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Andovi da Lopez


•Internationally Raised Indonesian •Founder & CEO of Da Lopez Entertainment •Business 📩 dalopezbros@gmail.com Kenapa Dilan 1990 Film Terlaku ke-2 ↙️

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Gua kembali ke sekolah legendaris yang memulai SCHOOL TOUR SkinnyIndonesian24. SMK Raden Umar Said Kudus. Komen di bawah sekolah mana yang harus gua dan @jovialdalopez School Tour berikutnya. #schooltourskinnyindonesian24  #skinnyindonesian24  #dalopezentertainment  #smkradenumarsaid  #smkruskudus
@ramengvrl tells me my fashion sense is appaling. I disagree with her. I mean look at this throwback picture of me performing in KBRI New Delhi 8 years ago. Scarf Game on point. Check. White pants, white jacket, white scarf. Check. Purple lakers shirt, purple shoes. Check. Color coordination? Check. So do you guys agree with her? A. Yes I agree with her. B. I disagree with her. C. At least you're better than @davidbeatt in fashion. D. Much better than @jovialdalopez E. Nobody cares Andovi. #throwback #fashiongameonpoint #damnheshouldbeinjakartafashionweek
Demian. You. Are. Crazy. But extremely talented of course. Watch the full video on YouTube. Damn. @jovialdalopez @_demianaditya_ @davidbeatt @acjoo Just swipe up on my Insta Story. #skinnyindonesian24  #everydaydemian #dalopezentertainment
Best comeback of 2019. @souljaboy  #souljaboy #tyga #youngdrako
Sebelum @filmdilan1991 tayang di bioskop tanggal 28 Februari 2019 nanti, gua dan @jovialdalopez mencoba untuk cari tahu kenapa Film Dilan 1990 bisa menjadi film terlaku ke-2 di Indonesia lewat video essay yang bisa ditonton secara lengkap di SkinnyIndonesian24.  However, we are examining this phenomenon from a completely different angle and perspective, with a "Da Lopez" twist at the end that questions our Indonesian Society.  And also thank you for the excellent editing from our Head Editor @acjoo with the help of @vincentkamalik and the amazing scoring from the musical genius @mystdeisanto  Please enjoy. Link in Bio. @skinnyindonesian24id @_maxpictures @fajarbustomi @pidibaiq @iqbaal.e @vaneshaass  #videoessay #skinnyindonesian24  #dilan #dilan1990 #dilan1991 #dalopezentertainment
Sorry @iqbaal.e tapi jokes jokes gua memang terlalu jenius. @vaneshaass @zulfamaharani @deboys13 @yorikooangln_ mengerti jokes jokes jenius gua. Nonton Dilan 1991 28 February 2019 di bioskop! Trailernya juga udah ada di YouTube. @filmdilan1991 #dilan #dilan1991 #andovijokesjeniusdalopez
Happy birthday @justannabella  This is my present to you. Posting your #10yearchallenge picture. @annaveganfooddiary #10yearschallenge  #happybirthdayannabella #somebodylikescake
Jangan lupa bagi semua orang yang bisa voting untuk voting di Pilpres 2019. Tapi sebelum pesta demokrasi Indonesia di bulan April nanti, kita pesta para bintang pemain NBA di NBA ALL-STAR game 2019 di Charlotte. Ini pilihan gua, yang jauh lebih baik daripada pilihan @jovialdalopez maupun @kemalpalevi (Silahkan swipe left untuk lihat): West:  Stephen Curry - Best PG for the number 1 team in the West. James Harden - With the way he is playing now, MVP. (As much as I hate to admit it, Kajo is right.) Paul George - So underrated this year. Thunder is 3rd in the crazy competitive western conference and it's partly because of PG13. (Westbrook also a beast, but I have to pick Curry over him) Kevin Durant - Best player in the best team in the West.  Nikola Jokic - AN ABSOLUTE BEAST as an NBA Center for the Denver Nuggets this year. Without him the Nuggets won't be 2nd place in the West. East: Giannis Antetokounmpo - The Greek Freak is playing at an MVP level this year and if it wasn't because of Harden, he would win his first MVP this year. Bucks are also 2nd best team not only in the EAST, but the Entire NBA. Joel Embiid - The Twitter Beast of the NBA. I personally just want him to be in the televised NBA All-Star draft this year. He will be so funny. Owh, and also, best Center in the NBA. Kawhi Leonard - The Claw, The Robot, The Laughing Master. Raptors are the best team in the NBA. Without him, it won't be like this. This guy is a MONSTER. Victor Oladipo - So. Underrated. The Pacers won't be the 3rd in the East without him. Kyrie Irving - Best player on the 5th place Celtics. Enough Said. Now before all of you bash me for not having Lebron James in this list. Let me give you my reasoning. Lakers are 8th place in the West. Lebron also missed a handful of games due to groin injury. I'm a Laker fan. Through and through. But this year because of these circumstances, I am not voting him. Feel free to debate and attack me. I'll wait for you in the comments section. Giliran
Hey there sexy ladies. When I was fifteen, I was a lean, mean, women machine. True story True stor True sto True st True s True Tru Tr T Tp Tp Boong. #10yearchallenge #10yearschallenge  #15
After my "25" video, many people have been DM-ing me and sharing their own stories. I have decided to share THEIR stories on my Insta story (with their permission of course, and while also blurring their identity and names), and it has been such an eye opening experience.  I will be also keeping these stories on the highlights in my IG page as seen on the picture above, so people can keep on reading these stories.  By doing this I hope people out there know that they are not alone. Let's fight the stigma in Indonesia that mental health issues are not real issues. Together, we can do it. (Indonesian Translation in the comments below and please forgive my horrible English to Indonesian translation, because I am better with Indonesian to English translation). #itisokaytotalkaboutit
New video!  Budak Cinta Mertua. Link in bio. Thank you @vegadelaga yang sudah menjadi "istri" yang baik. Tapi "orang tua" lo ngeselin.
Foto bersama Bapak Michael Bambang Hartono, peraih medali perunggu di cabang olahraga Bridge Asian Games 2018. Karena beliau menang medali untuk Indonesia, gua akan traktir beliau makan.  Kalau @jovialdalopez gak gua traktir. Uang kajo udah banyak. Harusnya dia yang traktir gua.  P.S - It's a bad joke, I know, forgive me.  #asiangames2018 #bridgechampion #perunggu