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Samantha Regis


Welcome to a place of shared JOY <3 This is a blog of happy moments, God realizations, risky recipes and vibrant living through the power of CHRIST :)

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FULL MOON MARCH 2019 * #fullwormmoon * #springequinox // "UNLEASH THE WORMS" The time has come. Can you hear the Voice proclaim? Above our ears' capacity To hold or physically retain--- I mean the Words that resonate;  Two Voices shout; they don't agree And yet, matched phraseology. One for all, and two makes three Each side with a force, a team--- Each side calling out to me;  One side dark; a threesome shrewd Father of the lies that grew From his own heart, with all to prove. Joined by hearts that love the same Joined by darkness, hate, profanes.  This side sounds a devilish tone "UNLEASH THE WORMS", Reminding earth of  Once a time in Germany When they had won a victory: The message coming now clearly--- "What Luther met, we've hundred cloned "We've come to take out every bone "That's rising from Ezekiel's yield "Thisss army will NOT work the field--- "Our diet has not changed it's course: "A 1521-style force." Then there is another Voice Another realm Another choice-- This side Bright, a three yet One United in their Personhood And also working Harmony: Themself, all Heaven, Earth beneath--- "UNLEASH THE WORMS!" "This very day--the ground is hard, but if they stay-- "We'll work together with the ones "That raise their hands to Golden Sun "And join with us, in Mercy Songs--- "They'll break the ground; We'll send them strength "They'll plant the seed; We'll send the rain." A cosmic face-off taking place An equal count for Night and Day Culminates on Worm Full Moon When two strong Forces wrestle, move And call to us, today, to choose  The question is: which side are you?  #thesebonescryout #armyrising #armyofgod #worktheground #planttheseeds #herecometheworms #choosethisday #whowillyouserve #askmequestions #iknowtheanswer #dietofworms #martinluther #ezekiel #newlife #purpose #backtogenesis #originalpoetry
IRISH SODA BREAD // Happy St Patrick's Day!! Yay! You guys, this holiday is wonderful. Actually, personal opinion, in my top 3.. hands down! Why? 1) The Purpose: #stpatrick was an incredible man of God. This holiday celebrates God's power for healing spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The man experienced slavery, yet returned to the land of his evil masters to spread the transformative Love he himself found in Jesus. He also expressed dozens of miracles as he aligned with God's Vision and Empowerment for those who choose to unite with the One #almightygod.. A-MAZING. 2) The Meal: No i don't eat #cornedbeef. But a giant pot of #cabbage, #redpotatoes, and #carrots with some good #mustard and a side of #irishsodabread!? As you might guess, the first part isn't hard to make vegan and whole foods/healthy... Even if adding marinated jackfruit or tofu for higher protein... But the bread? Not traditionally vegan. UNTIL NOW. #yesplease // Note: this recipe was written by yours truly, but made with the loving beautiful #magicmotherhands of @photos_by_deirdre. Why? BECAUSE you know mom always makes it better. And, she did as mothers do, which means... IT CAME OUT AWESOMMME. YUM. // (1) Combine 2 cups #quinoaflour, 1 cup #monkfruit (golden or classic), 2 Tbsp #psylliumhusks, 1 tsp each #bakingpowder and #bakingsoda, a few pinches #himalayanpinksalt, 1 Tbsp+1 tsp #caraway seeds (2) In a separate bowl, combine 1 single size 4oz container unsweetened #applesauce, then use that container to measure out #coconutwater and #raisins; also add 1 Tbsp each #lemonjuice and #applecidervinegar (3) Mix wet into dry...mix mix and keep mixing until a slightly crumbly but homogenous batter has formed; rest for 20 minutes; preheat oven to #370 and line an 8" cake pan with parchment paper (4) Gently press batter into pan; create a cross impression using a knife; bake 35 minutes. #delicious #stpattysday #classicreborn #vegan #glutenfree #luckyday #itsamiracle
