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THE POWER OF WORD. Words have sounds and vibrations. That means ENERGY. They can lift you up or break you down. They can attract what you want or what you don’t want. I’ve been hearing a lot of people say things lately like...”Im so dumb..”...”I hate it when...” Your words aim your focus. So what are you focusing on? Are you focused on what you want your life to be, or are you focused on the negative narrative that you’ve convinced yourself you have no power over? I’m not telling you how to think, but let me make a suggestion. Wake up everyday and only speak about the things you want to give power to. You’ll be amazed at your shift in energy and perspective. You deserve to be happy, to live a fruitful life, and to love yourself. Focus your thoughts and emotions on that. You won’t regret it. Keep going. Stay positive. Stay humble.
In 2009 I was a sophomore at The Lincoln University getting my Bachelors in Clinical Psychology. This me still had a big heart but was super arrogant, took nothing serious, and did nothing that required grunt work. I thought talent was everything. My GPA was a 1.78 after my freshman year. I’d show up on fridays and get a C on my test just to stay above water. I was goofing off, skipping class to spit poems in cyphers, flip sneakers, sleep in and sell DVDs, amazon fire sticks and candy (my residents called me money Mitch 😂). But I was an RA and it taught me how to be a leader. So many lessons flood my mind. I was silly then, and I’m silly now. But I’ve learned balance and that there is a time and place for everything. I’ve learned that talent is not a “get outta jail free” card. Hard work is necessary and if not done properly, will bite you in the a**. The difference between the 18 year old me and the 28 year old me feels earned and right where it should be. 10 years felt like 10 seconds. I still have so much more growing to do. I’m just glad the old me is proud of the new me. Can’t stop won’t stop. Stay humble. #10yearchallenge #stayhumble
Sometimes you gotta be your own hero. Sometimes you gotta pick yourself up with no assistance. You do it because at some point, you should know that you’re capable of doing that. If you go your whole life being helped, how can you ever put the work in and be responsible for your own comeback. Crazy part is, we hardly ever do anything alone. But if you adjust your mentality and get started alone, you’ll be amazed at the support you’ll receive. Yes it will be a struggle some days. Yes you will want to quit, and that’s when it’s most important to keep going. Somebody I respect looked me dead in the eye at the end of 2018 and said, “You don’t need help, you just need to realize that you don’t need help.” I wasn’t happy to hear it but I couldn’t disagree. Sure, I wanted help, but I’m more than capable of creating momentum on my own. The moment my mindset switched from wanting help because I wanted somebody to help me get started, to being ready to build myself into the man I want to be and achieve my dreams and goals wether that help comes or not, things changed for me. That’s when you give people an opportunity to support you. The definition of the word help is to make it easier for someone to do something. The definition of the word support is to bear part of the weight, or hold UP. Key word, up. When your on your feet you give you and the person with you an opportunity to use one another’s energy as forward momentum. If I stay down and you have to help me up, we’ve both stopped and aren’t making progress. While this will happen sometimes in your life, to make a habit of it can be harmful to you and others around you. Do you find yourself asking for help when you know you really don’t need it? Can you look at yourself and honestly say you put all you have into making sure you can be happy and living the best life you can? To achieve all the goals you write down? Do you take care of your body, do you budget, do you meditate, do you
Love yourself. Enough to take the actions required for your happiness. Enough to cut yourself loose from the drama-filled past. Enough to set a high standard for relationships. Enough to feed your mind and body in a healthy manner. Enough to forgive yourself. Enough to move on. . . . In 2019, I wanted to make sure I was more intentional about speaking on love and all of its dynamics. As I always say, I’m not a guru, nor do I have all the answers for you. I simply want to create a platform where love can begin to be understood by people who have been struggling with it’s dynamics. From self, to family, to relationships and your purpose. Love is a language that I want to help people feel and speak, but I can’t do that alone. So I’m partnering with amazing people this year to provide examples of love, and to help provide places to PUT that love/passion. Next month, I’ll be collaborating with a leader of our generation, @iamdelilahdee . We’re going to have an open conversation on what it means to love yourself, date yourself, and prepare yourself to fulfill the vision you have for your life. Stay tuned for a date and ticket link. This is the year of mastery and manifestation for us all. Don’t go another year without being the best version of yourself. We are here to support you. It takes a village. Stay humble.
