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I've lived many, many lives in 37 years πŸ™Œ

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Just another Monday.... 😘 #selfie #mood #mondays #chokers #redlips #poet #queen πŸ‘‘  A dreamy golden glow lies within Mahogany windows to her soul; Her crown secured upon rising Its time to rule her world. πŸ’•
People can be dismissive to truly honest people and disregard them as throwed-off, 50/50, 75/25, whatever they label them.... And I find it really funny because a lot of those same people always talk about wanting to "keep it real". Well ever heard the expression that when people show you who they truly are believe them? 😾  I rather know NOW what manner of human I'm dealing with than after I've invested time in a friendship, relationship, partnership etc. Time is precious and I have no time to be dillydallying with someone who doesn't coincide with MY time. And I'll have the same respect for you. I may not be everyone's cup of tea. You can call me crazy, throwed, 50/50 but guess what... You'll know ME  sooner than later and we can act accordingly. 😺  #wordsofwisdom #itiswhatitis #love #peace #soul #selflove #trust #hope #people #life #facts πŸ’ƒ
#facts #makeamericagreat #whenhasamericabeengreatforblacks ??? #thanksyeezy #free #thatswhatsup  #thinkforyourselfoutloud #courage πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #strength #wisdom πŸ™Œ
#swingbacksaturday #pic #beach #hot like cayenne πŸ”₯ #hotliketabasco #babybaby #caribbean 🌴
I came here with the mic in my hand Don't make me leave here with my foot in yo' ass Be cool and don't worry about how I'm rippin' this shit When I'm flippin', when kickin', and this just what I do I'm effervescent and I'm off that crescent Nastier than a full grown German Shepherd You better keep steppin' They don't mess with me and they don't I come with that fire like cayenne Chocolate and bowlegged runnin' up behind her Go head get down pop lock at the cock house For real though girl don’t lie you know you wanna go back to my house Man rightchea wanna get under that dress right there Spicy Cajun we gon' a good time over there You better stick a head on that, there craw fish You gotta bend all the way over to dance off this Handle yo business but I know you do it way better You dead wrong So if you totin' by and make noise When you pass by girl you find yourself on the floor girl This yo' song Do yo' thang, don't be scoured 'cause you gon' get served Get mine and you gon' get yours  https://youtu.be/Vb2mnDp68S0 🎢  Some Saturdays I wake up feeling like #mystikal #swingbacksaturday #shakeitfast #lyrics #music 🌞
I have mad respect for people who have their own mind regardless of which way the masses are going.... takes a lot to be your own person in a world where everybody wants to just get in where they fit in. Oddballs are catalysts for change. Thank you Ye (and Kim) for using your influence to influence the powers that be. πŸ™Œ #liberty #justice #change #misfits #wherethepastorsat? 🌟  God works in mysterious ways πŸ™
Saw my second rainbow today in like 2 weeks. When I was younger I learned a rainbow was a promise from God. So whenever I see one I immediately brighten up as I know He's right there. πŸ’•  #happyfriday #love #peace #soul #hope #promise
Anyone ever had the other woman come for you when you weren't even the other woman??? That's happened to me on an occasion or two when I REALLY wasn't checking for the guy. I may have received a DM from him asking what's been up since college... Or....he was an ex now friend who still had my number in his phone who I hadn't talked to in ages and I guess the other woman was jealous that I was mentioned in casual conversation even though I was miles away and hadn't seen him in years??? I don't know... I had a phone conversation with one years ago that called me from HIS PHONE so Id pick up and proceeded to cuss me out because though she had no evidence of a phone or social media conversation she was mad because they were months away from the wedding and he couldn't stop talking about me. What can I say. I tend to have that affect on some. πŸ˜‚  Me: "Ummmm you DO have the ring, don't you?" Her: "Its just he cant stop talking about you." Wah wah wahhhhhhh.  Messing with another's man is one case of karma I dont want to take on. I mean it DOES take two to tango, but I dont even want to be part of that equation. πŸ‘ Personally, its not worth the effort going thru a man's phone. That's stuff I did in my insecure 20s. If I have an inkling I cant trust him then what's love got to do with it? 😘 #thatsallfolks #barbaraandshirley #love #romance #relationships #theotherwoman #blacklove #😁
