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the imaginative ingenuity of a beekeeper and electrical engineer for a secret portal into the life of bees

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Meet the Combplex team! 🐝  Hailey is one of the cofounders of Combplex and our resident bee expert.  Hailey hails from Nome, Alaska, where she wandered the tundra around her childhood home, while exploring arctic fox dens, chasing bumblebees, hunting moose and picking berries with her family. Hailey worked with the University of Alaska’s integrated pest management (IPM) team for three years before moving south for school. In Vermont, Montana, and Massachusetts, she worked on farms and ranches and became fascinated by the juxtaposition of commercial agriculture, small farms, and humanity’s hunter-gatherer roots. Along the way, she got distracted and fell in love with the curious behavioral diversity of insects. Hailey has been working in honey bee behavior research since 2010, first at Wellesley College and starting in 2015 as a PhD student at Cornell University in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior. She is multifacited: bee expert, graphic designer, precision solderer, and she can also race a dog sled.
Team meeting! Great day in the office
Cornell bees are enjoying the summer! #cornellsummer
Did you miss the Liberty Hyde Bailey Lecture, “The Buzz About Bees?” Combplex co-founder Hailey talked about varroa mites, native pollinators, and innovative solutions to the issues bee keepers face. We were so honored to be there, and we learned so much! The big take away: plant more pollinator-friendly and native flowers for bees to enjoy! πŸ’ 🌸 🌺
In Ithaca? Come see our Hailey speak on a panel for bee health!! Friday June, 8th from 1-2:30
Our goal is to help beekeepers keep their colonies healthy as they move around the country by using remote electronic devices that monitor colony health. 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 Are you a beekeeper? We want to hear from EVERYONE that uses innovative techniques to manage honey bee colony health!
We are excited to announce that Combplex was named Cornell Student Business of the Year!  Thank you to everyone! ——————————————————————————————————————-#bees #combplex #cornell #cornellentrepreneurship
All ready to display @beecombplex at the #aau #innovation showcase in #washingtondc highlighting #researchtostartup thanks to @cornellinwashington for organizing!
Combplex cofounders Hailey and Nathan on Capitol Hill to talk about #researchtostartup #science and #pollinators
Help #bees, buy #dahlias!  Fundraising from the last of our fall blooms. Not to worry, our fields of goldenrod, aster and coneflower feed the bees much better than these #blooms...
Hundreds of #varroa mites collected from bottom board of a collapsing #honeybee colony. #winteriscoming #beehive
#dahlia #harvest from our #pollinatorgarden
Wild bee in Northern California
These #honeybees near #sonoma have to deal with little forage until winter rains arrive.
#honeybees and #nativepollinators ALL over these dahlias! Thanks @aztec_dahlias in Petaluma CA for the opportunity for amazing bee portraits!  #flowers #dahlia #localfarm  We're out in #sonoma CA this week and there is not a lot of forage out there. Happy to see this amazing spot, for me and for #pollinators
Lily, our California canine friend @vineyard.views celebrated when she heard @beecombplex won the #cornell 2017 elab pitch contest!
#honeybees taking advantage of rare sun this rainy fall to get some goldenrod!