Gratitude breeds abundance. Translation: 🛑 STOP ASKING FOR MORE& START SAYING THANK YOU. Why would you get more when you don’t appreciate what you already have? Start where you are with what you have. The sooner you smile at your present, the more likely the future will be a gift. Keep going. Stay humble. 🙏🏾
Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up. . . . Don’t badger yourself because a love or attempt at greatness failed. We often beat ourselves up for the way we love. When it goes left, we try to then limit our output. We convince ourself that we loved recklessly. Except love has no guidebook. There’s no game plan for when something or someone sets your soul on fire. When we come out of that situation (good or bad) we tend to see our “openness” as a weakness. Don’t do that. See it as bravery. I’m always in awe of people who have the courage to love and let go of the past versus becoming jaded and negatively labeling anything that resembles what hurt you. Love takes courage. The problem is, love as an emotion is usually beyond our capacity to understand. We call attachment love. We call possession love. We call tolerance love. It’s none of the above. Love is generous, kind, forgiving, empowering, enlightening, uplifting...and so much more. Even when love goes wrong, it sets the table for us to learn all that we need to learn to be better people. It teaches us what we need in order to grow. If we embrace those lessons, I believe we can accept love as the free spirit that it is. It’s not to be tamed, or controlled. It’s supposed to flow. The more you accept that, the more fruitful and peaceful you’re love experiences will be, in my humble opinion. In the mean time, keep going, keep growing, keep loving. Stay humble. ❤️
Today I had the opportunity to speak to a 5th grade cohort @pcclassof2026 about self-identity, community outreach, and poetry. I’m still in awe of where there minds are at such a young age. They shared their work and thoughts with me. They asked me astounding questions and showed an amazing ability to decipher what’s going on in the world around them. We talked about how to make people happy, how to make yourself happy, and how to use words as the super power that they are. Every new chance I get to empower the youth I will take it. They keep me on my toes, and of course...Humble. 🙏🏾
“What’s free?” My pen is over here mooooving. This topic is important to me and I’ve had @meekmill on repeat since it dropped. I’m thinking of doing a visual for this. What do you think? Tag Meek and tell him throw me on an interlude! 😎 #stayhumble #whatsfree #meekmill #champions #philly #goeagles #phillyborn 💪🏾
Be free. Your heart should not be in bondage. Let me tell you something....nothing that is FOR you will ever PASS you. It’s impossible. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. You don’t have to beg for love, it’s given freely. Beware of people who MAKE you play a waiting game or dose their love out to you so that’s it’s just enough to keep you running back. You deserve better. Keep going. Use your brand AND your heart. Stay humble. 💎❤️
Giveaway alert. 🚨 . . . Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance. . . . I’m putting 2019, and the rest of my life, in a guerrilla grip. Structure, mastery and manifestation are the name of the game from now on. Need some help with yours? Want some inspiration to get moving and some accountability? Submit a 60 second video or audio message (to my DM) and I’ll pick someone by Monday night. You have 48 hours to enter. I’m ready. Are you? Stay humble. . . . HOW TO ENTER: Send me a video or voice memo with something you’re trying to accomplish and/or overcome, to my DMs. I will pick a winner in 48 hrs. We’ll have our call through IG video for 15 mins. At that point If you need or want more help, let’s talk about a game plan and how we can work together. I look forward to hearing from you. Keep going. I’ve got your back. 🙏🏾
