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Dan G.


On a long journey to spoon craftsmanship. Pocket eaters for the win.

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I had lots of fun with this rowdy bunch over the last week or so. I will be introducing them individually as soon as I get back from a few days skiing. . . . . #spoon #spooncarving #greenwoodworking #greenwoodcarving #thenewwoodculture #newwoodculture #sloyd #slöjd #sloydasfuck #makersgonnamake #sheffieldmakers #madeinsheffield #spoonsofinstagram #fancykindling #ditchplastic #plantbased #treen #everydaytreen #zerowaste #sustainableliving #sustainablecraft #primitivetechnology
Busy few days ahead then?! I was passed by some tree felling debris where I found a bent branch that was already split partially down the length. Having never carved from other before I thought it would be rude to pass it up. Excited to make an eating spoon from the left hand blank. . . . . #thenewwoodculture #spooncarving #greenwood #greenwoodcarving #bentbranch #cookingspoons #eatingspoon #sloyd #slöjd #zerowaste #knifefinished #axeandknife #makersgonnamake #handmade #handmadegifts #ditchplastic #treen #plantbased #slowliving #woodcarving #newwoodculture #madeinsheffield
Recently I decided to try using templates to work to. I know it's not best practise but it has really allows me to proportions and balance which I struggle with otherwise. Plus I can add some finer details. This spoon is far a friend for his birthday hence the Initials. Looking forward to giving it to him later over some beers in my Sheffield local. This shape clearly inspired by @adamhawker1 who's spoons I fawn over. . . . . . #thenewwoodculture #spooncarving #greenwood #greenwoodworking #sloyd #slöjd #sloydasfuck #handmade #handmadegifts #ditchplastic #plantbased #treen #slowliving #zerowaste #knifefinished #axeandknife #design #madeinsheffield
#fuckupfriday tried my hand at roasting (my everyday eater) and well, I guess I blew it. Next time I will treat it like a good BBQ. Low and slow. . . . #slöjd #sloydasfuck #spooncarving #spoonsofinstagram #firewood #kindling #thenewwoodculture #handmade #knifefinished #axeandknife #knifeandaxe #makersgonnamake #ditchplastic #treen #spon #reusable
Made this short handled serving/cooking paddle last week. I didn't really like it as the proportions felt funny. Then I saw a post from @rustedpulchritude and they had a similar one. If it's good enough for those amazing makers it's good enough for me 😁
Off out into the garden to make a few more blanks. But here is an eating spoon I made the other day. Has a really good mouth feel to it. Wish I had made the handle a little finer though.
I started making chopsticks as part of #spoonfest2018 as an exercise in using different knife cut techniques under the awesome instruction of @jarrod__dahl but with all the amazing classes and gathering and food and everything else there I never finished them. So I decided to start afresh and make a set. They are a great alternative to a fork when a spoon doesn't quite work (try eating a leafy salad with a spoon..!) I think I will make a travel size set to take on my work travels to compliment the my go to pocket spoon.
(Read in David Attenborough voice) 'here, we have the native spoonie spoonus, also known as cawl spoon. It lays in it's natural habitat, a thick lentil and carrot soup, waiting to be picked up and raised to mouth!
1st spoon of the year finished at the weekend. Large eating spoon made out of some wood that I haven't got a clue what is?
I carved this bowl/cup (loathe to actually call it a kuksa or kasa I think) about 4 months ago with only axe, knife and hook knife. It was such a labour and I really didn't like it to begin with but it has been sat in my carving box for a while and every now and then I fine tuned it some more and the little fella has grown on me. So much so, last night I enjoyed a (small) beer out if it. I an very partial to it now.
Settling down to make my first spoon of the year but before I start with the knife work it's dinner time. Using a hooked ladle I made a couple of months ago but didn't do anything with. Figured I would put her to work.
Not a bad little yield yesterday. Pretty happy with them for now. Some drying then finishing cuts.
Here we go again :) my faithful helper @nowthen_beinn deciding the handle of my mallet needs to be thinner. A couple more cooking spoons coming up (and maybe a sneaky cawl)
Back on it after a bit of a work enforced break. Christmas is coming up and who doesn't like a kitchen utensil as a gift?! Paddle style serving/cooking spoon. Right, who is up for an Xmas spoon exchange?
Picked up this little gem from @jmullaney33 at the Derbyshire Woodland Festival today. I know there is a constant debate about pricing of craft product but his spoons are a bargain at twice the price. I can't wait to make some great food with it.
Looking forward to heading home  tomorrow and walking with my team in my favorite woods in Sheffield (the source of a lot of my spoons). @anchoranddash and @nowthen_beinn