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Cars Unite People 🌎 Shipping #cupgang. . ⬇️YouTube channel ⬇️

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Repost from our newest member @Edmond_Mondi.... . “Got too cocky on the second to last turn on the last lap of the day. My favorite racing instructor once told me “never tell yourself it’s the last lap because you’ll push yourself beyond your ability trying to force that perfect lap. Always tell yourself you have two more laps to keep yourself within your limits.” Guess I should’ve listened to him lol. You can tell from my facial expressions that I wasn’t happy. The tires were toast and weren’t gripping, I was having a hard time steering the car. I should’ve called it quits a few laps prior to this. Oh well, lesson learned. Now it’s time to build it into a cup car 😎 #savethecat”
Go check out @Edmond_Mondi’s YouTube video (link is in HIS bio) for a behind the scenes look into our LFA vs GT3RS drift video that will be dropping on our YouTube channel soon.
Is there anything better sounding than a straight piped Ferrari V12?
What video would you guys like to see done with this 1 of 1 RWD red 6-speed LP640?
Can’t wait for everyone to see this MATCH UP!! @briangoldphd x @edmond_mondi #cupgang #carsunitepeople YOUTUBE LINK IN BIO 🙏🏻
Asked our editors to send us a clip to post on IG while they’re editing the new episode and all they sent us was this gif. If only our women could tease us this well 😭😂 #cupgang #powerslide
LFA vs. GT3RS | @briangoldphd x @edmond_mondi : Which one would you take? #cupgang #carsunitepeople
Who will win it? Red Team or Blue Team? 991.1 GT3RS or 991.2 GT3RS? @briangoldphd x @_danielleruiz take on @edmond_mondi x @ivyteves #cupgang #carsunitepeople #porsche #991 #gt3rs
2019 Here we come.. #cupgang #carsunitepeople @briangoldphd x @edmond_mondi
Cooking up something for the fellas 😏 Stay Tuned.. @_danielleruiz x @ivyteves #cupgang #carsunitepeople
Go check out @thegoldenjew22 on @hdfmagazine Podcast.  Good vibes and convo!! #cupgang #carsunitepeople #lovecars
New G Wagon 👍🏻 or 👎🏻 #cupgang #carsunitepeople 📸 @thefauxphotographer