We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes its gone thru to achieve that beauty. -- Maya Angelou πŸ’•  I was just thinking today what a difference just 1 year in time can make. Last year around this time I was in a dark place... People I love were in darker spaces and being what I guess they call an empath Im easily affected by vibes and auras and such. There was a heaviness thats hard to describe.  So so so so so so much has transpired, this past spring really being the acme of my metamorphosis.... Then the summer of enlightenment then now a full 180 but its lighter in the same place. And so Im lighter... And the cocoon has split to set destiny free.  I can flutter a while in the light without having to fly away to find any bit of happiness I can find. Seasons... Reasons... Lifetimes... We should never give up on God's love as God's love never gives up on us. πŸ’ƒ  #life #love #peace #soul #change  #poet #masks #butterfly #free #freedom #beauty in #metamorphosis #light #freedom #hope #faith #empath πŸ’
This was one of my favorite collabs ever!!! #riri #ye and Jay πŸ’• #music 😘
#ontime So true. All it takes is that #dream combined with #faith and good practice and voila! A miracle!!! That's what we need God! πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ’ #mayaangelou #strength #wisdom #goodquotes
Today I decided to come to work looking like a hot maid. What can I fluff you for sir. I mean what can I fluff for you? πŸ’•  Just kidding... The only thing I'm fluffing is insurance policies. 😘  #happytuesday #music #fun #funny #yay πŸ™Œ
Facts. Its all about perspective. Pick a world... Any world. 🌎 #theworldismine but #itsyourworld too #ifiruledtheworld #yesyoucan πŸ‘ #mondaymotivation πŸ™Œ
Toting Destiny πŸ’ Mission Statement:  To provide quality handbags, totebags and backbacks to people of all ages needing a stylish pick me up to get back on their feet: to get that dream job, go back to school, tackle entrepreneurship, or just do something unique and worthwhile. 🌟  To also conduct community workshops on dressing for success, beauty tips and hygiene and having fun fundraisers like fashion shows. πŸ’ƒ  Imagine being in a valley, looking up, and seeing the most gorgeous accessory with your name on it shouting "Girl you can do it! Now tote me to destiny!" On top of a hill that seemed easier to surmount with the most beautiful crystals and rhinestones atop? How awesome would that be? πŸ’  Some bags that are donated may need a lil more flair... And thats when the creativity comes in!!! So excited about this mission God set in my heart. I have #faith He'll make it BE!!! #art #funhobby #giving #passion #glam #sparkle #dreams #color #art #artist #designer #design #bling #handbags #christmas πŸ‘›
"Every act of creation begins with an act of destruction." --- Pablo Picasso πŸ’  This bag was falling apart almost completely dilapidated. I got a hold of it along with some #bling and some #africanprint material, I reused cut pieces of a design I did on canvas, I added a pretty sequined flower, and voila its back to life. As I got ideas I added and added to it. But I had to break it open just to bring it alllllll back together again. I'm happy with it. πŸ’ More ideas and #designs to come. 😘 #funhobby #passion #purpose #art #artist #designer #design #purse #handbags πŸ‘›
I needed something beautiful to look at today. Was sad to hear about a couple I admired growing up going thru a divorce .... In their 60s. Like really?? I guess its worth it to enjoy your life and cherish your happiness regardless of what age you are... Not every love story has a Notebook romantic movie ending. Its reality. Its just sad. I've almost completely lost my #faith in #love because even the people I know who are still together sometimes can barely stand each other... People become codependent. But if there's no love in codependency, what's the point??? 😏  #love #harmony #relationship #life #matrimony #overit