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Dan G.


On a long journey to spoon craftsmanship. Pocket eaters for the win.

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Picked up this little gem from @jmullaney33 at the Derbyshire Woodland Festival today. I know there is a constant debate about pricing of craft product but his spoons are a bargain at twice the price. I can't wait to make some great food with it.
Looking forward to heading home  tomorrow and walking with my team in my favorite woods in Sheffield (the source of a lot of my spoons). @anchoranddash and @nowthen_beinn
I finished the cooking spoon/ladle thingy that I was chipping away at during my climbing trip to The Old Man of Hoy recently. (@adventuresbydan for more on that) First step away from smaller eating spoons and I really enjoyed but need to work on some finese.
Hi all, this little fella was designed for use with my @jetboil. It is a Cawl soon at heart but beefier to withstand being smashed around while on a climbing trip to the Orkney Islands. It was really good to get to the bottom of the stove and for eating most stew/curry/chilli/noodle dishes. Yum
I have been a little shy with the posts recently due to holibobs. Just like when I carve, I find myself lost in the moment and don't take pics but here is one my mate snapped of me sat waiting for the ferry from Orkney to Isle of Hoy. I am starting on the bowl of a ladle/server. I put a pot hook on the back of the handle which I am so pleased about. More pics of the spoon to follow.
My first time carving a cawl spoon. Not really sure of the scale, if a small cawl spoon is still a cawl spoon but I love how it handles and it has a great mouth feel. Coconut oil bringing out the grain nicely.
Seeing as I scraped a hole in the bowl of this lovely cherry eater, I decided to try my hand at kolrosing. Never done it before and only used a @morakniv 120. Pleased with the initial effect but wanted to see how I could add shade and texture. Thoughts spoony folk?
Sacrifice for the spoon gods I am afraid.
Working with some more conventional eating spoon shapes in order to try and become more consistent. I enjoyed it but think the next few will be cranky pocket eaters again.
I LOVE coming up to the Cairngorms to see the team at Glenmore Lodge. Today I had some time to chip away at a spoon I started at #spoonfest2018 followed by a visit to the Linge Kompany memorial (hero's of the Telemark)  and go for an evening run where we passed the old reindeer herders Hut. I do love my job!!
Freshly treated pocket eaters made around the best campfire in the Peak District at #spoonfest2018. I am trying coconut oil as I like the finish. What are people's experience of using it? Bring on #spoonfest next year.
What an amazing weekend at #spoonfest in Edale. It was so good to put faces to instanames and be inspired with other people's spooncraft.
Got a busy week ahead of me so won't have much time to carve or to sharpen ready for #spoonfest2018 so doing it all on this sunny Sunday in Sheffield. I love how just a little bit of stopping really gets the edge super fine.
Can't wait for this to come to market spring 2019. Axes and Axes and Axes..... @thenorthface
Enjoyed a little skill share afternoon with my brother @bowsandant. I sharpened his @stubaisports axe and he made me a leather sheath for my @morakniv spoon knife. He started making bows about the same time I started making spoons. It's amazing to shoot the bows and relate it to our ancestors. Much the same as the way that holding a well made spoon just feels right. (Except I doubt I could kill an animal with a pocket eater or fend off a marauding army with a cooking spoon)
I really like sitting on the floor to carve but since getting this little fella @nowthen_beinn it's been a bit more of a challenge. That said, there are less shavings to clean up and he is getting more roughage in his diet.
Looking forward to getting my teeth into this blank. A larger than normal eater coming up (for me,  I like those pocket eaters erm, pockety).
Trying to get a more round bowl on this little fella but I struggle with the proportions between the handle and the bowl when doing round bowls. Added to that, when breaking the fibres to scoop the bowl I snapped the tip of the bowl so had to alter the profile a little.