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Curtis Lepore


@thehenchmenshow🌋 @drwatsontheboston🐶

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(Update) I’m working on a new show and it taking almost this entire year but it’s gonna come out if it kills me idc lol @thehenchmenshow
I HATE WHEN THIS HAPPENS! 🙄 🎥 @gaberubiano @nikklo_films 🔊 @keifferscastle
I think she’s happy about the beard 🧔🏻😂
I look 12
100k likes and I’ll shave the other side 👀 100k comments and I’ll keep it like this forever 🔥🤣 (swipe)
100k likes and I will shave my beard 🧔🏻🤣 (swipe)
He’s a viral sensation... He’s newsworthy... He’s my dad! Best DAB/DAD ever!! I love you! 🔥👨🏻🍩🎉#happyfathersday
This Valentine’s Day, give her something BIG! 😂❤️ @therachelraquel 🎥 @diamondbfilms (tag 2 people!)
1 year of smelling all my farts. 💨 12 months of me trying to annoy you when I’m bored. 😘 52 weeks of having to decide what “we’re” gonna eat. 🤷🏻‍♂️ 365 days of hogging the bed. 👀 8760 hours of asking me if I like your outfit.🔥 525600 minutes of me writing this caption.😎 ...And the second you need me, I’ll be there ❤️I love you @therachelraquel
How to get a girl’s ATTENTION❗️😎😭 @anacheri (tag 2 people that need to see this!)
DONT LOOK! 🙈What would you do? 😂😂@therachelraquel @thegregfurman @adamw @jojoe @ashleykfit @haileebobailee (tag 2 people!) 🎥 @blackwashed
Every girl’s “DREAM” boyfriend 😂 @therachelraquel 🎥@iamjesserichards (tag 2 ❤️people)