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Paul Cunningham


UK Based By Day: Mild-Mannered Project Manager, By Night: Secret Ninja Woodworker, Professional Perfectionist, Bespoke Joinery & Custom Creations

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. 🌲🌳🌴WOODYARD VISIT🌴🌳🌲 . I visited @thewoodyard101 last week and picked up a whole load of swag😎😎😎 . European walnut slab, brown oak live edge, idigbo, and a mystery pallet of hardwood shorts!! . If you’re anywhere near Brentwood, Essex you’d be mad not to pop in and have a look at the stock they hold. . 3” American black walnut!! Where can you even find that!! . Tim is an incredibly helpful and friendly dude, who has a mountain of knowledge and is always accommodating with a fresh kettle. . You won’t find better prices anywhere, head over to @thewoodyard101 page ,and have a look. As you can see from the photos there is a huge range of timbers on offer. . @davidwarrenwood told me about this place and I would have never known about it otherwise, so I’m paying it forward so others can benefit from this awesome resource. . #cunninghamscustomcreations #timber #thewoodyard101 #selfserve #exotictimber #hardwood #create #resource #shamelessplug
. ◻️◼️◻️◼️CHESSBOARD FINAL STEPS◼️◻️◼️◻️ . All the components are all prefinishedwith 3 x coats of danish oil. The top has now had 12 coats!! Looks rather good if I do say so myself.🤩🤩🤩 . Drawer mechanism works as it should by only exposing each players respective pieces. The sides have stopped grooves to contain the sliding nut. . Couldnt resist a spot of knolling. . We are now down to the final assembly stage, looking to be quite a complex glue up as the drawer will be captive within the sides, the frames are mitred to the sides as well, and the top will be located with dominoes. A very novel clamping strategy is going to be required. . Touch wood (see what I did there)😉😉 Everything will line up flush, then a little fine tuning once the glue up has set, then a couple more coats of danish oil and wax buffing. . The finish line is tantalisingly close!!! . #cunninghamscustomcreations #chessboard #chess #create #makersgonnamake #danishoil #stauntonchess #purpleheart #walnut #design #chessset
. ◻️◼️◻️◼️CHESSBOARD FLOCKING◼️◻️◼️◻️ . The drawer has now been flocked. There’s a reason that green and walnut is such a classic combination. It just works!! @kingposttimberworks @plainnail101 you guys were right. . I used the suede tex kit supplied by @turnersretreat. The kit comes with the flocking fibres, colour matched adhesive, and the blow gun. . I love the result😍😍😍 . It’s such a simple process, yet really adds a distinctive touch of class and elegance to any project. . I see more flocking in the future and have ordered the red,blue, and black kits for some upcoming box projects. As you all know I really like to make boxes. . There will be quite a special one coming soon, as soon as the 2500 milestone is achieved. . What do you think? Have you used the the suede tex kit? Let me know below. . . . #cunninghamscustomcreations #chessboard #makersgonnamake #purpleheart #danishoil #chess #flocking #suedetex #create #blackwalnut
. ◻️◼️◻️◼️CHESSBOARDS PROGRESS◼️◻️◼️◻️ . I haven’t made much progress this week as the day job has mutated into a time draining , life sucking mutant monster!! The world of commercial project management is not interested in your personal pursuits. 10 jobs simultaneously onsite!! . Right!! Sob story over😂😂😂 . The game piece drawer is now completed, primary and secondary coats of Danish oil applied. . The chessboard has now received the 10th and final coat, wax finish will be the final application with a machine polish. . I now have the chess pieces, the green flocking kit, and the silicon for the mounds. The foam theory did not work out. . All being well I have a full day in the shop tomorrow, so should be very close to completion come tomorrow evening🤞🤞 . #chessboard #cunninghamscustomcreations #chess #danishoil #purpleheart #walnut #create #makersgonnamake #boardgame #design
