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Elliott 17 🇺🇸 ASK AND CREDIT B4 USING ART Best quality: his wiggles 🎨 RQ🚫 🎨Commission🆗 🎨Trade🆗

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give me ideas for original post mortem characters because I've been drawing this stinky dick forever and I wanna develop post-mortem more  #doodle #art #drawing #oc
PLEASE TAG ME OR USE #ghostmortemfester
I think...Candy was the one who killed him. After some circumstances candy began struggling with, they spiraled over the edge despite Fester and Shriek's efforts to calm them down. He still has nightmares and flashbacks to seeing the last of their ectoplasm drip onto the floor and evaporate as they began to become hysterical in anger and he watched on helpless with this feeling of "this home we have come to make for each other over the past several years has just come to an abrupt end. My worst nightmare just came true, my best friend and someone I look up to just died right in front of me." Candy sort of went out of control and began to attack him, but they lost their mind permanently and didn't know their own strength. After he reappeared as a ghost after his funeral, his last cleaning job was his own blood from the carpet but it probably needs to be replaced. He doesn't have the mental strength to go back to the Douglas house so he's trying to sell it as well as look for a gig as a mortician. Shriek in post mortem is paying for his therapy, and she often keeps him over at Maxwell's for movies and parties and sleepovers. Her mental health is another story. Fester used to hate max, but Max is sympathetic to fester's depression and trauma and understands that he doesn't want spiritual guidance so he and shriek make the home they can for him, as well as his siblings and parents doing the same.  Snickers clings to him and often pouts because it doesn't understand where candy is. #oc #doodle #art
Sad ghost hours  #logo #art #doodle #scribble #oc
Trades w @np_agua_mojada  #chibi #art #doodle #scribble #notmyoc #orange #purple
He just needs someone to tell him he'll be okay God, I feel so bad for him post-mortem I could cry,  there's so many negative self-sacrificing emotions he has he's almost bursting at the seams pleading to Maxwell's god just to bring candy back so he can see their smiling face one more time #sketch #remarkable #ghost
Shit #moodboard #aesthetic #moodboardtrade
745 was designed by @itsdahmer go show them some love  The main difference between a level blue and a level orange is that level blues affect the senses directly, usually, whereas level oranges don't really effect other people or the user or anyone it just. Kinda happens  #sketch #oc #stupid #doodle #sketchdump
If you dig in that "duck tail" you can find thick streaks of pink that remain from his human hair  I wanted to add more drool but I was scared the shading would make it look like cüm #doodle #halloween #werewolf #art #oc #doodle
I'd also take commissions for a Tim Burton inspired style.  #timburton #thenightmarebeforechristmas #sketch #oc
Alternative snickers one: "I like to drag stuff out of Fester's closet and play with it. Sometimes this includes dragging specific objects into the middle of the god damned living room" Alternative candy one: "I once stood at the top of the stairs once because I swore I heard something unusual downstairs and I ended up scaring the bejeezus out of Fester"  Alternative fester one: "candy and i buy weird shit with each other's money and we like to surprise the other by signing our names on receipts as shitposts like 'dont look behind you' or ''maxwell kickboxing an owl' "
A Bojack style commission for @butchershopbunny in the meantime #commission #art #rabbit
All I can feel is the need to sleep
THE INTERVIEW- 1 Uhhh you can probably guess what this is for This is the incident that they both just refer to as such, shriek only has a vague idea of what happened because candy and Fester's friendship started off with a lot of trauma for the both of them Candy Still has nightmares about it sometimes  #sketch #comic
Bojacked  I actually don't like pumpkin spice that much but it's seasonal and i love the idea of it  #bojackhorseman #bojacksona #rabbit #jackalope
I asked him if I could do my psych project about him  #nielcicierega #lemondemon #potterpuppetpals #brodyquest #theultimateshowdownofultimatedestiny
#earthchan #sketch #loli