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David Gallagher


Illustrator, concept artist, freelancer An artist for over forty years now trying to digitally relearn everything I thought I knew. Open to new work

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Cartoon Can’t remember if this was meant to fill the page height or just a top corner. #warhammer #cartoon #humour #penandink #ink
Yeti One of the less common monster subjects  Ink on board #yeti #ink #warhammer #monster
Dancing through time I’ve had this for years and never did anything with it, I was going to do more as it was part of the trial pieces I did when switching to ink, probably should have been in four colours like the other initial trials, it did have a direct counterpart but I never rendered that one and it’s probably long since disappeared now. Ink on board #ink #gothic
Knight errant At the time I was quite surprised that I got away with this one. I was trying to base it on a medieval seal or illuminated manuscript so the pose is deliberately formal and not as natural as it might normally be in an image like this and isolating him with only a fantasy castle in the background rather than massed battles added to the graphic feel. Quite 15th century in feel as this was way before I was involved in rethinking the bretonian image subsequently. Gouache on board #knight #knighterrant #gouache #characterdesign #fantasy #warhammer #bretonia #quest
Mordheim  A little character group with a rat theme Ink on board #conceptart #mordheim #ink #gothic #darkfantasy #ratmen #assassin
Beastmen temple I think this was done for a runequest book, possibly around 1987/8. I remember the house I stayed in where it was done which is a better way for me to date it than any other way Gouache on board #conceptart #beastmen #gouache #fantasy #darkfantasy
Dragon Another dragon, this picture was probably for a specific thing as it’s an unusual shape with lots of blank space above. Gouache on board #characterdesign #warhammer #highelves #dragon #fantasy #firebreathingdragon #
Dark elves A small ‘general use’ drawing that wasn’t specific to a particular page or section. When I look back at these they are still amongst the favourite things I did, the simple wash tone backdrops have little details yet can still suggest the wider world. In the rush to digitise everything I think simple has been lost. Ink on board #conceptart #characterdesign #dragon #darkelves #witch #fantasy #ink #gothic #warhammer
The imperial nobility  I cant remember what this was actually done for but it is one of a few I actually have framed at home. I think I just produced a few random characters of which this was one, I can see all sorts of little clues to my own interests in the details of weapons and equipment, I’ve yet to get hold of a decent carbide lamp like his though and an all steel 18th century Scottish pattern pistol will be on a buying list for my own amusement. Ink on board #warhammer40k #characterdesign #conceptart #concept #gothic #nobility #baroque
Dragon Looking through some of these old images I’ve realised I’ve painted many dragons just like this one. I don’t think I’ve done one just for me though, I must remedy that soon. I have broken the drawing out of the frame here, don’t know if it was ever used like that or if it was cropped. Ink on board #dragon #firebreathingdragon #fantasy #ink #illustration
Fun A little cartoon, it’ll always be awkward to display these many times their actual size, they are all very small in real life but I suppose I can point out the bit that I meant to be amusing, and that’s the eye of the knight wide with surprise. I once did a Christmas card design that was just a wall mounted gas fire with decorations etc all around,the night before Christmas, in the grill of the inert fire were a pair of eyes, subtle almost unnoticeable humour has always appealed to me. Pen and ink #warhammer #bluehorrors #knight #ink #cartoon
Empire battle The book covers at this time had to include as wide a range of different types to give an impression of the different armies, this didn’t always make for good narrative images but no one else seemed to notice other than me. You can still portray action but there’s little context or backstory apparent anywhere. Gouache on cs2 board #warhammer #empire #fantasybattle #gouache #characterdesign #wizard #magic #knight
Calibration Another in the making of a marine series. These were simple quick and fairly loose drawings, deliberately so, as working more detail or form into them from this point would add very little. What they do have running through all of them (and the similar style images for other projects) is my very particular sense of composition and layout, these are little graphics as much as illustrations and as far as I’m aware are a big part of what could be considered ‘my style’, much more than how I actually use pigment-or now digital. Design is just as important as painting I think. Ink on paper #warhammer40k #spacemarines #gothic #ink #darkscifi #concept #characterdesign #storytelling
Tyranid  A character image showing an example of each of the major factions. I’ve never been overly sold on ‘colour schemes ‘ for creatures as it makes them toy like and ruins any pretence of it being a dangerous bio monster, colours work best if they seem to be natural on these subjects- but sometimes the decision is made elsewhere. One of the details to point out here is the figure graphically breaking out of a background shape, I did this lots, as many times as I could until being told to stop. I still like it as an idea though and will continue with where it gives a certain impact to an otherwise straightforward image. I don’t think any of the other in house or freelancers did this so I suppose I can claim it as a signature effect. I very firmly believe that the artist should be involved in the layout of pages where pictures are used, sadly the art tends to come after much of this decision making is already over and is a missed opportunity to tie graphics and art together for added impact. Ink on board #warhammer40k #tyranid #alien #scifi #monster #ink #graphics
Oberon Concept image for the king of the faeries, one of a series which will be used to produce a range of prints. Little written notes are a thing I’ve done for decades both on concept drawing and on working paintings-though I usually erase those ones thoroughly,and are useful ways to remind myself of intention when I next go back to an image, they can also be really useful insofar as then deciding a previous idea won’t work and makes changing details easier. Pencil on tracing paper
Bertha Bestraufrung A mordheim character piece in glorious analogue b&w ink. I may mount some of these for sale later this year.  #warhammer #mordheim #ink #characterart #gothic #concept #darkfantasy #allegory
Arquebusiers Another little loosely painted group of figures who’s purpose was to illustrate a colour scheme, i thought looking down the barrels would be nice and dramatic.  I used to own and shoot black powder guns similar in style to these so am very familiar with how they work how heavy they are and how to actually shoot them, using equipment in real life is always a better reference than anything you can look up in a book or the internet. Ink on board #warhammer #arquebusiers #musketeers #blackpowder #blackpowderguns #ink #fantasy #illustration #empire
Warhammer box cover These tended to become very formulaic, with two sides clashing, that’s what was asked for in the brief as it explained the function of the contents. Adding the entertaining bits like the flying rats and showing actual contact between the adversaries was where my interest lay. A fine line always had to be walked between showing fighting and not gory death scenes, especially so on book and box covers. Ink on board #warhammer #skaven #highelves #griffon #fantasy #ratmen #rats