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Sometimes...sweet and sour chicken is truly food for the soul 😌🧡 SAVE THIS HEALTHY REMAKE from @fitmencook for your Sunday meal prep! Link in bio! - - #crockpotrecipes #chickenrecipes #bodybuildingcom #bbcomrecipes #fitmencook
"The gym is the perfect place to practice not just overcoming obstacles, but absolutely OBLITERATING obstacles."- @mikerashid - Why do you love the gym?? Comment below! - Start training like Mike with his "Kingmaker" 4-Week hybrid training program found only in All-Access! Subscribe to start the plan today! Link in bio! https://bbcom.me/2VJEJwP - #flexfriday #bodybuildingcom #bbcommotivation
Do it with us: - Deep breath in..... Deep Breath out... AHHHH! - How do you like to unwind and relax on the weekends? - #bodybuildingcom #bbcommotivation #weekendvibes
💪ADAPTIVE WORKOUT CHALLENGE💪 - Team Bodybuilding.com member @jedidiahsnelson doesn't let being in a wheelchair affect his ability to hit the gym and lift heavy weights! Jedidiah is an adaptive CrossFit (@adaptivecrossfit) athlete and crushes his workouts! - *Battle Ropes-AMRAP 1:00 *Row- 1:00 MAX DISTANCE *Ski Erg- 1:00 MAX CALORIES - Ready to try? SWIPE LEFT! We are at @thewodapalooza event in Miami giving everyone a chance to OR do it at your local gym! Give it a go! - #adaptivecrossfit #bodybuildingcom #bbcommotivation
All about the arm gains 💪 #flexfriday - - - Did you now Aaron Marino aka ALPHA M has a workout program in All-Access? Don't miss out on Tailored! Link in bio! - - #bodybuildingcom #tailored #alpham
Never a bad day for an upper body workout!💪 What's your favorite shoulder exercise? - #bodybuildingcom #bbcommotivation
🥊SHADOW BOXING WORKOUT🥊 - Boxer or not, adding in "shadow boxing" to your upper body day routine is a great option to feel the burn. 60 seconds may not seem like much but add in weights plus having constant tension means it's harder than it looks! - Give it a shot! Want more hybrid training? Check out the full Kingmaker program in All-Access today! - #kingmaker #bodybuildingcom #workoutwednesday #bbcommotivation #boxingworkout
What are your transformation goals this year? Weight loss? Strength gains? Endurance? Let us know! - - #bbcomchallengeseries #bodybuildingcom #transformyourbody
💪TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY💪 - 386 Lbs --> 171 Lbs (little over 2 year transformation) - Journey of @kristafrancis1: "I was told about bodybuilding.com, where I found many others who were/are going through the same things I was. I soon linked up with a few ambassadors who referred me to the all-access page, where then I had access to the site about a year into my journey. I started following a Jamie Eason's Live Fit program. Shortly after, BBcom had the Mission Possible Challenge with Possible Pat as the host (how lucky I was!) There is where I learned how to properly calculate my calories, start tracking my food intake, and then started Kris Gethins 8-Week Hardcore Trainer in All-Access. From there I followed that same program 3x in a row, his 12-week trainer, Jim Stoppani's Shortcut to Shred, Hannah Edens FYR program, and then FST-7.  I get this question alot now " Do you experience more happiness now that your not obese?" The answer is easy. No, I am not any more or any less happy in or with life now that I am at a normal weight. My weight was never a determining factor of my happiness. Do I feel exuberant? Absolutely! I am exuberant about my progress and how physically better I feel! I can not only walk 5 miles but can run it; whereas before, walking a 1/4 block around the neighborhood was difficult. I have extended the longevity of life. I have a healthier relationship with my husband and children because I am more active in normal day to day tasks.  I fell in love with the process, with lifting, and my results! Bodybuilding.com in its entirety has been what I say has saved my life from diseases and illnesses that come with obesity, that if I had not found, could have taken my life prematurely. I can not imagine how my life would have turned out, if I had not become apart of this community and was given the tools and encouragement I needed to succeed. I love Bodybuilding.com and am forever grateful. - Ready to make your own transformation? Join our 2019
Change begins with you.. you have to want to develop new habits. You have to want to live a different life than your current one. You have to desire more out of your life. Today can be that day! #motivationmonday - - Our All-Access Challenge Series starts today! Click the link in our bio to register before it's too late! - #bbcomchallengeseries #jymarmy
WEEKLY CHALLENGE #1 of the 2019 All Access Challenge Series powered by @jimstoppani JYM Supplement Science! ****** Who is on your support team?? We all need a little help sometimes staying motivated, being inspired, sticking to our diet, and having someone to hit the gym with! Who do you go to?? ***** Let us know in a post using #bbcomchallengeseries and tag us!! We are picking 140 people who post to win a Bodybuilding.com prize pack plus one months of All-Access! GO GO GO! #bodybuildingcom #jymarmy
Today is DAY 1! - The 2019 All-Access Challenge Series kicks off today! We will be posting the very first weekly and mini challenges later today! Turn on those post notifications so you don’t miss your chance at winning prizes! - Haven’t registered for the challenge? It’s not too late! Click the link in the bio! - #bbcomchallengeseries #bodybuildingcom