KEY LIME JELLY PIE and MATCHA COCONUT BASE // Hello :) Happy National Pi Day! Usually I let this day come to pass untouched by my otherwise celebration-forward spirit, evident on most matters of holidayness.... Of all things worth celebrating, while I severely appreciate order, the experience of mathematic evidences around us, music, and circles... I am not personally fond of excess geometric ponderings. However. God is funny and sometimes causes you in a roundabout way to end up aligned with life in a way you hardly could've planned if you tried. Example. I wasn't even thinking of making a green dessert for St Patrick's. But (1) I love that holiday, and (2) a friend challenged me to make a "Sam recipe" of key lime pie.... So I got struck with the idea...and happened to make it on 3/13...which meant by the time it was set and ready to eat, it was 3/14... "Fine, Jesus. Today, we can celebrate Your brilliant and very necessary invention of numbers. First time for everything! Happy Pi day to YOU" // So you might be like: "#KeyLime #jelly #pie?? What the heck?". Basically cross in your mind the deliciously sweet and jelly-jolly cranberry side dish of Thanksgiving, and overlay that with what you love about #keylimepie. #bam. Also, you can totally use a #grahamcrackercrust homemade or store bought for classic experience. This base is more like a soft layer than crust but it's green and very delicious, so I appreciated it in this combination, thus am sharing now :) // Line a 6" #springform or glass dish with wax paper. Blend 1 1/4 cups peeled/chopped #zucchini, 4 tablespoons (T) #coconutflour, 4 T #glutamine powder (OR #proteinpowder), 3 1/2 T classic #monkfruit, 1/2 T #matcha powder, and a few pinches #himalayansalt into completely homogenous batter; scoop into dish and line up the sides a little. Next, blend 1 cup #zucchini, 8 T fresh squeezed #limejuice, #zest of 1/2 large #lime, 7 T classic #monkfruit, and 1 T #coconut flour into puree; set aside. Mix 1 teaspoon
CILANTRO LIME BLACK BEANS & RICE //When you come into your parents' home and it smells like a Mexican fiesta, you enter the kitchen. When you enter the kitchen, a voice of a mother somewhere who made that deliciousness appears from nowhere "I made CILANTRO LIME BLACK BEANS AND RICE! And it's really good! And it's Sam-friendly!", then you immediately have two thoughts: gratefulness that your mother cares so much about your life that she even knows by heart the guidelines of your minimally processed vegan lifetyle, which in our terms is simply called "Sam-friendly", and also a factual certainty that you will be having Mexican fiesta flavors for part of your evening meal. When you do try it and say "Wow, mom! This is great!", she'll suddenly ramble off the entire list because she's excited how it turned out, as well as confess she has taken a picture. Because she was happy about it? Or because she knows her vegan recipe inventor daughter posts recipes on Instagram ? We may never know, but does that matter when now before you is your plan for dinner, and maybe tomorrow's leftover lunch ? ;) // From Mama's text: "Cilantro lime brown rice & beans! Water or oil saute chopped onions & garlic.... Add cooked brown rice.... Add water to keep most.  Add black beans (rinsed & drained) & a can of no salt added corn (with liquid) . Add some fresh lime juice,  garlic powder,  onion powder, paprika,  turmeric, cumin, salt (if desired), pepper & a little cayenne. Add cilantro leaves.... Stir & serve! Delicious!" #justaddsalsa #justaddguacamole #multipurpose #mealprep #thanksmom #photos_by_deirdre #lovedit #vegan #glutenfree #samfriendly #samapproved #bewhoyouare #lovepeopleforwhotheyare #expectations #acceptance #blessing
"How He Loves Us" // #originalpoetry in first comment (because formatting isn't working as a caption)
"Caul Me Crazy" Double Chocolate Cookies!! // YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. These cookies are... Like #cookiemonster #crazy. I would call them #insane, but according to #einstein: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result". So actually, these are the opposite of insane. Nothing ABOUT these was a repeat of anything normal (as "normal" cookie recipes go), yet the result that came out of the this experiment is #awesome. So... maybe you're the insane one for not trying these? I'm telling you what. That crazy feeling for needing #deliciousness in your life but not wanting the effects of processed nonsense? Resolved. Stop being insane... Make these and go work on solving a new problem. Because after these, you'll realize that situation has been SITUATED. #checkmate // 1) pulse 2 cups raw #cauliflower florets with 2 tablespoons #water and 1 tablespoon pure #vanilla extract until all broken into tiny pieces and some pureed 2) add/blend into batter consistency: 2 tablespoons #lakanto #drinkingchocolate mix, 4 tablespoons #classicmonkfruit, 2 tablespoons #sunwarrior #brownriceproteinpowder (natural/unsweetened), 4 tablespoons #unsweetenedcocoa powder, 2 teaspoons #cinnamon, 2 teaspoons #agarpowder, 1 teaspoon #psylliumhusks, and 8 small twists from your #himalayansalt shaker (i.e. a pinch or two) 3) once fully combined, mix in 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon #lilysbakingchips (or other #chocolatechips or #carob, etc)... set oven to preheat to 350 while batter rests for 15 minutes... prep a baking sheet with a lining of #parchmentpaper... when rested, make 17 drop cookies on the sheet... bake for 37-40 minutes 4) now the hard part... These need a minumum of an hour to cool in order for the agar to set; but for best results, let cool completely, and don't disturb till the next day! #mindblown. #vegan #glutenfree #yesidid
CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE SQUARES // YUMMMM. You know what they say: eighth time's the charm! This time around I felt the force so strongly with this version that I even went ahead and took notes on my Super Sam scratch pad... Right over the logo. I think the power transferred quite efficiently! These are very yummy. While v7 is sweeter and crispier (see last post), this version (which can be made as cookies or squares) is a little more classic cookie flavor, with a chewier texture thing going on. Nifty, to say the least. #enjoy!!! 1) blend 2 cups chopped/peeled #zucchini with 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon pure joy (ie #vanillaextract) into puree 2) add in 5 tablespoons classic or golden #monkfruit, 5 tablespoons unsweetened #brownriceproteinpowder such as #sunwarrior, 2 teaspoons #agar powder, 2 teaspoons #psylliumhusk, and 1/2 teaspoon #himalayansalt ... Once combined, mix in 2 good tablespoons #chocolatechips (I use #lilysbakingchips but others work, or chopped chunks, or carob chips!) 3) preheat oven to 350 as batter rests 10 minutes 4) bake in a parchment lined 6" baking dish (or sheet) for 45 minutes... For best results wait 12-24 hours to set before eating/sharing/dancing over the deliciousness  #goodthingscometothosewhotryagain #andagainandagainandagain #andagainandagainandagain #chocolatechipcookies #blondies #nosugar #vegan #glutenfree #dairyfree #agariscrazy #truestory
CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIEZ // "Uh-oh". That's the last thing I heard my reasonable, sane self say before I lost her for a few weeks. She was rope tied to a (well-lit) corner with a scotch tape mouth cover (let's be real, my crazy self is crazy but not evil). Who did this? My mad-scientist, visionary, baker-elf spirit. How did it happen? Let's just say when you have an idea and it's failed twice, you have to options: make like Frozen and "Let It Go", or like go hardcore like School House Rock and jump in head first till you've unearthed the winning song. And this was not a Frozen experience. So, after EIGHT attempts to align certain ingredient ratios with my vision's outcome... The final two most marvelous recipes have come to see light of day (and I've reunited with my sanity)
February Full Moon: Super Snow Moon 2019 // February 18-20 the earth beheld the second of three supermoons in a row .. and this moon is the closest any moon has been in many years. This snow moon is brilliant white shining above us; contrast this to last year's lack of any full moon during this month (aka a Black Moon month). It is evident that the sky who declares Truths of the Creator and His plans has something to say so the creatures here below... And here is something I believe we should all reflect as this moon so vibrantly reflects the sun: The sun and moon were made on the fourth day of Biblical creation account. They were both given a very special purpose... A three fold purpose, in fact. And just as our moon gets its light by reflecting the sun, i believe we as Children of Light need to remember our Source, and be humbly empowered to reflect the Sun and rise to mirror His purposes. In other words, the Sun which governs the day (heaven) is our example, and we need to take responsibility as we govern the night (earth). Our callings for this government? // 1) TO GIVE LIGHT ONTO THE EARTH: be so filled with Light that our whole life is a constant exuberance, a reflection of the Dawn that will soon rise and conquer this world's darkness; and till that day, express the Light we have found // 2) TO GOVERN THE DAY AND NIGHT: you've been given a job...but also when connected to the Source of Light, you have access to all power and authority for this job. Your task is to govern the night; use your authority and power of Love grow purpose where confusion reins; to grow beauty and restoration where lies and shame grow like weeds // 3) SEPARATE LIGHT FROM DARKNESS: speak the Truth; let the Light shine through speaking what is Life and Love, into a world that knows darkness, death, hate more proficiently than these. May your life re-present God, Love, Light into the universe. // #fartherupfurtherin #fullmoon #februaryfullmoon #light #genesis1 #mindblown #connection
