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Half marathon addict ▫️one time marathoner ▫️ avid biker Counselor ▫️PhD student ▫️ book & craft beer lover ▫️ Iowa native

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I am super excited to share my news!! I will be joining the UnityPoint family in January as a chemical dependency counselor! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE working for EFR and wasn't even looking for a new job but the position opened and I had to at least apply. It's cheesy but it's a dream position. I always said I wanted to go back to the hospital setting and I got my wish. It will be a good move for my career in the substance world, because as you know, I'm pursuing my PhD in addiction psychology. This field is what I'm passionate about. I cannot wait to see where this adventure takes me 😄
Week two of winter warriors with Fleet Feet ✔ Had to take the short route today so I can get everything done before family comes to town!! Happy weekend, all!
For real though. Sums up my week perfectly. I may not have accomplished all I wanted this week but it was a damn good (and hella busy) week otherwise.
Hey, all! I'm still alive! This week has been NUTS!! Schedule all mixed around, random PTO day thrown in and hadn't ran since Sunday. And this is just the beginning! Lots of exciting changes (good ones!) to come that I can't wait to share 🤗 In meantime, crunching out the miles where I can. Beautiful evening to look at some Christmas lights while running!!
While funny, it's true. Remember the holidays and winter months can be tough for some. I myself really struggle during the holidays. The stress of gift buying, traveling, and cold, dark days can really intensify my depression. Just yesterday I almost cried because I couldn't get my tire filled in my SUV.  There's help out there if you need it! The holidays should be a joyful and happy time of the year! #mentalhealthawareness
SNOW! Except it's above freezing and none of it has stuck 😂 which is fine by me! I find it magical to run when it's lightly snowing. Anyone else or am I crazy? 🤣 What you don't see is the Kleenex wedged into my left ear to block the wind completely. Pain is MUCH less thankfully. Could I have run inside though? Probably. But why do that when it's surprisingly decent out today?! #optoutside #letitsnow
Thanks for hosting a motivating winter event, @fleetfeetdsm! #winterwarriors #optoutside
First run with Fleet Feet for the winter warriors challenge ✔ Complete with real feel 24 degree temps, 24 mph winds and all the rain! It soaked through both of my pants, my fleece jacket, my windbreaker and my socks. I was frozen at the end! I promptly went home and into my warm bed 🙂 hence no post run photo.  I've been battling an ear ache that was only exacerbated by this run so there might be a trip to urgent care or Doctor on Demand later 😣
I ended the month with 87 miles of running. I was okay with that. Instead of finishing off 100 miles for the Capital Striders challenge, I went to Christkindlmarket for an enjoyable evening of Christmas shopping with a little brewsky 🍺. Plus I got myself this awesome hand carved Christmas ornament of the awesome city I call home ❤ #desmoines
And like three (soon to be four) slices of breakfast pizza #nbd #tgif
Day made right here!!!! Thanks for the thoughtful gift, @iowa.runner.girl!! Cried like a baby when I opened it! 😭😭 You are such a genuinely kind hearted person and I'm blessed to call you a friend. So thankful to have met you as well and can't wait to train and run Illinois together!!
Days off call for middle of the day runs! 🤗🏃‍♀️
Wore one of your old stocking caps today, Momma. Ran some hills, then up the Capitol steps, then up some more hills, until my lungs burned and my legs were screaming. Running is truly the best outlet for me. That I needed today.
Happy birthday, Momma. Miss you everyday.
Who else rode the struggle bus after a four day weekend?! I could not stay motivated at work but this run was a piece of cake! 😂 This 20-30 temp range is seriously my favorite. I always feel so good during my runs. Then I come home and feel the need to wear two sweatshirts and fuzzy socks to warm up 😨🤣
Love this family of mine ❤ 📸 @sarahjo_03
Goal to stay active during Thanksgiving ✔ Four days of running in a row and legs are feeling pretty great! Celebrating Thanksgiving today with the family 🤗 Hoping the snow holds out today yet so I don't have to leave early 😣
PJ party!