. ◼️◻️◼️◻️◼️CHESSBOARDS UPDATE!!◼️◻️◼️◻️◼️ . The side mouldings have now been completed, and have started the finishing process to the top. . The purpleheart has oxidised brilliantly. It must be the LED lighting as when initially sanded it was almost brown. 2 days later WOW!! I’ve now locked this in with the finish of which I’ve decided to go with a danish oil this time. . It should be hard wearing enough. I’ve only applied 2 coats so far. 5 coats is what I’m aiming for with a denib between coats and a machine buff after the final coat is applied. . The chess pieces have finally arrived, white oak and walnut so should be a perfect complement to the game board. . I can now map out the internal partitions to the sliding drawer. . EVA foam and flocking have also arrived, only head scratcher is the sliding mechanism for the drawer, have almost got that figured out. . I can see the finish line now, really exciting😃😃 . #cunninghamscustomcreations #makersgonnamake #create #chessboard  #walnut #purpleheart #whiteoak #design #danishoil
. ◻️◼️◻️◼️CHESSBOARDS CONTINUED◼️◻️◼️◻️ . The external case is now complete, dry fit with dominoes so I can determine how much is to be trimmed back. . Still awaiting the delivery of the chess pieces so cannot proceed with the drawer as yet. . The oxidisation of the purpleheart is amazing!! I think the LED shop lights really accelerate this, look at the colour of the plane shavings. . What process do you undertake to bring out the colour of Purple Heart after cutting and sanding? . How long do you wait before you apply the finish? . Have you noticed this or experienced with any other hardwoods? . I’ve noticed the same effect with padauk and Iroko as well. . #cunninghamscustomcreations #chessboard #purpleheart #festool #festooldomino #makersgonnamake #create #whiteoak #blackwalnut
. 🕰⏰🕰THROWBACK THURSDAY🕰⏰🕰 . The old garage before the chaos wall was built. This seems like lifetime ago!! In reality it was 5 yrs ago. I was still contracting at the time hence the HILTI and paslode gear. . How times change!! . #throwbackthursday #cunninghamscustomcreations #evolution #rewind
. ◼️◻️🔥◻️◼️CHESSBOARDS PROGRESS◼️◻️🔥◻️◼️ . Chessboard wrapped in black walnut edging ready for the ogee moulding profile. . Drawer assembly dry fitted, nothing too fancy. Rebates on drawer faces with a rebated base😃😃 . Grid layup, awaiting the chess pieces to be delivered before spacing out the rest of the grid. I’ve gone for black walnut and white oak pieces. Size no 5 Staunton style. I don’t have the skill set yet to carve and turn my own pieces. The Staunton style is a classic in any regard 👍👍 . Once the set is delivered I can accurately layout the grid and apply the green velvet to the case. . There is still the sliding mechanism to install before the final glue up. Once all these parameters are set, everything will be sanded to the “Cunningham Classic” and prefinished before assembly. . Im hoping for a mirror finish to the game board🤩🤩🤩. . Really looking forward to completing this and starting work on some CNC projects once complete. . #cunninghamscustomcreations #chessboard #create #makersgonnamake  #design #blackwalnut #whiteoak #purpleheart #stauntonchess #stauntonchessset #chess
. ◻️◼️◻️◼️◻️◼️CHESSBOARDS◼️◻️◼️◻️◼️◻️ . Commencement of the chessboard base which will incorporate the pieces. 20mm x 70mm black walnut rips for the case. . 6mm groove for the ply bottom. This is where it gets a bit tricky as the front and rear will form the faces of the sliding drawer. . I had to retain the mitres and remove the front drawer face as I wanted the continuous grain. This was achieved with the integral depth stop on the Kapex to create the plumb lines. I then marked alone 6mm above the groove and cut with the plunge saw and then finished by hand. . Then once the drawer fronts were released , ran through the table saw removing 3 mm to ensure a 2.6 mm gap all around? And remove the burr from the pull saw. . The boards were wrapped with a thin band of Purple Heart, because why not😂😂. . Next step is a black walnut border with a 3mm strip