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Cassidy Callihan


~SCC Softball 🐬⚾️~ I’m just out here living life to the fullest

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Happy National Boyfriend Day to this guy!!! Thanks for being on this crazy ride with me the last couple of months!! 😘😘
Beautiful Wedding!!! Congratulations to the Happy Couple!!!
Ringing in the Fall with this guy 🍂🍂
Lucky to have this guy in my life who treats me like a princess, makes me laugh, and is willing to make sacrifices for our relationship! I’m looking forward to all of our adventures babe!! 😘😘
Out here trying to make some more memories this year #sophomoreseason #phinsup #makingmemories
A dream is a wish your heart makes 🏰
Even the littlest of adventures are worthwhile ❤️❤️
Enjoying this view the last couple of days in Hood River, OR #pnw
Happy 19th Birthday to one of my best friends!!! Thanks for being by my side since we were 8. Can’t wait to see where the future takes us, but I always know we got each other’s backs! Enjoy your day!!! ❤️❤️
Got my @serengetee rep pack and pocket tee in the mail!!! This pocket tee has The America Pocket and proceeds help injured veterans get the treatment they deserve. All the fabrics from around the world have a different cause associated with them. Go check out www.serengetee.com and use my code CALLIHAN to get 20% off your orders!!! #serengeteerep #weartheworld
Having a view of Mt. Hood for the next couple of weeks for work won’t be so bad, but I’m gonna miss home!!! #mthood #oregon #workin’ #summer2k18
Hey guys!!! So this summer I am a rep for @serengetee for the #serengeteesummer. This company began in 2011 and use fabrics from other countries. The proceeds go back to help support their cause partners. They have a BOGO Pocket Tee Promo going on right now. Use my code CALLIHAN to get a discount. Link is in Bio.
Isn’t it amazing how much a person can change in a year?!?!? These two photos were taken a little over a year apart. The girl on the left had a smile on her face, but was never truly happy with how she looked. That girl on the right is finally learning what it is like to not only look after herself first, but love herself.  I’ve lost a ton of weight before, but it never stayed off. In the 7th grade, I decided to do Nutrisystem, and by the time I entered the 8th grade I had lost 70 pounds. The thing was though, I was so unhealthy... I was getting sick and didn’t have energy. I stopped doing it because It wasn’t healthy for my body. That is when the weight came back.  This year I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. I’ve always been active, but never liked going to the gym. I was contacted by a Beachbody coach who said, “why not you?” I then told myself, “why not me?” In 2 months of doing this program, I’ve lost 24 pounds, and I love it 😍  Here I am telling you, if you were in the same boat I was where you aren’t happy, you’ve tried dieting, and you want to love yourself and be confident... You are not alone!  PM me, text me, call me, however you want to get in touch with me. I want to help you!!! ❤️❤️ #myjourney #fittofab #2bmindset #livingmybestlife #pnw #yourenext #youcandoittoo #beachbody #happy #summer2018 #summer2k18
Oh my gosh... I have a piece of bread shame on me! You know what I love about this program, that I can have this piece of bread and be like it’s okay! Most of my plate is veggies anyway... #2bmindset #beachbody #cabbagesteaks #asparagus #seabass #myfitnessjourney
A night to remember ❤️❤️ #partay #livingmybestlife
Glad to have such great teammates to celebrate my 19th with!!! I love you guys ❤️❤️
They always say that you can’t break a bond between two sisters... You deserve to be recognized individually because I tell you things that I can’t tell my other best friends. You were my first and forever best friend. I love you @lisa_marie143 ❤️❤️