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Chef Thomas Keller


Chef / Proprietor, Thomas Keller Restaurant Group #TKRG, publisher of @FinesseMagazine, co-founder of @Cup4Cup @kellermannichocolate @regiisova

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Sarah Hsieh @sthsieh93, a sous chef @perseny who joined the team two years ago, credits her lifelong dedication to education as the key to her curiosity. Chef Sarah continues to expand her knowledge and experiences through the support of #mentoryoungchefs @mentorbkb. . “Growing up in New Jersey, my father once told me, ‘whatever you do, be best you can be.’ It’s become my motto through culinary school and now my career. . Through the @mentorBKB Grant Program, I had the opportunity to stage at @amassrestaurant in Copenhagen which gave me an entirely new perspective on what it means to be truly sustainable. I also learned about advancements in fermentation and preservation techniques which furthered my understanding of low waste. For me, this approach is something I could only learn and appreciate with firsthand experience. The grant gave me this opportunity that I would never have had otherwise. . My desire to learn is what has always fueled me to push myself into unfamiliar territory. Whenever I encounter a situation where I don’t necessarily understand the process, I make an effort to research it until I do. But research alone is not enough. In this profession, having great guidance means a lot. Participating in the 2016 Young Chef Competition was a demanding experience that gave me new challenges, triumphs, and lifelong friendships. I learned about myself as a chef and am grateful for the support of my mentors. . Just as Per Se’s @coreydchow @mel_caputo and @chefthomasallan @themodernnyc helped shape me, it is my goal to share my knowledge with chefs who come after me by supporting their growth and instilling core values through example. “Doing the right thing” may be simple concept and a simple phrase, but in practice it has a huge impact. . I consider myself lucky to work with individuals who always strive to improve and push each other to create the best experience for our guests, while simultaneously honing my skills as a chef on the line
The way to someone’s heart is with K+M Chocolate. Available at link in bio #beantobar #kplusm #napavalleychocolate #kellermannichocolate #extravirginchocolate #goodforthebodygoodforthesoul
We are honored and grateful to be part of this year's @bocusedor. Team USA Chefs Matthew Kirkley, Mimi Chen and Robert Sulatycky showed great vision, commitment and investment in preparing for this moment. On behalf of Ment’or and Chef Daniel Boulud, we are incredibly proud of you. For me personally, I was so honored to be part of such a great team and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner than you @danielboulud. . We congratulate Team Denmark on their gold medal win, and all teams, for their exceptional hard work and creativity. Gratitude to Young Yun, Executive Director of Ment'or and her team. And to all of the chefs, coaches, supporters, mentors, and partners who have been integral to Team USA's achievements, our heartfelt thanks.  This year marks the first competition since the Bocuse d'Or founder Chef Paul Bocuse's passing. Monsieur Paul inspired countless chefs worldwide and his influence continues to impact an entire culinary community. . In the words of his son, our dear friend and colleague, #jérômebocuse, “today was the best tribute to his legacy.” #bocusedor #bocusedor2019
Team USA’s Version of Vegetable Chartreuse with Shellfish, Theme on Plate: Vegetable, Herb & Shellfish Chartreuse, Cockle Butter. . Team USA’s Version of Suckling Veal Rack with 5 Prime Chops, Theme on Platter: Roast Rack of Veal with Veal Kidney Farce & Apicius Spice Glaze / Salad Pastorale. . Platter designed by Martin Kastner of @crucialdetail
Tremendous showing today by @bocusedor #teamusa  Matthew Kirkley and Mimi Chen who worked in tandem to prepare and plate incredible dishes. We couldn't be more proud!
Bocuse d’Or Day 1 of competition is here! So excited to see @matthew_kirkley and @mimichen121 compete amidst the sounds of @mentorbkb #teamusa supporters cheering us on! #bocusedor
This is your 2019 @bocusedor #teamusa! Head Chef Matt Kirkley, Commis Mimi Chen. With great skill, precision, and dedication, they are tremendous examples of the culinary talent we have in the United States. Head Coach Robert Sulatycky has tirelessly led this team to where we are today. Ment’or BKB Foundation Executive Director Young Yun also leads the charge and we are grateful to her, and for the support of countless chefs, coaches, supporters, mentors and partners – all of whom have been integral to Team USA’s success. . Watch as they defend gold! . Live stream available on Tuesday January 29th when the competition begins http://www.bocusedor.com/web-tv . Team USA’s start time is 8:20am (Lyon; 2:20amEST; 11:20pmPST) and their end time is 1:55pm (Lyon; 7:55amEST; 4:55amPST) . Bonne chance!
As Team USA @mentorbkb heads into their final days before competing at the @bocusedor Finale in Lyon, we are privileged, honored and thankful to be part of Monsieur Paul’s dream. #roadtolyon #bocusedorusa
Excited for our team who is working hard towards opening day. See you this spring @takroomnyc! #hudsonyards
Tacos de Hongos: wild mushrooms, garlic, poblano peppers, epazote, salsa a las brasas, queso fresco. Join us for dinner at @LaCalendaMex tonight or Tuesday – Saturday, 5pm-11pm. Buen Provecho! #lacalenda #buenprovecho
It’s with great excitement that I introduce Chef de Cuisine Kaelin Ulrich Trilling, who will take the helm at our new @lacalendamex. He has developed a menu rich and varied in flavors & styles, and I couldn’t be more proud of his journey on this opening day. . “I was raised with a deep appreciation for cooking thanks to my mother, Susana Trilling, who runs @SeasonsOfMyHeart cooking school in Oaxaca. I practically grew up in her kitchen, listening to her teach & tasting whatever her classes were making. One of her favorite photos of me is in a high chair, surrounded by her students, my face & clothing covered in mole. That was the essence of my childhood. I was also influenced by my father, a tomato farmer in Oaxaca, who gave me my first job when I was in my teens. Working the soil showed me the importance of sourcing, how food can only be as good as the ingredients you start with. . I was lucky to travel all over Mexico with my mom - La Calenda is inspired by those experiences. I think of the menu as a culinary journey. It starts in my home state of Oaxaca with mole negro, the king of moles, made with 30+ ingredients. It swings along the Nayarit Coast for Pescado Zarandeado Verde, a grilled fish seasoned with herbaceous hoja santa. We serve tacos al pastor with trompo-roasted pork, a typical Mexico City preparation, as well as tacos de pollo pibil, as commonly found in the Yucatan. . We are so fortunate to have close relationships with purveyors throughout Mexico who are providing us with chiles, spices & other ingredients that truly make a difference. We partner with @tamoamx for corn from the southern altitudes, nixtamilizing this corn ourselves, and pressing house-made masa into fresh tortillas. . Mexican culture is filled with celebrations and our restaurant takes its name from one of them. I took part in countless calendas growing up and  I have such fond memories of them. You don’t have to be invited - you just join in. That come-one, come-all
Each new year is an opportunity to take stock, a chance to reflect on change and growth, an invitation to explore new ideas and embrace fresh challenges. . I would like to express my gratitude for the support you have shown us. It’s our honor to welcome you into our restaurants, and our privilege to connect to you through our shared experiences. . Our hope is to nourish, and part of our joy is making these memories with you. . All of us at our restaurant group wish you and yours the best in a happy, healthy and peaceful new year.