of oak beneath for some visual interest. I will then run the walnut border through an ogee bit to create a moulding. . This will then affix to the case once the drawer has been built. Walnut lattice for the piece storage with a green flock bottom. . Any ideas on the sliding mechanism for the drawer? . My plan is twin stopped grooves in the case and drawer sides with captive pins so the drawer will only extend  halfway out on each side. . As always I’d love to hear your feedback below. . #festool #chessboard #knowledge #cunninghamscustomcreations #makersgonnamake #create #bespoke #walnut #bluetapeclamps #purpleheart
. 💚💚💚💚💚💚FESTOOL FRIDAY💚💚💚💚💚💚 . This is the Festool VS600. I don’t know how many if you know of this as in classic Festool style it hasn’t been marketed to any great degree. . At first glance it might appear to be little more than a dovetail jig. However with the different interchangeable combs you can create a variety of joints. . I have the 6mm and 10mm finger joint combs and the 14mm blind dovetail comb. . There are also combs for through dovetails and dowels. . Takes a little tuning to set up and than you’re away!! There are cams on the front which correspond to the specific combs that you install. . I have the 6mm comb installed in the photo and you can see how the cam creates the necessary offset to cut 2 interlocking sets of joints at once. . You can use the entire capacity which is a huge 600mm , or alternatively insert 2 boards at either end to speed up production. . The combs which are sold separately come with the matching guide bush, cutter, and centring bush. . Coupled with the OF1010, it’s a fantastically realised package, with accurate repeatable results time and time again. Just another fine example of @festool integrated systems approach 😁😁😁 . There are other methods for creating finger joints with a jig on the table saw, but as the CMS doesn’t have a mitre slot the conventional table saw jigs aren’t feasible. . I did have a trend dovetail jig before this but , I then had to buy an additional sub base to make the Festool routers compatible and could never dial it in fully. . Part number 488876 Found on page 254 of the 2019 UK catalog. Combs found on page 270 . Have you seen this before? Have you used this set before? Do you have one yourself? I’d love to hear your feedback😃 . #festool #festoolfriday #festoolme #makersgonnamake #tooltalk #knowledge #cunninghamscustomcreations #intelligentdesign #spreadtheknowledge
. 🛠🛠🛠THROWBACK THURSDAY 🛠🛠🛠 . Back to a time before the green. This was the very first piece of furniture I made for our house. . Made with a circular saw, pocket hole jig and drill. Those were the only tools I had at the time. After coming away from previous life as a chef 👨‍🍳 . This was 2010-2011 and I had stumbled upon a kregjig video on YouTube and at the time I thought pocket holes were the coolest thing in the world and my imagination went crazy. . I was happy with it and so fired up that I decided to move forward and try to somehow incorporate joinery into my life, so took a risk and entered the construction industry. . Took woodshop in high school but was a knucklehead as a teenager and didn’t pursue it even though I enjoyed it. . At the time it was a passing interest, then life happens and you have to be an adult. With that, the focus becomes work and all the other responsibilities of growing up and the interests you had when younger seem to fade away. . I look at this photo and smile because it’s the first piece of work that I photographed. . I smile because it’s what started my journey. . I smile because it was the first thing I made for our home. . That’s my throwback, what’s yours? . . #throwbackthursday #community #cunninghamscustomcreations #pocketholes #create