Genesis 2:15 "The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it." // This verse immediately follows the discussion of the source water flowing from/watering Eden, and out into what appears to be other places (outside the garden) via headwaters... This is remarkable. God places man at the place where the Source is readily available to find, where the Source is always flowing and already watering the ground. He places us in a land of potential; like a good instructor to an apprentice, they are placed right in the moment where the learning can happen by design, by nature. God planted this garden and had waters flowing to water the ground. To be disconnected from the source is not at all our original intention. Originally we were placed IN THE GARDEN, AT THE SOURCE. Only due to sin were we removed from the garden , the place of perfection, the holy of holies, the inner connection to the source. We must reconnect with God, our Source, to understand the four headwaters, our callings, and live our fullest potential. // God placed man where He did with an explicit purpose... To work it and take care of it. But who created the garden? God. We are given explicit purpose... To work and care for the garden God grows in our lives... But the pressure of growing the garden/creating it or even choosing where it is is not our job. Our job is to embrace the garden God has placed us in, and work the ground with all our might. Then as we see earlier in Genesis, He will also bless us and bless the ground (ie everyone/everything around us) with rain. There had not yet been rain and nothing had yet sprung bc there was no one to work the ground. God has a universe of ground to be worked. Trust that He has and will place you in the right area on the right ground at the right season, that your purpose is directly related to what ground you stand on. Don't see things growing? Probably even a bigger sign. You are the man .. you are the one there to
Genesis 2:13: "The name of the second river is the Gihon; it winds through the entire land of Cush." // In Genesis chapter 2, we learn of a main Source water that flows from Eden into four Headwaters. Gihon is the second headwater listed, and it flows into Cush. // Names are important in Scripture. So before continuing, just take note of this: - Gihon: derived from a verb (giah) meaning to burst forth... Used several other times in Scripture used in places to say "a vivaciously flowing river" or a "child coming forth from the womb" - Cush: blackness, darkness // With that... We have an incredible picture before us. The rivers show four callings we have of God, and how they flow out of the Source (Himself) into the world. Here, in Cush with Gishon, we see what happens when we are connected to the Source and answer the call to be reborn of God: we will be able to vivaciously burst forth, bringing the Light to the darkness. This is only happenable if we truly stay fully connected to the Source, are truly born of Him, and thus have His energy and signature of golden Light flooding our veins. This provides energy, joy, peace, power. Hope. Amen! // Hear, soul, your calling: Remember where you came from so you remember where you're going. Remember what you're made of so you remember that you WILL overcome the world, and all its darkness, because you are made of the regenerative power and redemption of God, and Christ who fuels that power has already overcome all darkness. Amen. #fartherupfurtherin #remember #newidentity #newpower #notbymight #bytheword #grace #mercy #love #light
