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Susan Collick🌼Daisy Chains LLC


Handcrafted jewelry for women that celebrate the perfectly imperfect moments of life. 🌼 facebook.com/daisychainsjewelry ✉️ info@daisychainsjewelry.com

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Preview of my Facebook sale this Wednesday! These pieces will be at least half off! Don’t miss it, sale starts at 6pm only on my Facebook page. You can rsvp in the events section. Hope to see you there. 😁🙌🏼
New! Having so much fun with these hammered rings. Blue opal and oxidized sterling silver. 30” chain with lab accents.
Have you heard? I’ll be hosting a Spring Event over on my FB page next week. These lil babies are part of my new collection that marries metalsmithing and silver stamping with my normal work. I’ll be giving a pair of these away, but you have to show up for a chance to win!! Head on over to my FB page and rsvp. (Link in bio!)
I am a little slow on the #yearofcolor uptake, but I think it’s pretty cool and thought I’d share!
Made some major progress today! From a flat band, to a full ring!
Shipping this set off today...I’m going to miss my baby!!! #attached #natureinspired #daisychainsjewelry #handcraftedjewelry #lovewhatyoudo #lovewhatyouwear
This gorgeous sodalite found a home nestled inside my hammered organic oval. What I didn’t expect was this pendant’s versatility. Last night, I wore this baby on a 16” beaded chain from my Kaleidoscope series. 😳 Whaaaat??? Yep, this 2” pendant looked amazing in the Kaleidoscope chain. . Now the question: what do I do? . I had plans to put this on a long chain...but now, I’m not so sure...I’d love to hear your thoughts! . #natureinspired #daisychainsjewelry #handcraftedjewelry #lovewhatyouwear #wip #somanypossibilities #versatility
Thai silver Bell Earrings. They don’t make any sound, but you’ll be talking about them for days. ❤️ New on the website.
Perfectly imperfect circles, my organic pendant has hit the website. I’m very excited about this piece, and I hope you are too! #natureinspired #daisychainsjewelry #handcraftedjewelry #metalsmithing #handforged #sterlingsilverjewelry
I tooooold you there were lots of great options!! . . . #wip #daisychainsjewelry #natureinspired
Some of the fruits of yesterday’s labor. Now I need to make decisions. Something in me wants to crochet these hammered rings...but, another part of me wants to add a chain with tiny stones. Help me out and tell me what you think!
Sodalite! The perfect addition to my hammered and wire-wrapped pendant! I love the freedom I have with my pieces now that I’m soldering my own pieces. Next will be the beaded chain. Something to look forward to for tomorrow. 🙌🏼🤩
Are you fascinated by semi-precious stones? Today I learned that ocean jasper is only mined in Madagascar. I also learned (and maybe not so surprisingly) that it is also a stone that (among other things) brings out joy and happiness in its wearer. . This is really interesting to me, because I have certain Tribe members that always gravitate toward certain stones. The ones that love ocean jasper are some of the most genuinely joyful chicks I know. Coincidence? I think not! This beauty hit the website today. You can find a link in my bio! I hope this piece brings a bounty of joy to its forever person. . #daisychainsjewelry #natureinspired #oceanjasper #joyful #choosejoy #handcraftedjewelry #photobycolerodger #lovewhatyoudo #lovewhatyouwear
LoLa makes working on inventory a cozy experience! #furryfriend #keepsmewarm #daisychainsjewelry
Happy Friday, Tribe! I hope you all have had a glorious week. I’m heading off to do my middle school carpool, and then back to BBAC for some open studio time to plan out some new pieces for spring. In the photo is my last jury shot by @coleimage (ain’t it grand?) 😍😍😍
Bezel day!
Another release of my jury shots. I just cannot explain how exciting it is to see this new direction take form. 😆🙌🏼 . . . #photobycolerodger #juryphotography #daisychainsjewelry #natureinspired
I promise that it’s ok to hint to your significant other what you’d like for Valentine’s Day. Chances are if they are waiting this long, they need suggestions anyway! @yellowdoorartmarket still has a great selection of @daisychainsjewelry to choose from. #valentinesdaygift #hintsarehelpful #psa #daisychainsjewelry #natureinspired