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Make you move like an animal Make a noise like an animal Scottish, 31. Good girl.

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I swear to god, thinking about my boyfriends Mam going to Canada, seeing this tiny pumpkin and buying it for me before bringing it all the way back to Scotland... kills me 🍁🧡 (it’s real - Doog sprayed it with something to preserve it)
Oh hell yeah @tomlobobrennan 🙌🏼 #loominglarge #weavingpuns
Collieston is the most peaceful place. You only ever hear birds singing and dogs barking.
The bin arrived. See stories for the unveiling. She’s currently talking about people liking Brabantia bins.
My favourite mouse killer #tbt
When I moved to London, I got interviewed for a 12hpw job at HMV in Victoria Station. My first job interview, and I got a job. Thanks for the job, @raffandridge and for thinking of me when this seasons issue of @tate magazine arrived. Too kind ❤️
Flashback to what I looked like when me and Doog first dated, and to the phone Anna gave me that she once dropped in the ocean. Very first loom I made is in the second photo #babybangs #fbf
The good life up in San Luis Obispo, California, 2017... where I ate all figs and pluots in sight and half-assed a couple of hikes with @michiebeing #rootbeer
Roll onnnnnnnnn the next week and a half so I can listen to @dugaldallan gloat about how well the plants in his window are coming along, walk Mooly at Forvie with him, make dye, and have him avoid making eye contact with me in photos.  Be still my beating heart. Kind, thoughtful, tolerant and as deep as the ocean.
Dreamgirls and zines
Miss you @dugaldallan #smiddy
Ain’t no party like a bingo caller’s party #pale #interesting
Guys. If yir in Aberdeen and not a fan of Bake Off, can you please come to the Arts Centre and play Rock’n’Roll Bingo to fundraise for my work? Adele had to teach me how to edit over 500 songs, and I have kinda DIY’d it and now I’m stressed no one will come. Starts in 45mins. Thank you.
Went llama trekking today with some of my favourite people and it was magical. Wish I had more photos with my new favourite animals, but I have proof that they were massive and that I had meaningful conversations with Brad and Jet #spotthellamatoe
Kiki walking through a forest with a llama called Atticus
If you wondered, my room is just some stuff and a bed #minimal #tidy