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Chef Sam Marvin


Chef and Restaurateur who Beat Bobby Flay on the Food Network, The GOAT LLC., Echo & Rig Butcher and Steakhouse - Las Vegas

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Mac & Cheese, need I say more?
The versatile #avocado can be used in so many recipes and dishes,  because of it's creamy texture and taste! 📷 @foodarenang
#repost @echoandrig ・・・ It's one of our most ordered dishes for a reason. 📷@djminwah
#tomahawk prep!
Order up! #blt 📷 @whiteworksaptairbnb
#repost @echoandrig ・・・ How do you like your steak done? Comment below! 📷@eatsacramento
Beautiful batch of #shishitopeppers for our #avocadotoast dish! 📷 @fuller_mini_farm
Our wonderful staff is ready to serve you up a cold one! 📷@bigdogsbrewing
Cauliflower is definitely a #trending veggie right now because it is a low carb substitute for rice and potato among other things. It is also an excellent source of dietary fibers, vitamins C, K and vitamins of the B group and minerals such as manganese, potassium and magnesium. 📷 @nanny_tigs_allotment_life
Organic King Salmon!  Lemon is a great ingredient when cooking salmon- I add a hint of sweetness with some honey, and shaved fennel! A complete healthy meal when you added hericot verts (green beans)! 📷@tmac4499
The hub of #sacramento is here! Honored to be a part of #docosacramento! 📷@chef_tony23
Make your own #butcherblendburger by picking up fresh made patties at our #vegas in house Butcher Shop! 📷 @cuisineist
I truly believe #nosetotail methods of preparing any type of meat is the future, and that we should all be considerate of the entire animal, and let nothing go to waste!
We've got #dessertgoals for you! 📷 @mica.chu
Guess which dish I use #bloodoranges for? Real @echoandrig fans know! 📷 @cooking__therapy
Garlic is the usual go to when cooking #porkchops, but I like to add a sweet balance of a Calvado Demi-Glaze and serve it alongside a baked apple! 📷@cuisineist
I have the best crew! Shout out to the amazing staff at our #sactown and #vegas location! 📷@goodin702
Definitely the most ordered app at @EchoandRig. The Herb Aioli is a must! 📷 @robert_somm