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Susan Collick🌼Daisy Chains LLC


Handcrafted jewelry for women that celebrate the perfectly imperfect moments of life. 🌼 facebook.com/daisychainsjewelry ✉️ info@daisychainsjewelry.com

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Hey peeps! As I’ve mentioned, there are a lot of great things going on the next few days as we celebrate all things BIRTHDAY round here! This morning I posted my first blog entry in a while. It’s a fun little reflection about how I started this ‘Thing’ called Daisy Chains Jewelry. And as long as we are sharing, I’d love for you to comment on the blog about your special 16th event. Whether it was a birthday, or an anniversary or whatever. Tell me all about it on my blog! Use the link in my bio. . . . #sweet16 #sixteenthbizbirthday #wildride #haveartwilltravel #handcraftedjewelry #jewelryartist #daisychainsjewelry #handcraftedjewelry #bossgirl
So much fun going on! Dang I love birthdays. Even bizniz birthdays! If you haven’t commented yet on yesterday’s birthday post, check it out and comment to be entered in my drawing! And for more birthday fun, I’ve got loads of good stuff happening on my website. Link in my bio!! Website promos run through October 19th!! Get a jump on holiday gifts, or treat yourself!
Sweet 16 is hitting me hard you guys! It’s been tough deciding what I want to do to celebrate but I finally figured it out. This year it’s all about YOU! From October 17-19th I’m giving away a free gift with EVERY PURCHASE from the website, as well as FREE SHIPPING!!! BONUS! Everyone that posts a comment on this post is automatically entered to win my most popular long necklace, an Agate Feather Pendant. A value of $92!!! You can get up to 3 extra entries if you do any of these things:  1) post a picture of you wearing @daisychainsjewelry with the hashtags #dcjinthewild #daisychainsjewelry to IG or FB 2) tag a friend in the comments that is new to @daisychainsjewelry  3) go to my website and pin your 3 favorite Daisy Chains pieces to a Pinterest board.  Contest ends October 22nd at midnight. winner will be announced October 23rd. Happy birthday everyone!! Woot!
Serenity earrings. Name says it all. A soft sway, with a barely there feel. You can snag your own pair on the website. 🌈☁️
This is how we finished a busy weekend at our house. Outside enjoying the sun on our faces and watching a very hard-caught game of U12 soccer. This week add conferences, homecoming and work commitments to the wash, rinse, repeat cycle. #neverslowdown #blinkandyoumissit #marriedwithchildren #loveeverymoment
Sometimes I make pieces that provide me with a strange sense of happiness. It could be for any number of reasons, challenging issues resolved, making a customer wildly happy, a stone that I’m really excited about, etc... This piece gives me that joy. The color inspiration came from a placemat. Yep. A placemat. It was the perfect mix of fallish colors, without actually being autumnal. They are the colors of fall before the weather turns too cool. Before the sun hides more in the clouds rather than shining through the orange spotted trees. When the sky in its glassy blue deceives you into thinking flip flops will be fine. Holding that thought as I turn the heat on in my office. ☀️🍃🍁
Did I ever tell you how much I dislike birds? Yeah, it’s true. I mean, I like birds singing, I can appreciate their beauty, but on the whole of the animal kingdom, just not a fan. I have one exception. The Peacock. And, like many things in nature I am inspired by their colors, and often use them in my work. Take this piece for instance. Black labradorite, vesuvianite, amethyst. Even the shapes are reminiscent of the shapes found on their feathers. #peacockinspired #natureinspired #handcraftedjewelry #daisychainsjewelry #newwork
When I see all the shades in a labradorite stone come alive, it’s like Christmas. What a cool gift nature has given us. It’s like letting us in on a secret. This beauty is available on my website. . . . #lovewhatyoudo #makersgonnamake #bestjobever #madeinmichigan #handcraftedjewelry #natureinspired #daisychainsjewelry
Yesterdays beautiful weather may have to carry my spirit for a while. So glad I took this walk around my neighborhood during my lunch yesterday. What do you like to do when your spirits need a little pick me up? #nofilternecessary #allwhowanderarenotlost #middaymotivation #middaypickmeup #freshair #sunshinegirl
Australian boulder opals set off by small Thai silver beads. Simple, feminine, lightweight, & in a color that will go with everything in that closet. (Oh, and of course match our Anemone Necklace and Caged Boulder Opal Bracelet! Ha!) You can find these on the website.
I cannot express how much I love this color combo. Deep blue apatite just ‘works’ with that boulder opal. I wire-wrapped this piece because I adore the light/dark contrast of the oxidized wire next to the stones. It’s adjustable. ☀️ available on my website.
Australian opal, apatite, & lab. Reminds me of the anemone flowers with the purple/blue/black centers (which I 💗) Newly added to my shop...link in bio.
The Shop Update is official open! Check out my latest pieces at daisychainsjewelry.com (Next Shop update in about 1) week
Look who we found hanging out in our back yard! Nice way to perk up a relatively dreary day.  Admittedly it’s been a slow start to my week. Recovering from the craziness endured last week, on top of travel and a show. That said, my heart couldn’t be more full! I absolutely love connecting with you! Seeing you at shows, catching up on your lives (two of you are having babies since I last saw you!! Wow!) from the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your love and support this summer. You really are the icing on the cake, and I could not do this (nor would I want to) without you. 😘 Susan . . #bestjobever #artisanjewelry #thankfulforyou #natureinspired #michiganmade #daisychainsjewelry #madisonindiana #
These colors make me sooooo happy! I love seeing how the seeds of inspiration develop into reality. 💃🏻 #inspirationoftheday #wirewrappedjewelry #wip #workinprogress #daisychainsjewelry #michiganmade #longnecklace #longandlayered #semipreciousstones