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NASM/NESTA @brittanyperillee The Ultimate Guide To Greater Glutes V2!WWW.BRITTANYPERILLE.COM Legion ⚡️Athletics Supplements Discount code: Brittany10

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L e g s ! ! ! 😈 Swipe Videos! ✨1st Video- Glute Focused Dumbbell DL to Squat My feet are wide and turned outward. You will be working your inner thighs, hamstrings and glutes. I find this move most taxing at the top of my hamstrings 💀! ✨2nd Video- Barbell Reverse Lunges to Curtsey Lunges  My thunders were shot but I tried my hardest to drive hard through my front heel. Don’t do this in the middle of the workout floor like I did for this demo 🙆🏼‍♀️. Was a close call reracking this weight 🤭 jk 😉 ✨ 3rd Video- Dumbbell Reverse Lunges to Pulses I use my knee/thigh to throw the dumbbell onto my shoulder to get into position. I find the most comfortable grip is closest to the bottom of the dumbbell. *Video is sped up. I actually filmed these demos as round 2 on leg day. My legs were shot from a grueling lift a few hours before and my little angel was sitting in his stroller anxious to play with the cable machine 🤪🙈. Click the link in my bio for the supplements I take! Discount Code: Brittany10 @legionath
Special delivery for ya GLUTES!!🍑 👋🏻 SWIPE for Band Exercises you must be doing when you train booty! 👌🏻 🌪SUPERSET each exercise 🌪 •1st Exercise- Banded Lateral Walks •2nd Exercise-Banded Squatting Abductions •3rd Exercise- Banded Box Hip Abduction •4th Exercise- Banded Box Hip Extension •5th Exercise- Banded #4 Crossed Leg Lift Using the @THEXBANDS!!! I have tried so many different brands of resistance bands and I have FINALLY found the perfect brand to compliment my programs and style of training 😩🙌🏼. I have never had a band slip or snap. Good luck chewing through these bands Ryze👶🏼 😂🤦🏼‍♀️. I can’t even tell you how many times I have snapped bands (multiple other brands) at the gym because he 👶🏼 snuck into my gym bag and chewed on them 🤦🏼‍♀️😷 Resistance Bands Discount Code:”Brittany10” . Click the link in my bio for the Whey+ Protein I drink immediately after every single lift! Code: “Brittany10” @legionath
Do yourself a HUGE favor and get to rolling!!! My SMFR Foam Rolling Program will be available for you guys ASAP! 👏🏻 For only 15-20 minutes everyday you can dramatically improve the way your body feels! Foam Rolling is what allows my muscles to “bounce back” from the daily heavy lifting. I no longer feel sore for days after training a specific muscle group. We all know how hard it is to have to train legs when your hamstrings/quads/glutes are STILL sore as hell from the last session. 😏🤦🏼‍♀️ . Link in bio for all the supplements I take ✨discount code: brittany10 @legionath *Video is sped up
Part 2  SWIPE for more Shoulders🔥 Challenging sequence 👇🏼 ✨Dumbbell static holds ✨Cable static holds (tris too) ✨Dumbbell shoulder press ✨Dumbbell lateral lifts ✨Rear delt Y raise ✨Superset w/ rear delt flys . Click the link in my bio for all the supplements I take! So many new flavors and casein is now available!! 👏🏻 discount code: Brittany10
Part 1 Shoulders/Tris/Rotators 🔥 SWIPE! •Triceps• Seated on ball overhead extensions I really love this exercise because it takes the stress off my breast implants. I am constantly fighting feeling uncomfortable in a lot of tricep exercises. This one ☝🏽 has never caused my milk to come down 🙈 (sorry if tmi) or my implants to feel like they are being shoved towards my armpits. I also love the deep stretch! This one is Fire! 🔥 •Shoulders• Seated cable hex shoulder press Wrists are together and I am pressing up. I am also using double handles for the attachment. •Rotator Cuff• Seated cable external rotations It is very important to train your rotators! This is exercise doesn’t require heavy weight and should be performed slow and purposeful! *Vid is sped up Click the link in my bio for all the supplements I take! So many new flavors and casein is now available!! 👏🏻 discount code: Brittany10 🎥 @brianneperille
Back Back Back 🐉 and some pretty legit lighting 👌🏻 I love training back and creating all the little details 🤓. I train back 2xs a week. . Link in bio for all the supplements I take. Discount Code: Brittany10 @legionath
