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14th baking smile! #adventsmiles2018
number 13, I stop to smile and take in the lights #adventsmiles2018
12th smile as  the girls and I opened ice-skating season on this beautiful and cold December day! not that we actually had time to but there is nothing better than time you spend together doing something you love 💚 now off to bed, happy and grateful #adventsmiles2018
to be still for a little bit in the morning and in between is what keeps me going. grateful to have found this practice and that after an early rise, braiding hair and cutting vegetables for escalade-soup I am smiling as I do have still time to sit with me! happy 11th of December #adventsmiles2018
10th smile, all that’s left today #adventsmiles2018
9th smile after a busy Sunday when finally home to relax with the girls #adventsmiles2018
8th of December smile, I couldn’t be more grateful to be alive and get and take the girls from here to there, see the grow and enjoy. never take it all for granted. #adventsmiles2018 #gratefultobehere
celebration time! #growingup #mummoments
7th smile in the sunshine today as I work through my list and it truly makes a difference to take it all with a smile as well as to celebrate myself as I am doing it! #adventsmiles2018
6th smile as taking advantage of the silent room we’ve got at work! so needed on long days like today, there is always time for a breath #adventsmiles2018
I smile as I think I made it in time for one open class to see my big girl dance...I already saw the little one act and on days like today I wish I could split myself in two - you ever feel this way? any way, enjoy the moment, smile, it happens now 💚 #adventsmiles2018
I smile on this 4th day of December as I will not allow anything or anyone to disturb my inner peace and re-connect on my mat. what about you? #adventsmiles2018 #tinytinymoments
3rd smile as I just had to cut a short yoga practice even shorter as a bus didn’t come and I jumped in the car earlier than planned. taking the yoga off the mat, smile and breathe and embrace 💚 #adventsmiles2018
2nd! always special as I gave birth to my little girl 💚 #adventsmiles2018 come on, let me your smiles!
happy 1st smile from my happy place @sphere_the_center #adventsmiles2018
we’re into another weekend full of snow queen! fun Christmas show for the family, come and see!
as we’re getting ready for Advent, I’m going to share a slightly different calendar to count down to Christmas and I invite you all to join. a smiling picture every day - of yourself, you and others, loved ones ... your choice. let’s share #adventsmiles2018 creating calendars for each other  ALSO weil ja bald Advent  ist hab ich mir einen etwas anderen Adventskalender ausgedacht und ich lade dich ein mitzumachen. ein lächelndes Bild jeden Tag - von dir, dir und anderen, lieben Menschen ... du wählst und wir alle teilen #adventsmiles2018 gestalten Adventskalender füreinander!
grateful for a beautiful day, the most beautiful rainbow in the morning hours and to not have taken a picture but enjoyed the moment, grateful to be mother to two wonderful girls and to be there to see them grow up. grateful for the things we take for granted. #gratitudeweek2018 #tinytinymoments #lifeasamama