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🐥Snapchat: dammitelizabeth 🔥Twitch.tv/ProfessorWoah 📸Personal Insta: @professorwoah ❤4.1 Million on Facebook 📽IM LIVE ON TWITCH RIGHT NOW!!⬇⬇️

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Hurts me to say this but recently Elizabeth and I have decided to part ways☹ The truth is when we made our first video we weren't even together. We pretty much just met a few months before that. Going viral pressured us to speed things up when we were still in the "getting to know eachother stage" We spent so much time trying to show you guys who we are that we forgot to show eachother first... we tried to take a step back to focus on us but by then it was too late💔  Elizabeth is legit the most amazing human being ever and we have no hate towards eachother. It was a consensus decision and tbh probably the best one. No one cheated there's no other girl/guy just 2 people who love eachother but need time apart. Seems like now a days all your favorite YouTubers are breaking up so I didn't want to tell ya'll but we owed you that much.. I've been contemplating just getting rid of this page, but the fans that I've explained the situation to stated that they really enjoyed my commentary, funny one liners and rants.. and suggested I keep posting. So instead of going ghost I'll continue to post my crazy life and content on here in the Hope's that you all or at least some of you will continue to support me😶 It would mean the world if you gave me a chance❤  There's so much more I want to say but maybe I'll just hold on to that for a future video. Break ups are literally the worst feeling ever and if any of you ever need someone to talk to hmu because I can relate to the pain. It's truly heartbreaking even writing this... I'm sorry to anyone I've let down an to anyone in a similar situation🙏  Questions you will have will be what does Elizabeth look like, can you show us plz? Will you get back together? Will she still be doing the videos with you as friends?  Answers: I can't show you her face because I'd like to respect her privacy.. but Man she's a f**king beauty! .... chances of getting back are not promising, sry ya'll .... We probably won't make videos
Make sure they're sleeping when you tag them or playing Fortnite!!🤣🤣@kingboptv already bought me a 10 pack today SUCCERRR (If u tagged them on the fb one Insta is totally different so more nuggets for you❤❤)
THE WORST VALENTINES SURPRISE EVER!!😂🤣❣️tag someone who would kill their boyfriend for this
WHEN PRANKING YOUR GIRLFRIEND ON V-DAY BACKFIRES!😅🤣 tag someone who’d react like this😍
When your girlfriend wants to be a twitch gamer but doesnt want the 13yr old kids shes talking shit about to see her face! 😭😂😂 We're LIVE on TWITCH RIGHT NOW!! come watch at twitch.tv/professorwoah link in bio
Part 2 - when ur girlfriend duct tapes a chicken shawarma to her vagina🤣🤣
Part 1 of dieting gone wrong!😂 (tag 2 ppl)
Tag someone who needs to propose to you like this!😂😂
Tag someone who runs away from their problems like this!😂😂 -- Snapchat: dammitelizabeth
This is what failure looks like!!😠 tag someone who's always this hungry😂🤔 Snapchat: dammitelizabeth
For someone who works out once a week just so she can feel good about eating junk.. she's actually made some huge progress!! Thank You guys for being such amazing supporters and understanding our sense of humor❤❤ People sometimes say what I'm doing is abuse not realizing that it was her idea LOL I just added my own little twist with the comedy to make it more fun for my sexy cupcake eating woman💑 More Videos on the way so stay tuned ElizaBaes & EkBros
Instagram messed with our audio but it's still understandable😋🤣❤ W/@marcmusu1 Snapchat: dammitelizabeth