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Chelsie 🐯 Here to make wine less intimidating, one glass at a time 📍NYC | chelloveswine@gmail.com wine drinker & content creator New on CLW ⬇️

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With the news of an impending snowstorm, I’m really looking forward to my trip back to Palm Springs in February. I mean sipping sangria in the pool surrounded by the desert and old people is my idea of paradise. Anyone else heading to somewhere warm soon? #chelloveswine #palmsprings
This day last year. Clearly had given up on #dryjanuary already. 2 weeks to go! In the meantime I’ve been working my way through my @wsetglobal 3 books and watching some YouTube videos on it (shout-out to @thegrapeexplorer for some solid content!) #chelloveswine #wset #dryjanfam
Another bottle in my collection I’m dying to get into. I tasted this vintage last year and I think it’ll be even better in a few more. How long would you age this bottle for? 10 years? 15 year? More? #wine #chelloveswine #amarone
Happy Monday! Day 14 of #dryjanuary is here and it’s becoming way easier than I thought to not drink. Producing content has been a bit harder but I’m plugging through. I’ll be attending a wine dinner on Wednesday which will be a challenge 🤔but no point in throwing in the towel now. I broke my no red meat resolution without even thinking about it, I ate a (3) slice of bacon 🤭🤷🏼‍♀️ but the reading and no shopping is still on track. How are you guys doing? #dryjanfam #newyearsresolution
1/20 books for 2019 complete. Just finished “You Are A Badass” by @jensincero. I think it’s a must read for anyone who’s feeling a little confused or not sure where they want to be in life. Also, if you run a blog or social media account, it’s necessary reading. What should book #2 be? I have a list on my blog of all my favorites for those wondering! #youareabadass #20booksin2019 | photo by unknown
I know you guys are probably busy living your non Dry Jan lives on this Saturday night but I put up a new video on my #igtv on how to taste wine without looking like an idiot 😄😛 #chelloveswine (no wine was drank in the making of this video) #dryjanfam
Day 11 of #dryjanuary doesn’t mean I’m still not working on my nose! I have this great Master Aroma Kit that I’ve been using to create a catalog of different scents in my head that I can use to identify aromas in wine. I have a video on my YouTube channel from last year where Pete tests me on some of the aromas if you’re interested in seeing more of the kit. #chelloveswine #dryjanfam
Thinking about making this one of my first bottle post Dry January. What do you guys think? This one retails for $25-$30 and is definitely the best bank for your buck when it comes to @penfolds #dryjanfam
These were some of the bubbly crushed during my NYE party. Shoutouts going to @piper_heidsieck for being a reliable brut, @annasparkling for an unexpectedly delicious treat after dinner & @lamarcaprosecco minis for being cute and tasty. What are some of your favorite bubbles? #chelloveswine #sparklingwine
Yesterday I posted some books on my stories and I got a ton of questions so I made a blog post with all the books + some ones I hope to read. What books should I add to my list? I’d love to add a section recommended by you guys! Link is in my bio & stories for the post #chelloveswine #books
Thinking about all the wine I’m crushing after Dry January is over. I just got a great box of wines from Sonoma that I’m dying to get into. 27 more days! What are some of your favorite California wineries? #californiawine #chelloveswine
Starting out this new year with a whole list of resolutions and goals for 2019. You can peep them on the blog today. Most noteworthy though is that I’ll be partaking in Dry January - this job can be pretty taxing on your health (I’m sure some of you other wineos can relate!) so I’ll be taking my 31 days off to reset the ol bod. You won’t be seeing me drinking on IG this month but I’ll still be posting from events and of wines I get in! Who else is trying Dry January? #newyear #dryjanuary
Getting ready for tonight like 🍾🥂✨#chelloveswine #nye2019
Issa vibe. Drinking a Cab Sav from Virginia. Who’s got experience with VA wines? Super curious about what they’re doing 🍷 - there is also a new video on my channel! Check it out #chelloveswine #itswineoclock
Last wedding of the szn #chelloveswine
Merry Christmas Eve from Carlos & I. Photo by the other third of our trio, @casualpicturepete #chelloveswine #christmaseve
Prepping for NYE with Champagne Guilleminot ✨You can read more on CLW and use code CHELLOVESWINE for 10% off and 1/2 off shipping from @shoplacave #francebonappetit #spon
There is so much good good on CLW right now. Head over to chelloveswine.com to check it all out. #chelloveswine