. 🤩🔥🤩💥🤩🔥🤩FINAL POLISH🤩🔥🤩💥🤩🔥🤩 . Final polish to the top undertaken!! Looks awesome!! Special thanks to @kustom_resto. . Glamour shots to follow on the weekend with a sneak peek at the next project😃😃 . Apologies all for the fly by night post, day job is relentless!! . Stay tuned for the glamour shots and sales announcement. Register your interest now, don’t forget I ship worldwide !!🔥🔥 . Rock on 🤘🤘, and enjoy yet another flawlessly produced iMovie complete with shonky theme music and filters!! Lovingly brought to you by Cunningham’s custom productions😂😂😂 . #elegantdesign #makersgonnamake #cunninghamscustomcreations #rivertable #resintable #imoviespielberg #indasa #rockon #create
. 💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥I GET BORED!!!💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥 . Did anyone hear Deftones just then?🤘 Some more lamination projects! I was asked if I could make a table runner and some matching placemats I was only too happy to oblige. . There will be some coasters added to the set as well. White oak splits Figured sapele core Walnut,padauk,purpleheart lamination . There a few knot pockets and cracks which were I filled with blue pearlex. Some radius work and “Cunningham Classic” finish and they will be ready to ship😁😁. . I love these little jobs that come out of nowhere, Instagram is the greatest!! Bring on the commissions 👍😃👍 . #lamination #placemat #tablerunner #create #makersgonnamake #cunninghamscustomcreations #elegantdesign #whiteoak #sapele #cunninghamclassicfinish make it happen😂😂
. 🤩🤩🤩🤩ESCHER UNIFICATION🤩🤩🤩🤩 . The table top and base have now been joined. I inserted some 12mm brass standoffs to raise the top from the base for a little more visual interest. . I decided for subtle, did try 30mm brass tube and 50mm brass earth rod couplers but it looked too clunky. Because the top is only 20mm a subtle lift seems to me the more elegant option. . I’ve also added some 12mm feet to give a subtle lift as well. All said , this has been a great exercise in design and I’m thrilled with it!! . There are details everywhere as you change the viewpoint. I’ll post some glamour shots later in the week after a couple of tweaks. It’s not sitting perfectly level and needs another polish. . I think I might put this up for sale as the joy for me has been in the design and build or keep it as a giveaway prize if I ever reach 10k😂😂😂 . What is your favourite angle? Has it been worth the wait? Are you interested in owning this? . Let me know your thoughts below DM if interested in making this yours . #mcescher #elegantdesign #resintable #rivertable #cunninghamscustomcreations #easycomposites #epoxy #pearlexpigment #makersgonnamake #design #create #modernfurniture #modernfurnituredesign
. 💥💥💥💥💥💥TABLETOP TEASER💥💥💥💥💥💥 . The top has been flattened and finished. I had to bring the top home as the shop was just too cold for the the epoxy to fully cure. I kept it in the laundry room for a week!! . I don’t have any integral heat within the current shop as it was built in quite a hurry. A key aspect of the upcoming new 40ft container build, will feature some kind of safe heating solution. Along with an integrated dust collection system. . The top was planed down with a router sled utilising the fantastic Festool MFS as the carriage and the monster OF2200!! . I’m really happy with how this came out🤩🤩🤩 There is a slight green tint to this and the gold swirl looks awesome. The edges are my favourite detail, the transition from elm to resin, I find quite mesmerising. . I worked this through from 40G up to 2000G. Applied some car polish and buffed up with the Rotex to get an idea of the final finish. Going to cut and final polish tomorrow and add a tiny chamfer to the edges. . Then join the Escher base to the top, the top will be suspended proud from the base with brass tube to create a floating effect. . What are your thoughts on the colour? What is your process for a mirrored shine? . #resintable #cunninghamscustomcreations #rivertable #escher #epoxy #festool #easycomposites #makersgonnamake #create #design #shippingcontainerworkshop #iteallyneedsomeheating #