#genesis2:7 "Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being." // All humans are made in the likeness of God, and given the blessed right and opportunity of physically having living breathe.. sustaining, powerful, living breathe.. But only the restored, the children of God, the children of Love, receive the breathe into their spirits, as the Holy Spirit breathes into us.  All humans have the ability, right,  opportunity, to create new things "from the dust of the ground"... Like children sculpting in the sand.  But the children of God, as a conduit of the Life of the Living Source, have the God given authority to breathe life into these sculptures. We create, and we breathe life. This happens through faith... The thing that can move mountains, and delivers eternal assurance to the soul.  The beautiful thing? When we are connected to the  Source, we build with vision, and thus breathe into it. We are walking blessings into the earth...connecting heaven and Earth.  But even more beautiful: we are not the Source of the Breathe, the Life. So, we are also not burdened with the responsibility of sustaining these things. God is the Sustainer, but He allows us the freedom and participation as Earth-creators. Which is also why it's important to stay close to the Word and Heart of God...so we can hear the vision, see the vision, enact the vision...but believe in faith that what God desires will br sustained.  Not holding ourselves to the expectation of holding it all together because it wasn't our vision to begin with. We are just the blessed ambassadors, the brilliant souls, the creation of Love, to bring Love and Light into the Earth. // "Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground." #psalm143:10  #fartherupfurtherin #creation #creator #participate #love #light #lead #live #create #breathe #fromthedustoftheground #livingbreath
// NEW MOON FEBRUARY 4 2019 // This new moon Is moving me Aside, to steal Unnecessaries  Things I held, Or hid, or chained To deep, firm anchors In my brain "These need to go" I hear Him say "These hold you back From Life, from Grace"  But Grace? Isn't that mine,  Always? "The key is yours The Grace is Mine And I will always Let you find"  But why must this Continued search Repeat on every Day of Earth? "But why would I Empower hands That seem to rather Hold their plans? Who would give  Their child a gun Who seems to rather Shoot and run? My Grace will give  Unfathomed power Strength and impact Every hour"  Ok... How do my Divergent plans Keep me from  Life in Your Hands? "If you'd rather Have your say I would not force My Life, my Way But I cannot  Breathe in a soul That closed it's doors Unvacant---full"  So if you take  Unnecessaries? "Then you will have True Grace and Peace  To scare away The shadow seas"  True Love replaced Where Fear released. // #newmoon #newmood #fartherupfurtherin #whenhesaysmove #makelikeakidandscoot
John 15:4 "Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me." // Today God says we need to re-member him.  That is, (re-) populate our spirits with His presence. (Re-) member, as in (re-) join together with Him. (Re-) member, as in (re-) position ourselves in God alignment of mind. (Re-) member, as in (re-) store the Signature of Light, the effects of being a creature of God, that we exude these like a fountain, effervescent.  Today is the day the Lord has made. It is the day to (re-) member, and by this and through this we can (re-) joice!  #remember #rejoice #again #reply #repent #restore #renew #fartherupfurtherin #thisismypraiseface #thisiswhathappenswhenallthebestpraisesongsplaybacktoback
January Full Moon 2019 // The #fullwolfmoon has come to pass Its lessons, shared Its light wanes fast The question stays: where is your pack?  The Wolf: intelligence and strength Where family and value-traits Are evidenced and on display They celebrate, they mourn, they play  The howling our Natives knew... To hunger deep and painful, due Under the blanket cold and cruel While dawn delays, as darkness rules  One option left before we end: Looking to communal friends Another's eyes and ears to see And feel our deepest hunger needs;  To see us in the dark of night Where we nearly gave up the fight And drag us through the cold, wet snow Up to our Alpha, pride let go  And from the ground, He lifts our head Looks in our eyes Of terror, dread Speaks to our spirits deeply crushed And without moving, lifts us up "Do you trust me?", ask the Eyes That look into my core, through mine This answer will shift everything This answer turns a scream to sing  This answer, if affirmative, Will put me back in place with Him:  Attuning my own ears to hear Forsaking every doubt and fear The choice to leave behind the lies And let the healing process bind--- The Voice of Providence divine.  To do this, I cannot escape There is a family that waits And entering the Pack of Grace Will certainly require faith--- And faithfulness to serve, love, obey. #january #fullmoon #leanintothelesson #heartheword #community #creativesolutions #wereallinthistogether
