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🎨B L U E • • You often hear about how good the Mediterranean is. 💎 • Here's its humble Neighbour - ADRIATIC in its full glory...Calm crisp blue waters and clear skies for miles. 🖇 • Standing on a bell tower in Slovenia you could see Italy to your right (in the background) and Croatia to your left. #viewsfordays 💙
🏞L A K E  B L E D • • OUR favourite capture of 2018 thus far!! 📷 • Definitely a "road less traveled" moment for us and as you can see, totally worth it! 😍 • Switched it up with colour grading this edit, you can check out the actual 🎨 of the view in our Stories.
🏰S A L Z B U R G • • Pictured here is the Old Town (The Castle is cut off on the top right). We spent only two days in this pretty city but it's definitely made it to one of our favorites. Definitely worth the trip down if you're passing through Austria or staying in Munich for a couple of days. • •
P I R A N 💙 • 😃If you know him personally, you know he always has the biggest grin on his face.  This particular grin is because we were sitting at a secluded spot by the bell tower after walking around Piran. 👀 - - 💨The winds were a bit crazy but we still decided to fly the drone, two minutes into the flight a seagull was trying to attack it... this guy right here managed some crazy maneuvering with onlookers laughing at the ordeal. 🎮He barely managed to get our Mavic back to us without it plummeting into the ocean, hence the honorary pic! 😵#Thatwasclose #seagullsarepricksworldwide
⛪️V A T I C A N • • Crowds, amazing architecture / historical buildings & hazy white skies 🇮🇹 • • Pretty much sums up nearly every photo we took in this city 🤔
• Next stop, Rialto Bridge #venice 📍
• 🔐because every European holiday album has at least one photo of locks on a bridge. • - - - ❤️ "Für immer und ewig"
🍊 A R C H E S • • Loved the colours and lines of this frame...That and the fact that my friend and his youngest son photobombed it. 🏋🏽 • • We're always ten steps behind because we keep stopping to take photos.  #reasonwhywemostlytravelalone
✨D E T A I L S • • • ⛪️About as intricate and beautiful as they come... The outside was like any other other fascinating historic European building...but we definitely weren't ready for the grandeur of what was inside. • • "It is the oldest and highest ranking of the four papal major basilicas, giving it the unique title of "archbasilica". Because it is the oldest public church in the city of Rome, also it is the oldest and most important basilica of the Western world."
🍊 P I R A N • • ☁️Climbing up to the church (bell tower) on the hill, sitting on the boundary walls, watching the storm clouds roll in whilst taking in the stunning view. • • 🍃 Definitely one of our highlights of Piran.
📷S A L Z B U R G • • • "No place is boring if you've had a good night's sleep and a pocket full of unexposed film" - Robert Adams • • These days, a charged battery and enough memory on the SD card. 🖼
🏞L A K E  B L E D • • Apart from #hallstatt this is probably the most iconic location in #slovenia...and boy is it magical at #sunrise. 🌅 • We planned to go to the lake once...but random situations led to us going back 3 times🙊...as a result we have numerous photos and funny stories to share from here!  P.s. If you do one thing in Slovenia ditch the tour busses and hire a car. 🚗
🍕V E N E Z I A • • • Imagine paying 80€ to be held up in a traffic jam. 🙃
🎨 K Ö L N • It's always a pleasure to be home, even if it's only for a day🍻! #homeiswherethedomis  #kölschejung 🐐
C O L O S S E O ✨ • Head to our stories for the full length wallpaper. 📲
🇮🇹 Standing like a gimp pretending to be deaf as there's a man right next to us trying to sell us a guided tour of the Pantheon. • • 😶#awkwardtouristphotos
💛ROMA • • We love strolling cities taking photos at night. There's a different charm about, plus less tourists about isn't a bad deal either. #canigetaamen
• 🏔A M M E R S E E 🔓PRESS PLAY📽 . . . 🇩🇪The stunning South West of Germany with the lovely 👫@mirumaril and @martinschmitz86