Comparison is the thief of all joy. . . Social media encourages a “this VS. that” mentality. While in some cases comparison is harmless, when it comes to comparing lives it can have a drastic affect on how you see yourself. Life can’t possibly be enjoyable when you’re working while your peers are out of the country huh? I suppose your 2005 Honda Accord isn’t enough as you watch everybody else get a new car this tax season. I’m not saying you can’t want better for yourself. What I’m saying is don’t diminish what you have or do in life based on what someone else has. You’re in competition with your old self. A lot of people have a lot of things. But let me put it to you this way....most people who have/do “more” than you aren’t happy. That’s the real wealth. Happiness of the soul. Did you open your eyes this morning? That’s one reason to be grateful right off the bat. One you say thank you once after waking up, you’ll feel a totally different energy about your day. Another side effect of loving your own life for where you are and how far you’ve come is that you open the door of abundance. Once you focus on what you do have, you’ll peel tour eyes to see all I is you have to be happy about. There’s no such thing as a life that’s better than yours. Keep going. I believe in you. Stay humble. 🙏🏾
This is what 2018 felt like to me. I had people look out for me that I didn’t even know had my back. I was weighed down because I felt guilty for needing help. It made me stubborn. It made me wait too long to ask for help. That was my ego driving. Then I realized that at some point we all need help. Instead of avoiding help or blocking your blessings. Accept them and become stable so can one day be of help to someone else. The only crime in needing help is when you become so reliant on help that you’re never in a position to help anyone else. You’ll desert yourself because you’ll suck up the resources emotionally and literally from every situation you enter into. When you ask for help, and don’t help yourself to a higher level, you essentially become a cup with a hole in it. How long do people pour into those? Stay woke. Keep growing. I believe in you. Now believe in yourself. Stay humble. 💎
IF IT DOESN’T CHALLENGE YOU, IT DOESN’T GROW YOU. . . .  I feel like you want it to be easy, but would you even appreciate it if you didn’t have push through any challenges? Do me a favor, stop looking for the path of least resistance. Start preparing yourself to deal with WHATEVER you have to deal with to make your vision come alive. Grit and perseverance are to qualities you need to survive in this world. If you don’t, you will ALWAYS crumble under pressure. Don’t let your challenges defeat you, let them sharpen you. Remember, no pressure....no diamond. Stay humble.
Follow me for a second....what do you think giving your energy to a negative person will achieve? What do you think hold a grudge and seeking revenge will achieve? I’m surprised at how people approach being betrayed or hurt. They tend to watch out for when or how the other person will “get theirs” in return. Start focusing your energy on how you can be a better person and be the opposite example of the people who disappoint you. You’ll be amazed at the shift in power you will feel. Without the mishaps, how else would we learn? How else would be be bolted into lying attention?  Be grateful for the things and people in your life that serve as speed bumps. Being slowed down can be to an advantage if you play your cards right. Keep going. I believe in you. Stay humble. 🙏🏾
Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble. . . . I remember being in elementary school and getting suspended every other week. My parents were constantly called up to my school. We moved a lot and went through some family transitions/losses that I couldn’t express frustration towards. It manifested in my coping mechanisms. I managed to maintain honor roll all the way up to the 4th grade. Yes and still, I was always labeled a “behavior issue”. 5th grade came and two things happened. I was switched to an inner city school and I lost my Grandmom. That’s when the attention seeking behavior kicked in heavy. What I couldn’t express was that I was angry and disappointed. Angry and sad at things I’m still processing to this day (in a healthier way now). I felt disappointed and dejected by people I loved, I shut down. Disruption and horseplay were two frequently used words to describe my role in the classroom. Then one day one of those outbursts/altercations led me to me being expelled, placed on probation and attending anger management. I was 11. In the first class, I we were handed a yellow legal sheet of paper. They told us to write anything we wanted on it.  They assured us that all of our papers would be shredded. While I had always been a writer, the exhilaration of letting all of my pure thoughts without being judged or punished was exhilarating. I wrote for 30 mins straight. As I watched that paper, filled with every emotion in my body being shredded, I felt free. It’s a feeling I’ll never forget. Over the years I’ve been able to peel back my frustrations and understand why I was the child that I was. Now that I work with kids on a constant basis, it’s like I’m being shown a mirror
