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Christy Stuckey


✨Life Consultant ✨Energy Specialist ✨IntuitiveπŸ‘‡πŸ»

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A daily practice. ♥️
A great reminder. πŸ’™
Things empaths say. πŸ’™
It’s a brand new day. πŸ’™
This made me laugh out loud, because there’s truth in it. πŸ’™
Own your magic. πŸ’™
Thankfully, we always have a choice. πŸ’™
Thank goodness for this knowledge. πŸ’™
From everyone. πŸ’œ
Always. πŸ’œ
Story of my life. πŸ’œ
Do you ever see your birthdate on the clock? πŸ’™  1106 is a message from your angels reminding you that your thoughts and beliefs create your realities and experiences, and you are encouraged to hold only positive expectations and thoughts about your material situation or circumstances.  #joannesacredscribes #angelnumbers #numerology
Learning to go with the flow is a process. πŸ’™
Indeed. πŸ’™
909 suggests that your angels are telling you that even though a part of your life may have been altered, halted or changed, things will ultimately turn out for the best, like a 'blessing in disguise'. #joannesacredscribes #angelnumbers #numerology
Always. πŸ’™
848 suggests that your prosperity is assured when you are open to receiving and accepting the help and guidance from the angels. #joannesacredscribes #angelnumbers #numerology
Ill take it! πŸ’™