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This is me before the workout... excited that I made it to the gym so I can knock today's session out of the way. Then my after workout pic is literally me saying, "WTH SHAUN... Are you nuts?" Ok.. I might have cursed too. 😜
Happy Throwback Thursday! 1st photo that pops up in my memories & it simply gave me chuckles. 😍
I really like these sneakers! It's so meeeee! 😜
Oh the struggle in trying to figure out what's the best vacation to take this year without breaking the pocket... That vacation home looks amazing though. πŸ€”
You need to believe in yourself first before others can believe in youπŸ‘Š Let that knowledge sink in!
Eating Smart Baby! As long as I have momentum & the will to push fwd... I can do this!
Don't just wish for it... Go get it!πŸ’ͺ
Hey .. just in case you didnt catch this little mention in my stories~  I lost 1lb already & it's only Day 3!!! πŸ’ͺ
I want to give him the world!! I swear each day he makes me laugh for different reasons. My little drama king😍😍😍
Day 3 was a little less intense than Day 2 but still rough for me to keep up without breathing breaks. No matter what though, I'm still pushing!
Who's hype about this program only after day 3? πŸ™‹πŸΌ‍♀️ Seriously peeps... this isnt easy but it's so damn invigorating.
The hubs thru down tonight again! Salmon over asparagus & cherry tomatoes with a seasoning of chimichurri sauce.
No Filter... this is me... although slightly angled ... it's still me! πŸ˜‚  How did I do in this mornings workout session you ask?  Day 2 kicked my butt! Had to pause it to catch my breathe Had to pace myself Had to modify just so I could catch my breathe again. And with all that... i worked up a mean sweat. Don't believe me... peep my live video when I had just finished. Lol ~ just saying😜 If you catch yourself wondering about this new program.. just hit me up. It's never too late to join in on the momentum my accountability group has. You have a choice to either keep watching or join in. Either way... I APPRECIATE THE LOVE 😘😘😘 Have a fabulous day all!!!
What is your Passion? Do you know? Or are you still trying to figure that out?
For months I had no interest in eating healthy food by choice. Merely comfort food.  Spanish food, chinese food, whatever food as long as it made me dance in my chair because it hit the spot... with treats to top it with.  Mind over matter I say!! Last week the hubs cooked a delicious healthy meal that reminded me how good healthy eating is. Thank you @rudygstar . Truly appreciate your amazing cooking. Phew.. forgot how much I enjoyed it if done right. Now today because I'm so excited to have started this new workout program, I am up to my 4th 8oz of water & got myself a healthy lunch to boot! I truly pray I can keep this momentum up because it lights me up.
Reposting this from @shaunt because I'm reclaiming shit today! There aren't too many trainers I connect with emotionally, but I do with Shaun!
That sweat is real for only 20 minutes. Let's see how I felt today.. I was challenged Out of breath😳 Had to modify twice to stop from cramping 😩 My legs were on fire... 😲 Yup.. Day 1 Complete! Now I know my starting point. It literally can only get better from here until week 6! However, I'm almost certain I'll be struggling everyday. 😜
Before pics are taken & all will be revealed at the end of week 6!  Peep my face though... do you see how thrilled I am to have packed back on 15lbs. Smh🀦🏼‍♀️ I'm over my habitual cycle of letting things take me off path. πŸ‘Š