love me and love to celebrate💋Me
💋Sincerely, Me