Matthew 5:14-15 "“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.  Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house." // Got this crazy visual this morning. Never saw this before... This lamp idea is nearly a common saying amongst God-followers... To be a lamp, a light... But see where in Matthew it says about the ridiculous concept of putting a lamp under a bowl?  What would happen if we put a Bible-times lamp under a bowl? There was literally fire in the oil lamp. Depending on the bowl, it would melt, or get a hole in it, or get scary hot. Be the kind of lamp the Bible talks about. Sometimes you will find yourself being hidden under bowls by the world. Don't stop burning. And don't believe the lie that your oxygen source will die, "so you should just give up that light"... because your Source is perpetual, eternal, forever, victorious, glorious, where shadows cannot exist and darkness cannot win. Remember what oil you are made to burn. And when you are being bowled over, BURN BRIGHTER.  And what about trying to hide a city standing on a hill? Don't even start to worry about that. How much wasted energy would it take to hide a city on hill? Don't believe the lie that you're forgotten, unseen, hidden. All you have to do to overcome, is STAND on the hill you've been built on. "Commit your ways to the Lord; trust in Him, and He will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn; the justice of your cause like the noonday sun." #psalm37 #lightofthrworld #cityonahill #fartherupfurtherin #burnthebowls #upupandaway #matthew5
FEAR vs FOCUS (i.e. What are your priorities?) // "Your joy is your job. Quit being disappointed in people because they're not making you HAPPY. Your happiness is not in  their job description." JESUS is the pioneer and perfector of our faith. He sought the JOY SET BEFORE HIM. What's behind you cannot overcome and kill you unless you let it. You let it by stopping your move forward, upward, onward. You let it by entertaining the lies and cries it will call to you. Your ransom is already purchased, yet there is so much tendency to look "back there" into places that are already dead, covered, closed. Or, we lose joy by looking left and right and forgetting to look ahead at what matters... A matter of setting up a hope, a goal, and looking at the "future" in the way God speaks of it. That is to say, not a "future" according to our human expectations and imperfect understandings. Looking at a GPS will cause a crash just as will starting into a rear view mirror, if neither is used properly... To help you FOCUS on the reality in front of you and where you are going.  Joy is controlled by priorities. "Joy is not a choice, it's a consequence". Some of the things we chase destroy our joy while increasing pleasure. And some of the things we avoid or deny would reap an outcome of joy if we would face them (i.e. read James on "trials of various kinds"). Joy is not a feeling, though it produces a feeling. It is a focus, and requires faith. At any given point I have the ability to "flip the flow" and focus on the joy set before me. How do i make joy? Focusing on what God is doing, even right now. This is why we read and experience "in God's presence there is fullness of joy". With God's presence in me, dwelling with my spirit, my mind can find healing of what's behind, be present in the moment He has placed me, and have hope for the future all at the same time. All of these things are available with the presence of God. Focusing on Him, and what He has done and is doing and
Genesis 1:9 "And God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.” And it was so." // Out of mass and mess, the CREATOR calls forth dry ground. This has never happened... Up to this point all water was formless and an existence of deepness, but not collected, condensed, functional. But God calls dry earth forth as if it's always been. How? God knows what all things are capable of, and He believed it could happen, because He is the Being that Begins all things. And His signature was already over it all. (From Day 1, the very first created thing was Light... the very essence  of Himself. His signature.) So He knew that everything that happened there forward, anything made in the following days of the Project, must all and would all and could all align with His Vision.  God doesn't make things that can't align with His Vision, or have no capacity for His intended purpose. He makes good things. And... He can make all things good. #inhimeverythingwasmade #mygodisawesome #firstitwasnt #thereitis #capable #whole #everythingispossible #genesis1 #inthebeginning #99problems #amillionpossibilities #fartherupfurtherin