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CocoPilots #cocopilots


🎵Reggae🎵Soul🎵Latino @sariserodio 🇵🇹 & Shamo 🇫🇷 Follow our dream to: 🎺 make music 🌎 travel ✨inspire ❤️Do what you❤️ 📍 in 🇵🇹

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Porto keeps on surprising us with the most magical beautiful sunset and magical creatures! Here we are chilling next to our van Moby! 🚐
Her Name is Sari! She is strong and determined and she writes the songs of CocoPilots! . . . 📸 by @embragas 🙏
His name is Shamo he is sexy, he is smart and he is the most talented trumpet player of the duo!
We loved our concert in @embaixada_do_porto  it is such an intimate place and the connection with the audience was unbelievable!  We played here a couple of times and it is always a pleasure. . . 📸 by @embragas Obrigada! ❤️
Jouer sur la scène de l’hybride festival est toujours un plaisir pour moi.  On met plusieurs jours à monter le festival avec une super équipe de bénévoles et le résultat est toujours au rendez-vous! Sur cette scène je me sens comme à la maison..!
The first time I  ever played on a big stage was here! 2 years ago in hybride Festival! I was a bit nervous but mostly exited for achieving a longs team I had!  Of course it was not the end but just the beginning of a great musical adventure! ☀️
Music is the language of the soul!  Join us tomorrow at 4pm in Ribeira with the crew form @freeacrosouls for an amazing show with music and acroyoga! 😘
Tag a strong woman you want to acknowledge! 🎵I am a doer in charge of my destiny an independent woman I decide who I want to be🎵
Paradise is a state of mind!🌈⭐️🌞🌴🥑
☀️2000 Followers☀️Today we want to thank YOU who have been supporting our music! We are so grateful for all the people who buy our CD, who comment on our pictures, that share our music! ❤️❤️❤️WE LOVE YOU❤️❤️❤️
Today join us in @embaixada_do_porto at 10pm!  We are going to be rehearsing in Ribeira! ❤️
Our little globe broke down! Fortunately Shamo is a multitalented guy who fixed it!
Yesterday while we were playing we saw the most amazing sunset! We tried to capture the moment and it was magical!  WINTER IS GONE!
EN: see below  FR: Jouer de la musique est notre passion, et c’est important pour nous que ce soit de manière durable. On utilise donc des panneaux solaires portatif, merci à @ase_energy ☀️ ☀️ Playing music is our passion and sustainability is very important to us! That is why we use foldable solar panels from the French company @ase_energy
Happy international woman’s day!  Sari is the singer and songwriter of CocoPilots. She writes a lot about feminism, life, love and positivity! ❤️
We are so happy to be back in Porto! Our next gig is in @embaixada_do_porto on Monday at 10pm! ☀️🙏☀️
Tomorrow we start busking again in the lovely town of Porto! Come by over the weekend!!!
Today is 🌧 tomorrow is ☀️! We are very happy for the weekend to come and to perform in....