Part 3 😩💦💦💪🏻 ABSSS with a touch of glutes 🌪🌪 I promise this is the last video from this training session. I even debated posting it on my backup account @brittanyperillee because I am SO tired of looking at this outfit 😂 🤦🏼‍♀️ •1st Exercise- Banded Plank Alternating Leg Lifts This is way more challenging then it looks! Make sure to brace your core (pp mamas especially) and drive hard through your forearms. Increase the resistance in your band as you get stronger! Superset 👇🏼 •2nd Exercise- Banded Plank Jacks If you want to really crank the intensity up, add a band to your wrists and perform a jumping jack with your arms as well 💥. My breast implants don’t enjoy banded wrists so I don’t add the second band that often. Superset 👇🏼 •3rd Exercise- Banded Oblique Hip Dips Band is not necessary but I don’t remove it because it is a superset. •4th Exercise- Supine Arm to Opp Leg Reach I am using a light 5 lb dumbbell to increase the intensity. The goal is keep your core braced! You can see how I check my linea alba and reset myself into proper bracing. If you have functional Diastasis or have completed my Restore Your Core Program, give this one a try. It does NOT disappoint! 😅 Click the link in my bio for the supplements I take! A few new flavors of Whey+ Protein 😛 Discount Code: Brittany10 @legionath 🎥 @brianneperille
Part 2 Bench Series! 🔥🔥 All you need is a band, dumbbell and bench(s) to work your glutes  OH. SO . WELL! 😅 •1st Video- Bench Banded Rainbows 🌈  Notice where I placed the band. I am kneeling on it to keep from rolling/slipping. 👌🏻 •2nd Video- Bench Banded Rainbows 🌈  Opposite leg view so you can see my range of motion (ROM). Try swinging your leg in a half circle motion and then also into a sharper triangular motion. I love both techniques! •3rd Video- Bench Banded Toe Taps Staple exercise in my Glute Programs! •4th Video- Bench SL Elevated Hip Thrust Start with only your bodyweight before moving onto the next video. •5th Video- Adding a dumbbell to previous video! 💦 New Flavors available for the Whey+ Protein I drink! Click the link in my bio @legionath 🎥 @brianneperille
Put that booty to WORK! 📣 I can’t wait till you guys add in my Foam Rolling Guide (coming soon 🤫) to my other Programs! My entire body feels like it’s been sprayed with WD-40= loose & flexible 😂🙈. I am feeling such a difference in my everyday life and heavy lifts! So excited for you guys! Swipe Videos Part 1 👉🏻 •1st Video- Dumbbell Sumo Squat Focus on lifting with your glutes first as you come into standing position. You will see my glutes flare the moment I begin lift off 👌🏻. Squeeze! •2nd Video- Glute Focused Leg Press When I lower down, I aim for allowing working knee to move in the direction towards the back of my shoulder. May require some flexibility. •3rd Video- Feet Together Dumbbell Bridge Straight from my gym-based Program 👍🏻. Do not perform this and last video w/o a Pad 🙅🏼‍♀️ •4th Video- Dumbbell Frog Thrust Also straight from my gym-based Program. Feet as close to glutes as possible/comfortable. Staple Exercise! Link in bio for the Whey+ Protein that immediately follows my lifts 💪🏻 @legionath 🎥 @brianneperille Nursing sports bra @mummactiv
Stability Ball Ab Exercises! 🌼 Simple & Effective! •1st Video-Supine Ball Twists This will take a few try’s to get the hang of holding onto the ball with your feet. Don’t get frustrated! •2nd Video- Arm & Leg Ball Twists I am reaching towards each foot. Focus on your breath! Both exercises are superset with crunches 💦 * These exercises are unfortunately NOT safe for those who have diastasis recti (DR). If you have functional DR you may try these 👌🏻. Link in bio for all the supplements I take! Discount code: Brittany10 @legionath Previously 🎥 by sister 👯‍♀️ @brianneperille
Grab a towel! ✨ Here are a few exercises from my Restore Your Core & Pelvic Floor Program. These exercises are performed at the real tempo; SLOW AND MINDFUL! Sorry if this is like watching paint 🎨 dry 🙈 but now that I am a mom I feel compelled to speak out to all my other mamas following 🙋🏼‍♀️. •Video 1- Reverse plank holding •Video 2- Perform a core brace. Place a towel across your shins and grasp each end. Begin to pull the ends of the towel while squeezing your thighs together. Exhale as you draw your belly button in towards your spine and slowly lift your shoulders off the floor. Hold at the top of the lift for 2-3 seconds. I curl my neck because I like to see my abdominals contract. •Video 3- Perform a core brace and bring each knee up to a 90-degree angle. Place a towel across the top of your thighs while holding each end. Push your thighs against the towel to create resistance. From here, lift your shoulders off the floor and extend one leg as you exhale. Hold for 2-3 seconds before returning the extended leg. Alternate legs. . Click the link in my bio for all the supplements I take & recommend 💪🏻 discount code:brittany10 @legionath WWW.BRITTANYPERILLE.COM
Bands on Bands in the sunshine 🌞  Anywhere glute exercises! •1st Video- Hip Rotations •2nd Video- Squatting Abductions •3rd Video- Quadruped Lateral Lifts (fire hydrants) •4th Video- Feet Lifted Clamshells •5th Video- Double Banded Floor Bridges •6th Video- Forearm/Heel Abductions AND many more banded exercises can be found in my Ultimate Guide to Greater Glutes ⭐️. HAPPY BOOTY 🍑 BUILDING LADIES! *previously recorded by @brianneperille. I am on day 2 of my Reload week 🙌🏼. Click the link in my bio for the supplements I have been taking for years 💪🏻 @legionath (discount code-brittany10)