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Since this happens to be World #puppetry Day and #poetry Day I figure I'll share my link (in bio) so that you can appreciate the #art of #storytelling with fun #characters and a lot of imagination! Enjoy! 😁  Www.Preau.co 🌟
One of my kids that I tutor in reading had a birthday last week during their spring break. She is making progress in sight reading and loves shiny flashcards. So I decided to handmake a few colorful and creative ones for her with uplifting positive words and pretty paper and rhinestones and Google eyes 👀 🌟 She'll have about 40 words from a simple level to more complex and about 10 to 12 of the cards will be designed to add a little glam to learning. ✨ #art #design #education #inspiration #literacy #kids #workinprog 😁
You keep waiting on validation from folks you'll be rusty, crusty and pushing daisies leaving behind dreams, goals and a will to be accepted. 😮😵 #wow #ohsnap #thoughtsfortuesday
#throwbacktuesday Summer 2018 #antigua 🌟✨💃I rocked my own bag designs for the beach and around town.  Got in some ancestral history. Was thoroughly spoiled by fam and friends.  I had 2 "vacation boyfriends" one a local business man one a train mechanic from D.C. 😁 Hot days hot mama hot island 🔥 Had a blast saw long lost family... Visited my grandma RIP and had a friggin blast. Hope to have more highlights in 2019. 🙌 #travel #fun #love #peace #soul #partytime
Another kinda look 😘 What is today? Oh... #happytuesday 💃 Yay #stylish #selfie ❤ #yeahbuddy #cute  Earrings always on Fleek 🌞 💎
I have no idea why certain things are revealed to us at certain times. All I know is when I feel that tugging it's time to act. I've known for a long time before I even had my first gyno appointment that I had hormonal issues... From the time I was a kid actually I didn't know but I knew. 😕 I guess that's why my body was guiding/rushing me to push a few kids out in my early 20s because after that is when I realized my gut instinct was fact. When the kid thing didn't happen in my 20s (wrong person wrong time and I didnt want my child to have fatherless emotional issues my dad faced) and I regulated my hormones with birth control for years, I accepted the fact that I wasn't meant to be a natural mother. It wasn't depressing or dramatic for me. It was what it was. ✨  Its hard to explain but people always tell me I'd make a good mother and I know that but there are so many ways one can be a mother. Sarah in the Bible... Gorgeous woman of God... No natural kids for ages finally 1 named Isaac meaning laughter because it was laughable for her to have a child that old... Wife of Abraham, became the mother of many nations. I trust for God to lead me as He always has. Recently I was laying in bed late one night and He spoke to me and told me exactly what to research on my own and start taking for my health. He told me what's wrong. When I started doing research I was blown away because it was def His voice... Sometimes you can't wait on a doctor to give you a Word... Word! A friend of mine is now battling cancer... Hormonal issues haunt so so many women. I thank God for insight and an ear to hear. Ya never know ya know! I'm still not sure if traditional motherhood is for me but as long as I'm healthy that's what matters for my Now. God will guide my Later. ❤ Any women out there who are struggling with gyno/hormonal issues feel free to ask me what I'm up to. So many people suffer in silence or care too much what people will think. People should respect nakedness and
There are some things in life Ill never understand. Like why white people have to take their dogs EVERYWHERE they go. Everywhere!!! Like the dog can't stay home alone for a few hours while you go to the grocery store??? I can't understand why people act like the Starbucks menu is some expansive menu with soooooo many options. Yeah there are changes here and there seasonally but c'mon now. Same tried and true items that MOST people get so why is the line not moving. To piggy back on Starbucks, not sure why they need the exact spelling of Candice just to call me Charlene anyway. I'm also perplexed about how deejays can suck. There is so much good music in the world but you insist on playing NEW Drake and Ariana Grande NONSTOP!!! Just some things that make me go Hmmm. Smh. 😳 #whysinlife #??? #lol but #seriously #love #hope #dumplings 💚 #1stworldproblems
When you choose freedom there's a tremendous sense of fearlessness. Like whatever happens.. Cool... I know I am living in my calling... I've found my reason to be alive. What a time to be alive!!! The message of freedom beginning where fear ends was the core message for my children's book (Link in Bio) And then I kept seeing the footage of Nina Simone quoting the same. Guess I'm creatively on the right track. 🌟  #purpose #literacy #youth #culture #hope #life #freedom 💚
The alpaca was demoted from being my favorite animal. It just looked and looked and threw shade and never came over to say hi. And it wasn't because I'm black because there was a Hispanic lady to my right and it gave her side-eye and it gave me elevator eyes and continued to throw shade from the shade! 👀  #happysunday #animals #austin #love #light #hillcountry #cute #funny ❤
The day will soon come when each one has to make a choice that's a matter of (eternal) life or (eternal) death. Choose wisely. 👑
Absolutely gorgeous. 💚 #jewelry #art #africanart #blackbusinessesmatter #sxsw @worldartz_
Austin TX #sxsw #hippies #mlk  #austinites #streetart #thundercloudsubs 😍
Shea Moisture booth. #sxsw #cute #fortheculture #austin #african #fashion #fun #beauty #art #jewelry #creative #supermodel 😍😄✨ Earrings by @rayajewelryboutique 💃 Bracelets, necklace and dashiki by @worldartz_ 💎
Happy Saturday!!! It's funny because my car #selfie today has my Bible devotional in the background... And what's funny about that is thats the publishing company that I did my first print/web shoot for this year. ✨  Carrying my Christian with me and lawd sometimes it aint easy... People!!! Lol #love #peace #yay
I've never been a fan of kissing. Kissing is overrated... I much prefer cuddling, holding hands, everlasting waist hugs... Quick pecks... And hickeys??? Gawd no. 👎 Kissing... In either direction... is like small talk... Hate it... Its annoying. Like get to the meat and potatoes already. 😂 #funny
Wow. Its been a long time coming. We both look the same. I can't believe its been 13 years... We were so young. What were we thinking? Oh that's right we weren't. We were wild and free as we still are but life has grounded us a lot. Still we are blessed. And we are now friends... Again. The lover thing went south and was in bad timing but me driving north last weekend to visit friends and now a new old friend again, was right on time. Two creatives that put our differences behind us and are now inspiring each other into the future. That one idea/business tip shared towards the end of our convo... Yeah, that's actually propelling my art to the next level. 🌟✨ I guess everything does happen for a reason. 💜 Blessings always... #love #peace #soul #life #hope #faith #yay 👑
A lil MJ never gets old... I'm waiting to see the next black male legend "they" are gonna bring down. If its not brainwashed tactics to obliterate the race its locking them up or keeping them unemployed or underemployed or emasculated . Let's just wait and see how much longer before real black men are extinct. 😞😳😢 #music #mj #blackness Yeah its heavy for a music post but such is life. 😘