It’s easier to raise strong children, than to repair broken men. . . . I’ve been a teacher in some capacity since I was 21. I make it a point to connect with kids in a different way. When they break rules, I ask them, “What’s wrong? , Why are you upset?” This one decided one day he didn’t want to do his math. He threw his chair and tried to leave the classroom. I grabbed him and he started hitting me. So I wrapped my arms around him and said, “I know man all you want is a hug. I know you’re upset but let’s get this work done, and I’ll take you to the gym so you can let it out.....after you write me 25 sentences about not kicking chairs.”😌 After 3 mins of repeating that, he stopped kicking, smiled, then sat back down and did his work. Sometimes by the time I get to a student their actions demand consequences immediately and I can’t initially take this approach. But when I can, I give students love first. If I have to, I articulate my disappointment when their actions don’t match expectations. When leading children to their purpose and character...balance is necessary between discipline and communication/expression. . . . Reflection: I can’t lie I used to hate teaching or being therapeutic staff support because I never felt like it served ME. I didn’t feel like it paid enough, I didn’t feel like I ever could agree with the system of public education, and I get tired of seeing kids have to stifle their emotions and problems all day to understand information that has no value to them yet. HOWEVER, I’m not here for what it can do for me. I’ve realized that my path constantly swings me back to this population of kids because it is my purpose to help them become who they’re meant to be. They also provide me opportunities to see the little kid in myself that I’ve always been out to heal. Countless times I reprimand or guide them and the words end up helping me. It’s eye opening. Please seek a path that provides you healthy
The two words 'information' and 'communication' are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through. . . . Growth happens in discomfort. Our problem is that often, we run from the difficult situations. We run from people who offer us constructive criticism instead of constant comfort. A real friend, a real companion, will push you to your limits. The difference is that real friends and companions do so to get the best out of you and not the worst. Those instances and conversations will challenge your patience and pride, but pushing through it will be worth it. Learn to spot the people in your life who are supporting and loving you, VS. the people who tolerate you and feed your insecurities instead of helping you defeat them. 💎🔨 . . . Reflection: As the year comes to an end, it’s extremely important to audit your circle so that you know who’s bringing or taking away energy from life. As you do so, be careful. you don’t want to cut a good person from your life because of a disagreement and/or pride that could be overcome. Be willing to have open and honest conversations with people you spend your time with, especially the people you are pursuing as a love interest. Don’t mistake a small feud for lack of love. Definitely don’t confuse tolerance for love.....gaurd your heart. Keep going. Stay humble. ❤️
Where your passion meets the worlds needs, therein lies your vocation. . . . Do you know that inside of you, there is a solution to a world/community problem? Did you know that solving that problem could “secure the bag” for your future generations if you set up a business structure around it? Before I leave this planet, I want to help as many people as I can find out who they are and what they’re on this earth for. If you’re open to me helping you, send me a DM right now and we’ll set up a time to talk. Tell me what your goal or problem is. I want to help you achieve or overcome this year. In the meantime, keep going. Keep manifesting your visions. Keep growing. Don’t stop believing in yourself and let’s get after our dreams. . . . A business model canvas is basically the bare bones of a business plan. It helps you focus on what you’re service or product is and the systems needed to maintain profitability and functionality. If you send me a dm I’ll send you a link to it. 2019 is the year of “free game”. I want to share the tools I’ve been coming across that help me build my brand and my plan to impact the world. Information is free. The work isn’t. I’m not playing with you, January 1st was last week for me. Let’s go. Stay humble. 🙏🏾