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Portland, OR Foster Kittens


Fostering Kittens for Cat Adoption Team Currently waiting for new kittens 🐱

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Here’s a video update of Mocha in his new foster home. 🐻❤️ #thebaristakittens
a video from last Sunday 🐻❤️
Julia & Mocha are going to their new foster home today! Luckily we know the foster who is taking them and will hopefully be getting updates to share. #thebaristakittens - [This video was from last weekend which is why he was still sneezing.]
The cutest baby boy turned 2 weeks old today! 🎉 Julia & Mocha are doing much better and will be heading to another foster home tomorrow. Wish we could continue fostering them but they were only with us to take their medicine for a week, plus I’m not home & @fosterkittenpdx will be going on a trip for a week. But, we will definitely have more cute kittens once she’s back. 😁😁 #thebaristakittens
Mama Julia & Mocha ❤️
Rest easy, Baby Caramel. 😞💔 The ER Vet believes the kittens have a congenital problem. A necropsy will be done tomorrow to find out more. Hoping for the best for Julia & her babies.
Mocha is doing pretty good. Here are some pics of him after one of his supplemental feedings.
Baby Caramel will be heading over to @fosterkittenlove today. Her congestion is getting worse. She is now breathing through her mouth which means she can no longer nurse and has a really hard time being syringe fed. Mocha is still doing pretty well. His nose is stuffy but he is still active and nursing. Please keep Julia’s babies in your thoughts. Two of them, Expresso & Chai, have already passed away. I don’t like sharing this side of fostering since it’s so sad but I think it is important to show what can happen when you don’t spay and neuter. Julia is only 10 months old. She and her babies shouldn’t be going through this.
teeny tiny tabby
Could they be any cuter??? 1st pic is baby boy Mocha & 2nd pic is baby girl Caramel. 💕
Here’s Mama Julia with the two babies. We’ve decided to name the boy Mocha (left) & the girl Caramel (right) to fit with the drink theme @fosterkittenlove chose for the other four babies.
Here are the new fosters if you haven’t already seen them on @fosterkittenpdx! We have Julia & two of her babies and @fosterkittenlove has the four sickest babies. Julia has an upper respiratory infection that she passed to her kittens. I just checked and the one on the right is a boy and the one on the left is a girl. The boy has the softest fur I have every felt omg. These three will stay here for a week while they get better then they will go to another foster home.
Remember Mama Mindy of #mindysminis? Swipe left to see some photo updates of her! Awhile ago she had some dental work done and got all but 3 of her teeth extracted. But, she is feeling great now! Her adopter said she LOVES to play and eat. She knows where her favorite wand toys are kept, so she will drag them out to play.
Remember these kittens that I photographed awhile ago? They are now 6 weeks old and available for pre-adoption! They are in another @catadoptpdx foster home. If you are interested in them, go to catadoptionteam.org and on the bottom of the home page click ‘Kittens in Foster’ to find their foster parent’s contact info. They are the last ones on the list. Miss Piggy is the mom and the babies are Michelle - torti point female Misty - black female (red collar) Mindy - gray/white female Michael - orange male Mitchell - black male Mickey - orange male (purple collar)
Baby Simon #tbt #hazelschocolatechips
Delilah & Mabel finally went to their new home today! You can follow them @vionliang. Delilah & Mabel had to stay a bit longer than the rest of the Chips until Delilah was big enough to be spayed. Now all of the Chips are in their forever homes! 🎉 #hazelschocolatechips
Mabel 💕 #hazelschocolatechips
Photo update of Hazel & Simon. Their adopters said they are doing great and seem pretty happy so far. Their new names are Ling Ling & KoKo. ❤️ #hazelschocolatechips