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BRNKL by Barnacle Systems


⛵️Security and monitoring 🛥 Your boat at your fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere. #smartboats

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See you in a few days, Kelowna!! We are excited to showcase our boat security and monitoring product to our friends in the interior! #kelownaboatshow
We had an exciting morning installing BRNKL on a 63’ Nordhavn located on a private island. This customers’ primary concern was shore power and bilge monitoring. The additional built-in features such as temperature, humidity, impact, battery voltage and barometric pressure were just a bonus! The install on this beautiful vessel took two hours (including travel time) and is now providing the owners peace of mind while they’re away! #smartboats
It has been inspiring to see all the Easter weekend photos appearing on social media! This photo taken by @gjohnstone during the first @seaslothyachtclub rendezvous is definitely right at the top!  Tag us in your cruising photos so that we can continue daydreaming!
We hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend with family and friends!  When you’re away visiting family know that BRNKL will be monitoring your boat’s critical systems. If anything goes awry BRNKL will notify you on your smartphone, tablet and computer! Come home knowing that your vessel doesn’t have any surprises waiting for you. #smartboats  Reposted photo from our friends at @cutwaterboats
“Hoppy Easter” from our families to yours. What’s in your Easter dinner? We know of several rendezvous happening this weekend - one in particular we wish we could have joined was @seaslothyachtclub’s first at Wallace Island! We hope everyone is having a fun Easter weekend. 📸 @ian.w.duncan
Where will your boat take you this Easter weekend? 📸 @petegibbs79
According to BoatUS, 69% of vessels that sink happen at the dock. With BRNKL you can receive notifications if your bilge is running frequently, if a high water alarm is tripped, or if your boat begins to list at the dock.  Unfortunately for this vessel, 1947 Yacht Peregrine sunk at Corp of Engineers dock at Sausalito.  We hope it can be saved!  #smartboats
This is an incredible video from our own backyard! Pacific White-Sided dolphins & Dalls Porpoises are a common sight when boating in the waters around Campbell River. They usually travel in groups of 90-100. Have you seen these majestic creatures before? Repost @discovercampbellriver 📹: @salishblue
No one around to check on your boat? No worries, with BRNKL you can receive notifications to your smartphone, tablet, or computer whether you’re at the dock, at home, or halfway around the world. #smartboats 📸 @nie.znane.trojmiasto
Allow your loved ones to track your voyage with BRNKL. We know that “checking in” can slip through the cracks when you’re the captain, simplify your journey with remote monitoring! #smartboats 📸 @bejamin
Imagine all the places you will go and all the people you will meet. Cruising season is approaching here in the Pacific North West and we at Barnacle are dreaming of our next adventure.  Release any tension you may have when leaving your boat at anchor. With BRNKL you can check on your vessel at anytime... Even while you’re searching for what’s around that next corner. #smartboats 📸 @ernathan
Are you planning on cruising this summer? There’s nothing quite like it. 📸@kristopherorr
During a recent install we could hear the faint noise of a buzzer coming from a few slips away... We decided to do a quick walk around and discovered that a vessel’s high water alarm was sounding. We alerted the marina and left for the day. We came back the next day and sure enough the alarm was still sounding! We haven’t been back since, but if this vessel had a #brnkl installed we would be confident that the boat owner knew exactly what is happening onboard. #smartboats
Ahoy there! To celebrate 1,000 followers on Instagram we thought it would be a good time to announce our new mascot, Captain Barney, and their unnamed parrot 🦜 sidekick! Do you have a name for our new parrot? Let us know in the comments!  Captain Barney will he found on stickers, magnets, pins and kids clothing at upcoming boat shows! It’s important to keep the kids happy while mommy and daddy (or grandpa and grandma) drool over boats!
We are often asked, “is #brnkl a good fit for commercial vessels?” The answer is simple, “yes!” Commercial vessels can sit idle for long periods of time during the year. BRNKL helps owners ensure their critical systems are functioning properly and provides security measures to make sure that anyone trying to “help themselves” to expensive gear on these boats is avoided. BRNKL has re-invented the way boat owners check on their boats. #smartboats
“I have the worst ‘boater’s anxiety’.” A friend of ours would say, “every time I would walk to my boat I would think: Did I remember to connect my shore power? I hope I didn’t leave my crab traps on the deck...” Now, with #brnkl, our friend can check on his boat from his smartphone anytime, anywhere.  Like a home security system for your boat, BRNKL sends you notifications if any of your critical systems need attention. #smartboats
We are blown away to have been featured on the cover of @douglas_magazine and announced as #10towatch. We are grateful for the support we have received from the business community as we continue to grow! #smartboats
Where will your next adventure take you?  Allow your family to follow along by giving them access to your #brnkl data. They can know your GPS position and the general health of your vessel. In the extreme case that you run aground, your family members will receive the impact notification and be able to support you from land.  Note: the BRNKL “All in One” comes with a lens cap so that your family doesn’t see *everything* 😊  #smartboats