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#heartcentredactivist💜 #actor #consciousrelationships #spiritual #coach #meditation #tantra #sapiosexual #filmactor #oxford #london

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always reassuring to see the Egyptian God Anubis on the train going to work..#anubis #dogsofinstagram #train #egyptiangod #funny #lovelife
Today’s the day..
These beautiful faces...at the @commongroundoxford art night standing in front of @dayna_betty artwork #artistsoninstagram #art
a brilliant art show at @commongroundoxford this is the amazingly talented @mharknesss with his coffee themed pieces #art #artistsoninstagram #commonground
reposting this from @hayhouseinc I’m finding my people and have a close, fierce loving, heart centred tribe around me..this reminds me of the brilliant and authentic work of @iammichelleholmes and @therealpaulwebb who I both respect and adore.  #findyourtribe #heartcenteredactivist #hayhouse #sacredgift #authenticity #love #fierce #showupforlife
Body image.  For a long time from my early teens through to my late 20’s I was anxious about my body. I used to have misconceived ideas of how I ‘should’ look. I didn’t enjoy the summer arriving as it meant going out in shorts and t shirts and exposing my body for people to see. My own inner critic would step forward and say ‘but you don’t look like what a young man should look like..you’re tall and lanky instead of shorter and muscly’. I didn’t understand the true concept of masculinity and thought it was solely defined by Male body shape (I know this stems from cultural trends stretching back years). When I realised I wasn’t confirming to societies expectations of masculinity, I went the other way and embraced my feminine.  A lot is written about both Female and Male body image and I don’t want to document a lot of stuff that is available online, however I would say that the difference between the genders in self perception is less then most may think. The gap is closing.  In the last few years however I’ve been happy and so comfortable about my body shape. I step into my sexy. I am a sexy MF. Even writing these last few words make me slightly uncomfortable how it will be perceived and I acknowledge that.  I love my feminine as well as my masculine side. Instead of sending my inner critic away, I genuinely loved him instead.  it’s also amazing what you can do with a camera phone timer, a carefully positioned guitar and a spare few minutes.. #innercritic #bodyimage #masculine #feminine #physical #naked #proud #love #sexy
fallen in love again..this time with Sky.. thank you @playhousecreature for doggy time 💜 #dogsofinstagram
#internationalwomensday  Thank you to the beautiful, strong and kind women in my life 💜  #balanceforbetter
Friday morning and getting curious..bumping into @mharknesss at the gym was a fabulous start..making a fierce commitment to myself to explore, to play more. To get curious. It all starts within. Are you ready to play?
me and my homeboy Piotr at the Theatre #tapsocial
Tickets still available, though I’m told, going quickly for the London screening of one of the features I’m in: sci fi ‘Kaleidoscope Man’ 26th March at 6pm at the Genesis Cinema in Whitechapel with some of the cast Q & A afterwards ..link and more info here: https://www.kaleidoscopeman.com/come-to-a-private-screening/  #kaleidoscopeman #filmactor #screenactor #scifi #actorslife #privatescreening #genesiscinemas #whitechapel
it’s harder then it looks...for a Beatles aficionado it was very hard keeping out ‘In My Life’ for ‘Baby Love’..Janet Kay’s ‘Silly Games’ and my love of original ska and reggae just edged Kate Bush’s ‘This Womans Work’ of course David had to be there too...and Cotton Wool Buds for a luxury item? Yes please 👂🏻 #desertislanddiscs
Addiction. Not just about substances. The addiction to our story is a good addiction.  I realised that addiction to the story we tell ourselves can be so very subtle:  I see myself as a spiritual person, an unspiritual person, an outsider, a good person, a bad person, someone who loves to be around people, someone who had a damaged childhood. The story I tell is one of deep soulful connections with others or the story I tell is a love for bad boy types or the story I tell is one of misery and woe when it comes to relationships.  These are the stories we love to wheel out and tell ourselves they are true.  The stories we tell ourselves are addictive and it’s both alluring to hold onto the vision we hold for ourselves as well as beneficial to our own ego to claim that story as our own.  Yes beneficial to ourselves. Because as much as we may deny it, there’s always a payoff to our own bullshit. We are always seeking a benefit from telling and repeating our story to ourselves. I’m noticing my own story within this. I’m noticing how the story I’ve told myself isn’t looking very strong anymore and it crumbles when I hold it up to the light.  In the awareness of this we are reminding ourselves we have a far deeper, more varied and limitless ability to change our story (if we want to). We remove limitations onto ourselves and the story we tell ourselves.  So instead of asking ‘what’s your story?’ why not ask ‘could we be willing to drop all concepts of our own story and meet in a new place?’ #personaldevelopment #growth #heartcenteredactivist #thoughts? #changemakers #love #addictiontostory #beliefs #empowerment #awareness #compassion #nonjudgemental
bought this cup for myself today..because..well I’m beautiful you know? (and it matches the work surfaces..) 😍 #beauty #hellobeautiful #love #springiscoming #daffodils #pink #💗
#tbt signing these promo cards for film #thepragueprovision playing infamous and bit stupid Czech model Andel #filmactor #actorslife #czech #actor #model #fashion #music #art #tv #love
Do you smile at our small view?  You for whom ‘day’ as a division of light from dark, is simply a quaint request to distinguish  The sides of your body, like different time zones  And like you we carry the night on our backs, and still, we think this ‘time’ is a thing.  We traverse, move through..from the navel to nose and round again. You show us that all seasons in fact coexist.  Simultaneously.  From dissolute tundra to teeming jungles. From sizzling cities to sands and lands,  we call this skin of yours, the skin we call mine.  Define, refine.  As if we, who sprang from you, and build our bodies with your bounty,  are somehow separate. #poetryofinstagram #poetry #vulnerability #poetsofinstagram #instapoet #words #poem #love #writing
#tbt playing drums in the house of a well known musician New Years Eve 2006/7 you were at that party too @spongerob 😊