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April Bandlow


Typical Mama overwhelmed with love. My boy is the 🐝's knees. Our journey one snap at a time : @abandlow : @indigolens :

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His very own tree. Big man is elated. Spends all his time moving the ornaments around and adjusting them until they are just right. I have to tell him that Santa is environmentally conscious and that’s why Mama has to turn it off after he sleeps. He doesn’t care, he just wants his twinkly lights. :: #christmas2018 :: #treeobsessed :: #toddler :: #thisis3 ::
There’s cool and then there is rocking shades on a rainy day in November cool. :: #coolguy :: #theman :: #breakfastdate ::
We walked (he drove his motorcycle) to the park yesterday and played like it was June. Turns out slides are even cooler when they are covered in snow. He shot out like a rocket! :: #getoutside :: #westmichiganwinter ::
This was the year. The year Lincoln became a Halloween super fan. His candy loot is his pride and joy. :: #trickortreating :: #halloween2018 ::
A little tardy on the Halloween costume post. Look at my handsome space man. :: #tothemoon :: #halloween2018 ::
Arm tattoos of dinosaurs and red paint everywhere. Everywhere.
STL born MI raised. :: #stl :: #mi ::
Those chubby little paint covered fingers gripping his apple. Time is moving too quickly. Savoring these details. :: #mylove ::
Childhood. ❤️
Such joy in this little heart.
To the moon my love. :: #halloween2018 :: #spaceman ::
Spending the wee hours of the morning traveling East has its benefits. (coffee & a great audio book 👌🏼) A sight like this demands you pull over in the nearest corn field, wrap up in your mega scarf and just breathe for a minute. And snap a picture to prove you relaxed of course. :: #ifimbeinghonest :: ... “Turns out, the most beautiful things in my life were never on my to-do list” 🗣@msrachelhollis ... :: #justbreathe :: #sunrise :: #pause :: #zerochill :: #nofiltersky ::
I think it’s fair to say that Lincoln may just be as fall basic as his Mama. :: #basic :: #welovefall :: #pumpkin ::
What I said “hey buddy sit on the bench so Mama can take your picture.” .... What he heard “Hey bud, see if you can climb to to the top of those pumpkins there.” :: #boymom :: #fallglory :: #lewisfarms ::
Fresh air. :: #getoutside :: #mtpisgah :: #westmichigan ::
Another lovely fall day. Big man climbed all 200+ stairs by himself and made it to the last 1/4 mile of our 2 mile hike before asking to be carried. Then he ate a pound of macaroni and crashed. All in all a wonderful day. :: #getoutside :: #fall ::
All the happiness.
Forever his favorite part of any trip. The hotel. :: #bigolehotel ::