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Very excited for Thanksgiving beach week 2018. #film
Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers.
This photo reminded me I don’t know much about my Grandpa’s time in the service; so I called him. Talking with him and my Grandma, I learned that he was drafted during the Korean War and served four years in the Air Force as a stenographer at Ernest Harmon Air Force Base in Newfoundland. He was part of a team relaying Morse code messages between the US mainland and US bases abroad. I’m very fortunate to have one set of grandparents still alive, and am looking forward to learning more about his time in the service next week. If you’re lucky to be with family or friends for Thanksgiving, ask for these stories while you can. #film
Spent the day inside, thinking about being outside. Shot this a few months ago, driving through rural VA. #film
They probably voted neigh. #film
More off-season beach trips soon. #film
A well-aged automobile. #film
The pupusas used to be the best thing about going to see @dcunited... thankfully the soccer has improved. Sad to see the season end, but excited for what’s to come. #vamosunited
Vamos @dcunited!
Casual reading spot. #film
One of each plz. #film
Stumbled upon this while wandering the @americanart with @jmajewski a few weeks ago. #missyoumichelle #pleasecomeback
Everyone loves a warm Biscuit on a Sunday morning! #film
Dreamt about these bagel sandwiches.
Memories of summer. #film
#tbt proof that @fosterframes does work sometimes. #film
Off season. #film
A few weeks ago, I was very fortunate to experience the live recording of Florence and the Machine’s NPR Tiny Desk concert. The show was posted to NPR’s YouTube today. I’d highly recommend giving it a watch. Thanks again to @murrkang and @meghanmccarthy4 for the invite! #film