. 💥💥💥💥💥”QUICK” ORGANISATION💥💥💥💥💥 . This is what sortainers are for!! Didn’t have much time in the shop tonight, so thought I’d undertake a “quick” bout of organisation😂😂😂 . 🔥newsflash everybody!!🔥 There’s no such thing as “quick” organisation!! Why wasn’t I informed?? . 3hrs later, this is what happens🤣🤣 However it does appeal to my inner sense of order. . I can easily locate any fixing now, and it will drastically assist in keeping my tiny,tiny shop organised. Problem is all 4 x sortainers are now full!! . This has now provided me with the impetus to fully organise and categorise the whole shop now!! I still need to build a new workbench as mine didn’t survive the move, I have some quite novel ideas to maximise the space and storage. . The new bench will be far more substantial as will be constructed from steel and use proper heavy duty castors instead of cheap big box specials. @kustom_resto is going to assist and impart his wisdom in fabrication to this padawan. Ready when you are master😂😂 . How long did your “quick” organisation take? How far do you go? Do you prefer order or chaos? Discuss below . . #essexmakers #makersgonnamake #cunninghamscustomcreations #sortainer #festoolme #festool #shoporganization #theremustbeorder #efficiency #containersystem #fixings #packrat
. 🛠⚙️🛠⚙️🛠(FES)TOOL TALK TUESDAY🛠⚙️🛠⚙️🛠 . I present to you the Festool MFS 700. An adjustable routing template formed from 4 x lengths of aluminium extrusion. . This is such a fantastic tool that isn’t marketed that aggressively so not sure how many of you know about it. . In photo 2 you can see it in action, I used this to create the wenge inlays in @robashley2955_rka awesome, dazzling, stunning giveaway prize 😂😂. Gotta love a bit of self ego boost. . It was absolutely effortless, just set the template to the external dims of your inlay adding the offset of the guide bush to cutter. You then slide the extrusions along the scales until you find the required dims. No more plywood templates😃😃 . Adjustment is made via 4 x grub (set) screws. The beauty of this arrangement is it is self squaring. . You can then set it up for repeatable accuracy with the stops which affix underneath the extrusion to ensure you can place in the same position on your workpiece time and time again. . You can also use it as a router sled as the extrusions are available in a variety of sizes. . The extrusions are available in several different lengths: 200mm 400mm 700mm 1000mm 2000mm I don’t know about the worldwide availability as I know they were unavailable in the US for quite some time. @festoolsedge @festool_usa, could you confirm? . Festool part numbers are: 492610 MFS 400 2 x 200mm & 2 x 400mm 492611 MFS 700 2 x 400mm & 2 x 700mm 492722 200mm profile 492723 400mm profile 492724 700mm profile 492725 1000mm profile 492726 2000mm profile . Have you found this informative? Do you have the MFS? What do you think of it? . Let me know below . #festool #festoolme #tooltalktuesday #cunninghamscustomcreations #mfs700 #extrusion #template #routing #inlay #makersgonnamake #community #sharetheinfo #toosecretgreenintel #greenkoolaid #nowyouknow #hopethathelps 😂😂😂
. 🌈💥🌈💥RAINBOW PLY SCRAP TRINKETS💥🌈💥🌈 . I asked in my story last week as to what should be created with the remaining rainbow ply panels from @curiousmakerdan prize box. . Keychains or cufflinks, the poll ended up exactly 50/50, what are the odds?😂😂 . So in order to keep everyone who voted happy, I decided... Why not both!! . Cuff link idea was not my own, but inspired by @liamrickerby who when faced with the dilemma of what cufflinks to wear to a posh do, he made his own. . I’ve ended up with 10 keychains and 10prs of cufflinks. I really enjoyed these small builds as I have a huge problem!! . Confession time: I CANT THROW ANY SCRAPS AWAY!! . Was a great opportunity to use them up and shows that you can create beauty out of almost nothing. . Yay or nay? Which do you prefer? Do you hoard your scraps as well? Do we need a support group? Is it a medical condition😂😂? . As always, please discuss below in the comments. . #cunninghamscustomcreations #cufflinks #keychain #rainbowply #trinkets #offcutproject #scrapwood #scrapwoodproject #makersgonnamake #create #design #offcuthoarder #essexmakers #icantthrowmyscrapsawayineedhelp #shedrooster